Treadmill Frame Quality – All About Treadmill Frames

Fortunately most prominent treadmill makers are manufacturing treadmills with good frames. However, there are some treadmill frame quality considerations when researching your treadmill purchase.

Frame materials

Frames are made with steel and aluminum. Most are steel.

Is steel better than aluminum? Vice versa?

Neither is unnecessarily better than the other. Aluminum is considered lighter than steel, but it's not always the case.

When assessing steel vs. aluminum strength, there are two aspects:

  • Strength: How much load the material can handle.
  • Stiffness: How much the material bends with a certain amount of load.

Aluminum will generally bend more under loads, but that does not mean it's stronger or better as a frame.

In fact, you do not want your frame to bend.

What type of treadmill frame material do I prefer?

Steel with a proper coating to prevent rust. I say this with cost in mind. In a perfect world, I've got a top of the line aluminum frame, but that is extremely costly.

Frame construction

Frames are generally assembled by bolting or welds.

Again, neither one is necessarily better. Some bolting techniques, like those used on aircraft are very strong and durable. The bolting technique used on some treadmills is called “locking.”

Welding, although the predominant treadmill frame construction method, is not always stronger. Cheap or poorly done welds can result in a weaker treadmill frame. That said, for the cost, you'll probably get a better deal on a welded frame. I say this because most treadmill frames are welded. That's why getting a treadmill with a lifetime warranty and high maximum user weight is a decent way to assess a treadmill's quality (see below).

If possible, get a treadmill frame warranty that includes the welds.

What costs more: steel or aluminum frame treadmills?

Typically, aluminum frame treadmills cost more than steel-framed treadmills.

So, how do you know if a treadmill frame is any good?

The information above might be interesting, but it unfortunately does not give a clear answer as to whether a steel frame is better than an aluminum frame. That's because there's no hard and fast rule.

Even if you try some treadmills, you will not know either the frame is durable because you will not have used it long. The only way you know for sure is buying it and using it until it does not work … and it's potential breakdown may not be related to the frame.

The quick and easy frame assessment

Without being an alloy expert or using every treadmill in your price range, the two best criteria for judging a treadmill frame are:

  • Frame warranty; and
  • Maximum user weight.

Treadmill frame warranty

If at all possible, get a treadmill with a lifetime frame warranty. More and more treadmills, even at the lower price range ($ 850 and up) are offering lifetime frame warranties.

Maximum user weight

The most common maximum user weight of treadmills is 300 pounds. However, if you're going to be a demanding user, then look for a frame with a 350 pound or higher maximum user weight.

What about the weight of the treadmill?

This provides some guidance. Generally the heavier treadmills are of better quality, but not always. That said, I'd look at treadmill weight as well as a third factor when assessing the durability and performance of a treadmill frame.

What about folding treadmills? Do folding treadmills have weaker frames?

There may be instances where a folding treadmill's design compromises frame strength and durability, but I would not buy a folding treadmill on this basis. Again, look to the frame warranty, maximum user weight, and weight of the treadmill to assess the frame.

How important is treadmill frame strength and durability?

Fairly important. You want stable and smooth performance. Stability and smoothness are contributed to by the frame quality.

Generally, the more you spend, the better treadmill frame you'll get. That said, you really need to assess:

  • how often the treadmill will be used
  • the weight of the user (s)
  • the intensity of the use (ie walking vs. sprinting).

The more often, heavier load, and higher intensity a treadmill will be used, the better quality frame you should buy.

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Sole F80 and the Success Formula

Treadmills have always been an efficient way to exercise. When you think of buying treadmills Sole F80 is the first name that should come to your mind. Sole is the most trustworthy name in treadmill industry. It has established itself as the leader in treadmill business. It uses the latest technology to track the output.

You can check the Sole F80 reviews if you want to know the capability of this wonderful machine. This machine is rock-solid, flexible, user friendly and constructed to last a lifetime plus it has simple features so that anyone can use it easily. Sole's treadmill is mostly known for commercial use but most of the people do not know that their home treadmill equipments are as good as the commercial ones.

Sole F80 offers a versatile alternative for the home workout experience. This treadmill is ideal for beginners as well as for professional athletes. In this treadmill several workout programs have been present and they also included customization option. Now, any exerciser can tailor the exercise program based on its requirements.

It also consists of a large display to monitor the progress. The display buttons are large and easy to read. There are readouts for heart rate calories burnt, distance, time, incline and speed. There is also a heart monitor so that an exerciser can get into the specific heart training zone that you are after. Some people may be afraid that treadmills are costly as home workout equipment. But Sole F80 is quite affordable. Over time the investment will pay off as this treadmill will last a lifetime.

This treadmill is a folding treadmill and it is perfect for people with small spaces or who like the option to fold it away. Sole F80 currently cost around $ 1500 and is the best in its price range. It looks great, it's full of features, has outstanding quality and it can take up to 335 lbs without any problem.

An innovative feature in Sole F80 is the speed and the incline controls located on the armrests. You will not have to move your hands to change incline and speed. The inclines of this machine is up to 15% and the range of speed is.01 to 11 MPH.

This is an awesome exercise machine. There are other treadmills but nothing comes close to the comfort of Sole F80. This wonderful treadmill equipment helps an exerciser in every possible way to achieve the desired result.

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Kettlebell: Total-Body Workout

Very much unlike barbell and dumbbell training that uses isolation in order to train independent muscles, kettlebell training will encourage you to make use of your entire body in order to create force. The kettlebells special weight displacement and shape will prevent you from performing exercises using only one part of your body, helping you to improve the strength of your body as it helps coordinate the movements between your lower body and your upper body. Is the Kettlebell Total-Body workout much better than workouts done with free weights? The answer is not always. Kettlebell training only benefits you if you know your training goals and you're sure kettlebells are the best equipment to use to reach it.

The Many Benefits of the Total-Body Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell training teachers you a special method called the leg and hip dive. In this method, one uses his or her lower body in order to create force which then transfers all through the core of the body and into the upper body. Repetitive practice of this method allows the person to lift heavy objects off the ground and above the head with ease. Kettlebell training is high intensity, which means one will be able to improve its strength, muscular stamina, and burn even more calories than you typically would when underulated muscle training.

The Total Body Kettlebell Workout does not only increase strength and help burn calories, there are plethora of other advantages as well. Among the most popular benefits of kettlebell include the improvement of flexibility produced by exercises that utilize a wide range of motion. Another benefit is the improvement of grip strength, which in effect, is essential for being able to life heavier and heavier weights. Because the kettlebell workout is total body, exercises balance the body's musculature as it helps eliminate points of weaknesses. People who train using kettlebell will develop strength on all parts of their body's, as opposed to the results of isolated training where only some parts of the body are strengthened.

Kettlebell training workouts come in a variety of routines. Among these routines include upper body training, lower body training, full body training, core training, and bodyweight training. As you become stronger and even more conditioned, you will be advised to switch to heavier weights and more difficult routines. If you're looking for an effective exercise equipment, try kettlebell and experience training routines that are not only challenging but very effective!

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Strength Bands – Generate Explosive Power For Your Muscles With These Bands

Would you like to generate explosive muscle power? Do you want to get a full body workout at the comfort of your own home? If so, you need to start using strength bands. Strength bands are basic elastic bands that provide amazing levels of resistance while allowing you to get a full body workout.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro, strength bands can always help you build that super strong body along with flexibility. You will not be able to build on your flexibility by doing weight training. The only way to improve your flexibility and build muscle at the same time is with the use of the bands.

Here are a few benefits of using these strength bands …

1. Recreates many exercises – This is the best part of these bands. You are not limited to a set of exercises like the expensive home gym machines. You can do just about any workout that you want with these bands. Almost every single health club exercise can be done with these bands. You tend to get even superior results from these bands than any other fitness equipment.

2. Portable – The other benefit of these bands is that they are portable. Unlike all other expensive heavy weight equipments, these bands are portable and cheap. You can take them wherever you want in a bag and get a full body workout. If you tend to travel a lot, you do not have to worry about skipping your workouts any more.

3. The resistance – This is the largest benefit of these bands. Unlike traditional equipments which rely on cable pulleys for resistance, strength bands strictly rely on elastic for resistance. Elastic is known to be one of the smoothest forms of resistance ever known to man.

4. Higher resistance levels – If you choose a good strength bands system, you can get higher levels of resistance by attaching additional bands to these handles. You can get up to 328lbs of resistance with these bands. You can not do it with traditional gym equipment.

Warning about strength bands: Not all of these bands are created equal. Even though they are effective, there are low quality manufacturers which bands tend to snap quite fast. If you're doing the workouts in the wrong way, these bands might snap and cause you some serious injury. That's why you must always look for a quality manufacturer and do the exercises with the help of the manual they've provided.

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Weighted Vests Help Reverse Osteopenia

Did you know that weighed vests help reverse osteopenia?

Your doctor may have told you to start walking several times each week to help strengthen your bones. That is still good advice. Wearing a weighted vest while walking or doing any kind of exercise enhances the benefit.

If you are like me, you may have thought that wearing weights in a vest was something only athletes did, and that the purpose was to develop big muscles or increase their cardiovascular workout.

Wearing a weighted vest will help you build muscle, but not the bulging kind. Rather, it just tones you up. I am not talking about using 50 pound weights, just 1/2 pound weights to start and then you can add more gradually.

What does that have to do with osteopenia?

Every time your muscles work harder, your supporting bones are also strengthened.

I have read some encouraging reports from women who are increasing their bone density by wearing weighed vests. This is very exciting news.

Using weights this way can also have another benefit. While it tones and strengthens your muscles, it also helps you burn fat, which causes you to lose weight. So your body gets leaner while your bones get stronger!

What could be better than that?

I was recently pleased to find weighed vests that are specially designed for women. They are not only practical, but can be worn comfortably in any casual setting – walking, mowing the lawn, at the gym, cleaning the house, on a treadmill, shopping or going to and from work.

The weights are adjustable – added by 1/2 pound increments.

* A word of caution relating balance. You need to start wearing your vest with very minimal weights until you are sure you are able to balance easily. It is surprising how adding the weights can affect your balance.

* Another word of warning. A weight vest is not advised if you have weak bones in your spine. The added weight could hinder rather than help your osteopenia in that area. However, it has great value for increasing bone density in the hips.

An alternative to the vest for osteopenia of the spine, is wearing weighed shorts, which are also available.

If you have desired to work with weights but have pain in your hands and find it hard to hold dumbbells, the vest is much easier to use. It provides the benefit of added weight without having to use your hands to hold it.

I am happy to recommend these vests and / or shorts for your bone strengthening program.

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Mini Stepper Workouts – Lose Weight With a Mini Stepper

Some people are under the impression that mini stepper workouts are not that effective due to the small size of these exercise steppers.

It is true that when it comes to mini steppers there is a lot of junk out there. The cheaper models have poor resistance levels, can be unstable, and are constructed from cheap flimsy materials.

However not all mini exercisers are built the same. If you are prepared to spend between $ 80.00 – $ 100.00 on a mini stepper you will get a compact exercise machine which is very capable of providing you with a challenging cardiovascular workout, and help you to burn plenty of calories to lose weight.

Although mini steppers have some disadvantages compared to full sized step machines and elliptical trainers, they also have advantages over them.

First of all the small size of a mini step machine makes it easy to transport from room to room, or to take with you on your travels. It is also a lot easier to store away in a cupboard or under a bed.

The other big advantage is the price of mini steppers. A good mini stepper can be purchased for under a hundred dollars, saving you hundreds of dollars from buying a full sized stepping machine.

A mini stepper workout should be a part of your fitness routine, and the best way to train on a mini exercise machine is to split your workout throughout the day, instead of spending 20 or 30 minutes straight exercising on one. This way you will be burning calories on a regular basis throughout the day.

You may think that you do not have the time to do a number of cardio workouts during the day, but it is a lot easier than you may think. Let's face it, for most people doing any cardio work for a period of time can become very boring, that is why it is better to split your workouts into smaller segments.

You can get some incredible results by using your compact step machine by doing interval training. Interval training is where you exercise at a fast pace for a short amount of time. This really boosts your metabolism so you get rid of a lot more calories. Also it saves time because you can get better results than you would by doing regular length cardiovascular workouts.

There are a number of ways that you can do interval training on a miniature stepper, and the best approach which has been really useful for a lot of people is to do your workouts while you are watching television.

Just watch your program as you would normally, and when there is a commercial break, just get on your machine and exercise as fast as you can during the break. Most breaks are around 5 minutes in length, so you are getting a quick 5 minute workout. If you do this for 4 breaks, you are getting a 20 minute workout which is going to be far more effective than a workout done at a regular pace for the same time.

If you can do this during during 2 programs you are potentially giving yourself a workout of around 40 minutes, with none of the boredom associated with regular cardio workouts.

This is a very effective way to exercise without the dread of having to yourself yourself up to exercise. Ding mini stepper workouts in this way is more fun, less boring, and can give you excellent results!

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Pedometer Facts

What are they?

A pedometer is a device about the size of a beeper that you clip to your waistband and it counts the number of steps that you take.

Are They Accurate?

Pedometers detect the vertical motion of your hips as you walk. A pedometer is most accurate, studies show, when the person is walking faster than 3 mph. As the speed slows so does the accuracy and this is due to the mechanics of walking at a slower speed. People tend to drag or shuffle their feet at slower speeds and these results in less vertical motion of the hips that the pedometer needs to count steps. Accuracy at or above 3 mph can exceed 96% and at 2-3 mph can fall to 74%. Below 2 mph the accuracy can be as low as 60%. Needless to say that a brisk walk is what is needed here.

How Do Pedometers Work?

There are 2 types of pedometers in terms of internal workings. The first type is a mechanical spring lever that has a horizontal bar that is suspended by a spring parallel to the ground. When you walk and induce a vertical force or motion into the bar it moves upwards to complete an electrical circuit. Each closing and opening of the circuit is counted as one step.

The second type is also a beam but with a weight on the free end. At the other end the beam is connected to a piezoelectric cell. When vertical motion is applied, a pressure is induced into the cell that produces a voltage that is proportional to the force applied. These voltage oscillations are used to count you steps.

Which Type Is Best?

Piezoelectric type pedometers are more sensitive at slower speeds and tend to be more accurate below 2 mph. They also are not as sensitive to being tipped over from their horizontal position like a spring lever type is. A piezo type pedometer may only see a 10% reduction in accuracy when tipped at speeds below 2 mph while a spring lever could see a reduction in accuracy of up to 60% below 2 mph. So, if you are older or overweight and walk slowly, the piezo design is probably the way to go.

Pedometers should be worn on your waistline in line with your leg. If you have a problem with attaching to your waistline then you can attach to your sock. This should give you the same vertical motion needed.

Testing Your Pedometer For Accuracy

When you first get your new pedometer and want to check it for accuracy or want to do interim checks on one you own now then set the pedometer to zero. Carefully count off 100 steps to see what kind of result you get. Remember that you are looking for a +/- 10% accuracy, which means anything in the range of 90-110 steps. If you do not get it in this range then try to reposition your pedometer and walk again and see if that makes a difference. Some people have different gaits to their walk and it is just a matter of trial and error to find the best position for you.

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What You Need To Know About Treadmills

It makes more sense to own a commercial treadmill as it helps lose weight the fastest and it would also cut costs as compared to recurring gym memberships that you can opt out of. You can use flexible hours instead of sticking to the routine of the gym if you are able to do the same workout from the comfort of your home.

The market is arranged with numerous types of commercial treadmills that facilitate your workout needs. If you are looking for an excellent machine that you can totally depend on, look no further than Nordic Track Commercial 1500. Towering commercial motor drives its spacious belt and is mostly supported by state of art adjustable cushioning service.

Lots of different settings and routines are available and are fully customizable in order to fulfill your specific standards and requirements by making some simple adjustments. The treadmill can be folded up after use which makes it an excellent choice for those with limited space. Since there is such variety in the treadmill market, and each one seems to offer excellent features, it is mandatory that you are familiar with all your options.

Losing weight prepares a person for numerous outings as well as increasing the body's natural mood enhancers. You should also consider the dressing changes of your clients and how your treadmills may affect their toning options. Even commercial treadmills are available at cost-effective prices. Some machines can run with weaker motors and may have built-in workout settings that can be supplemented or upgraded by buying different workout cards, which could cost less on the whole.

There are treadmills which have robustness and enjoyable features and which are cost effective but the price tag increases with the robustness of the mill. Long tread belt mills are adequate for mills that are cheaper and they also have a lot of weight and performance workouts, an added bonus is the iFIT technology. Commercial treadmills have a wide range of features such as being able to connect to the internet when doing your workout.

To help you save on your shopping expenditure, it is advisable that you shop around first to find the best bargain. Purchasing a treadmill with a built-in music function is perfect for facilitating and encouraging workout. Why not get yourself in shape as summer is fast approaching?

Before you start vacationing on the beach and other places of recreation, it might be a good idea to shed some weight to look good. Since it engages the cardiovascular system the commercial treadmill offers the best solution to losing weight faster. There are many different types of commercial treadmills, at varying prices, so it is important to acquire one that conforms to your specific needs – it is generally advised to get one that has music-playing capabilities.

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Compression Socks: Tips for Extending Their Life

If your physician has instructed you to wear compression socks, it's vital that you understand how to care for and wear them properly. Here's a handy list of dos and don'ts for compression stockings to keep them in top shape:

Dos for Compression Stockings

Do put them on right after you wake up. In the morning, your legs and feet are generally less swollen, so it is easier to put compression garments on at that time. Also, doctors generally prescribe compress compression socks to be worn all day long so you get the maximum medical benefits.

Do replace them regularly. The compression in compression socks is provided by elastic fibers that typically break down over time. You'll know you need new Juzo or Medi compression garments when they become easy to put on; that reflects the elastic fibers have lost their compressive capabilities.

Do wash them every day. Regular washing extends the life of your compression garments. As you wear them, compression socks stretch to fit your legs. Washing helps return them to their original shape, which makes them last longer.

Do follow the care instructions. Clean your compression garments in cold water with a dab of gentle soap. Some brands, such as Medi compression stockings, may include their own cleaning kit. If not, it is highly recommended that you buy a specialized washing solution separately.

Do measure your legs before buying. Medi compression support stockings, like all brands, are available in different sizes. In order to get the full medical benefits, it's important to wear the right size.

Do use donning gloves. A ragged fingernail can rip your compression stockings. Donning gloves protect your stockings while providing grip to help them go on easier.

Don'ts for Compression Stockings

Do not wear lotions or oils under your compression garments. Oils and lotions can weak the elastic fibers.

Do not wear them at night. Never wear compression socks while you sleep, except your doctor specifically prescribe it.

Do not clean with chlorine bleach. Harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach can damage your compression socks.

Do not roll them down. Circulation may be cut off if you roll down your compression stockings while donning or removing them.

Do not cut them off at the foot. Cutting off the foot of your compression stockings will only make it harder to put them on, since the foot acts as an anchor. Moreover, cutting off the foot could make your compression socks roll up and become uncomfortable to wear. If your stockings are too tight around the foot, consider wearing Medi compression open-toe stockings.

Do not wring them out to dry them. Wringing or scrubbing can damage your compression socks. Make them last longer by treating them gently.

Follow the tips listed above to extend the life of your compression stockings and to maximize their medical benefits.

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Help on Setting Up a Home Gym

In order to get fit, exercise is necessary. One question is whether to get a gym membership to set up a home gym. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. One excuse people make about not exercising at the gym is that they do not feel like making the effort to get there. It involves packing a bag, driving there, checking in and storing everything in a locker. 30 minutes to an hour is spent preparing for and commuting to and from the gym.

However, the gym membership provides free use of exercise equipment, such as exercise and weight training machines, free weights, stability balls, step benches, lockers and showers. Usually included in the membership are exercise classes and personal trainers. Also, there is something to be said for the motivation provided by working out with others. Plus, if one shops around, a decently priced membership can be found.

Setting up a home gym has disadvantages, too. The cost of the equipment is one such disadvantage. For a full workout, aerobic activity and strength training are recommended. This involves at least two types of equipment. If the equipment breaks and needs to be repaired or, goodness forbid, replaced, that's yet another large expense.

Outside of a gym does not always mean at home. Out from under the fluorescent lighting of the gym, one can enjoy the sunshine by taking a walk, going for a swim or hiking. None of these activities cost a thing, but none of them can be done in the winter, either. Winter activities, such as skiing, as well as the summer activities still have the problem of leaving home and bringing everything one might need.

To set up a home gym provides the opportunity to workout year around, whenever the mood strikes and with very little preparation. It has the added advantage of not taking too much time out of the day. Also, one does not have to worry about hours of operation, proper public workout clothes or having to exercise in front of others if the person prefers privacy. One can enjoy the mental comfort of being at home and not having to hunt for a gym that feels like a good fit at the right price. If the equipment at home is used long enough and often enough, it's cheaper than years of membership fees.

Working out at home or at the gym both has their pros and cons. The answer to the question of whether to get a gym membership or set up a home gym is where you feel the most comfortable.

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The Advantages of Hiring a Fitness Instructor

Plan on losing weight and building muscles? There are different options you can choose from to help you achieve your goal. One is having a treadmill and the other is hiring a fitness instructor. But which option will would be the best for you? Before you pick a choice let us first determine what the advantages of each option and determine the one that best fits your situation.

The advantage of having a treadmill machine

Because of the busy world we live today, people find it hard to spare time in going to the gym. Having a treadmill at home or at work is the best possible choice in this situation. You do not need to spend time traveling back and forth from your office to the gym. Instead you can do your workout right then and there.

A good treadmill is easy to find while a good instructor is not. All you need to do is look for a treadmill with features you need and comes with the right price. While on the other hand, the only way to hire a good instructor is through referrals from friends and family.

The beauty of having a treadmill is that you can have your own time to work out. Furthermore, you can even do your exercises even during bad weather. Whereas when you hire an expert, you need to be in his place and you need to be on his time of training.

The advantage of a fitness instructor

Your fitness equipment will not be teaching you the right way of exercising. While a fitness instructor shares his expertise on how to use the equipment properly and what equipment is needed for a particular exercise.

A fitness instructor provides a ready-made fitness plan for you to follow. You do not have to guess what the right exercise to build a specific muscle is. Plus the instructor gives you tips on the right diet as well.

Another benefit of going to the gym is that you can socialize with other people. Socializing plays an important role in keeping you physically and mentally healthy.

If you take advantage of each option you will be able to achieve your goal no matter what. If you choose to have a treadmill, then go ahead and search for the best one you can get. If you think that hiring a fitness instructor is the best way for you, then sign up on the nearest gym in your place. Whatever option you may choose make sure that you always consider your priorities first. And be happy with what you decide on taking. Beside you do not want to spend a lot of money and end up frustrated on the decisions you make.

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Shoes That Look Like Feet

If you happen to have seen some people wear shoes that look like feet while exercising, then I am going to explain to you what is so great about these shoes. The most common brand is Vibram Fivefingers, which is available in stores.

The purpose of these shoes is that they're supposed to enable individuals to walk and run in the same way as if they were barefoot. Humans have not been wearing shoes for millions of years of evolution and it makes sense that barefoot running would be an option.

Until in recent times, humans were barefoot all the time. And there are many people in the world who have probably never even seen shoes.

Actually, a group of scientists realized this, and decided to do some trials. They compared shoe runners with barefoot runners and learned that those run without shoes land differently.

The barefoot runners land on the front or middle of the foot well before they put their heel down, using their calves to cushion the strike of the heel. Modern shoe runners land directly on their heel, aided with the elevated and cushioned heel of the shoe.

Evidently, barefoot running generates a lesser impact when landing than running in shoes, and researchers believe that the large impact borne on by heel striking in shoes could have triggered those repetitive injuries that happened to be common in runners today.

It looks clear that it is a lot more natural for humans to run barefoot, or in shoes that are like feet, and it can decrease the probability of injuries considerably.

My advice will be to consider purchasing a pair of those shoes in order to prevent injury from endurance training and also to properly strengthen the calf muscles and muscles of the feet.

The human foot is a remarkable feat of engineering, and it looks like a waste to spend an entire lifetime on running with shoes that hinder the natural activities of the foot.

I really believe these shoes have come to be, and we will see a lot more of them in the near future. When running barefoot, or on shoes that look and feel like feet, it is critical to ease into it progressively.

For people who have been running on modern shoes their own life, changing to barefoot or minimalist shoes is a tremendous change and it will take a while to evolve. The calves and soles of the feet could be sore in the early stages.

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Best Cardio Machine Exercises and Why It Is Important

What is Cardio Exercise and why is it so important?

Everyone all over the world has one thing in common, we all have a heart and it is the most important organ in your body. Without your heart functioning properly you would not be able to keep your brain alive. So keeping ones heart happy and working right is of the utmost importance. So how exactly do you go about doing this? According to the experts in cardiovascular health, we need to take part in an exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it there for a period of 30 minutes per day. This should be moderate cardio activity and done at least 5 days a week. If you prefer a more aggressive type of cardio exercise, you can do 20 minutes per day, three days a week.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

* Improves heart strength
* Improves lung capacity and strength
* Helps burn calories and over all weight loss
* Improves metabolism
* Relieve stress and it effects
and much more …..

How do we determine what the heart rate level?

The proper rate depends on your gender and your age. To determine the correct target heart rate you want to reach during all of your cardio workouts you need to find your maximum heart rate. To determine your maximum heart rate you need to subtract your age from 226 for women and 220 for a man. Once you have a number established, it is best to follow certain guidelines. The American Heart Association recommends that you set a target of 50% to 75% of you maximum heart rate, staying close to 50% when starting out, and working closer to 75% as you progress.

How do I go about checking my heart rate?

In case you've never learned how to check your heart rate before, it is easy with a little practice. The easiest way to do it is to place two fingers at the back of your lower jaw and move them down about and inch or two, where you should feel your carotid artery. With a little bit of pressure (not too much) you should feel your pulse. Count the number of beats in 10 seconds and multiply by six.

How to determine the best cardio machine and exercise for me?

According to the experts, typical cardio exercises include jogging, walking fast and swimming. These activities done without breaks give you the best opportunity to keep your heart rate up inside your target level for a sustained period of time. If your situation makes it difficult to participate in those types of workouts, you can also choose to use exercise equipment that is designed to mimic the movements of jogging, walking fast, etc. These exercise equipment include treadmills, stair steppers, elliptical trainers and stationary bike's.

Now that you have a basis to get yourself started, you need to put your plan in motion. To get the health benefits of any cardio exercise program you must actually do the exercise.

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Benefits Of Professional Gym Equipment

Taking our health for granted is something most of us are guilty of from time to time, however taking decline action to improve our health with professional gym equipment is something to seriously consider. Far too often we become consumed with work and other commitments to look after our well being, this trend must stop other there could be complications down the road.

While some people may believe that in order to get physically fit they must sign up to a gym paying expensive monthly subscription fees, or get a person trainer to help them towards their fitness goals. While both of these approaches may help a person they can also achieve greater fitness results at home.

To get fit a person must keep things simple, they require some loose fitting clothing, motivation and some exercise equipment. For those looking to get long term value for their fitness equipment dollar should look at getting Professional Fitness Equipment.

This equipment while slightly more expensive than common equipment is typically of a better quality and design. The promise behind using professional grade equipment is that the exercises performed will be more effective. While the jury is still out on the validity of that claim there is no substitute for quality items.

Before a person starts on any fitness program no matter how low impact it may seem that they should speak with their doctor to make sure their body can handle it. Many of us live a sedentary lifestyle and eat large quantities of processed food. This can put our body at a greater chance of getting Diabetes, High Blood pressure and other health conditions. If a person was to start exercising without getting clearance from their doctor they could be putting their body in arms way.

Once the person has received approval from their doctor to start exercising it is important to have a plan and stick to it. Far to often people start exercising with great enthusiasm only to stop after a brief period of time. In order to get fit a person must be consistent with their exercising. That includes both aerobic exercises to improve the metabolism of a person. Using professional gym equipment enhances the results being adding resistance to the training, when resistance is added to training it forces the muscles to work harder and become stronger. When muscle mass increases it allows the body to burn more calories.

The sooner a person takes control of their health and well being the more empowered they will feel.

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Several Ab Exercise Equipments That Will Help Tone and Shape Up Your Muscle

The goal of achieving flat stomachs and strong abs has really heightened over the years. One of the reasons why people are acquiring flabby stomach is that people are working in their offices. We all know that in desk jobs, abdominal muscles and the stomach are not actually used. Also for some, big bellies are acquired because of excess fat from beers and foods that remained in their bodies. However, it is also important to keep in mind that for many people, a flat and strong abs is not in their genes. Although these people are in good physique, a million times of workout will not necessarily mean to change the fact that it is not in their genes to achieve a good looking stomach.

As a result of the increasing number of people aspiring to have sexy abs, fitness industry has developed new and improved version of exercises and even created some equipment that will focus on abdominal muscles.

Exercises alone will not be able to produce more successful results. If certain equipment are presented and used, the faster that people will have great results!

The best way to choose the right ab exercise equipment is to know first what you will be doing. There are indeed numerous options to choose from when you consider your own ab exercise equipment. The market is overpopulated with types of products that will help you make a choice! These products are accessible in different forms and every equipment has a role to play in working out your ab muscle.

The most well-known ab exercises and machines are the following:

1. Walking is something basic which requires no special equipment. It is one of the best exercises you can do for your abdominal muscles. However, a treadmill is very much helpful and it would be easy to intensify your fitness.

2. A great piece of ab equipment is an exercise ball. You can do crunches on it and then more muscles are working than that of crunches on the floor. You must remember that you maintain your physique aligned to obtain most effective results.

3. A Roman Chair is basically created to consist of parallel arms with a stretched-out and high back. The ab exercise using this equipment involves the bending of the legs to bring your knees near your chest. When your knees are finally closer to your chest, stay there for some time and carefully go back to your original position.

4. A great machine for getting cardiovascular exercise is the elliptical machine. It is very much recommended for toning your abs!

5. An ab wheel offers a more advanced ab workout, and mainly works all the major abdominal muscles. Though looks simple, it does a great job shaping your abs! But also take note that its effectiveness depends upon your correct usage. Combine this abdominal exercise with others so to achieve better effects.

6. One piece of big ab exercise equipment is an Ab Pro Circle. This machine targets all the major muscles of your abdominal muscles and at the same time, easy and fun to use.

Above everything else, the most important thing to do to lose your belly fat is to consume few calories that you take in. Even there is effective ab exercise equipment, you still have to help yourself tone and shape up your muscles!

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