Water is your best friend!

Drinking water is the best way to replace the fluids you lose when working out, especially if you sweat a lot. You need to take a lot of water on board before, during and after your workout to keep your body hydrated and working to your maximum performance! However if you want to mix it up a bit and experiment how about trying some coconut water. It's chock-full of cramp-preventing potassium (15 times that of most sports drinks) and has less than 50 calories per cup. Try 8 ounces before or during your run to stay pain-free. Also why not try milk or chocolate milk after your workout! The calcium and protein in the chocolate milk is an excellent way to help your muscles recover after a tough home workout. Drink a cup within 30 minutes of finishing a long run, when muscles are most receptive.

Fuel up!

Grab a banana or any other snack before you hit the gym, and in the long run it may actually help you slice off more calories. Try and aim for 100 to 200 calories to nibble on: Yogurt, a piece of fruit, peanut butter and crackers, or half an energy bar are all excellent choices. Also if your home workout includes weight training then as pre workout fuel try some high protein snacks such as peanuts, eggs, meat or protein bars. Also the best thing after a tough, intense muscle building workout is to have a protein shake which is an awesome way to make the most out of your workout. However If you do not have accesses to a protein shake have some chicken, beef, pork or any sort of meat along with some salad and rice.

Pump up the music for extra motivation!

Having music pumping out the speakers or through your headphones can be one of the most powerful motivators that can fuel you through the toughest workout. Make a workout playlist to get you in the mood, whether it's some party songs for running or some pump up songs for a hard home workout weight training session. No matter what it is, crank up the volume and get in the mood for working out hard. Also if you are in a gym with a bunch of friends as well they can be a great motivation to push extra hard and to squeeze out them few extra reps.