The Famous Ski Machine that Led to the NordicTrack Treadmill

Back in the early 1990s there was a popular commercial with the memorable tagline, “Get on track, with NordicTrack!”. This commercial introduced the NordicTrack ski machine to American audiences with its “patented flywheel design”. Well, the commercial is gone and while the Classic Pro Skier is still for sale, NordicTrack has also become well known for its line of commercial and home treadmills.

Health Benefits of a Home Treadmill

Buying and using a treadmill at home is a great way to stay fit, lose weight, improve endurance for exercise and increase your overall health. It's especially beneficial for people who live in areas with bad weather or for those who prefer the convenience of exercising at home.

Important Comparisons for Evaluating a Treadmill

A few of things to consider when looking to buy a NordicTrack treadmill are how much to spend, the features you'll want, the features you feel you need and the specifications of the components. NordicTrack treadmills come in a range of prices with a variety of options.

Selecting an appropriate model is not just affected by the size of your budget but also to how often you expect to use it and the features you think you'll use to get the most out of the experience and your investment. Some of the components and specifications to take note of are; the incline range, whether there is a decline setting, motor size (measured in continuous duty horsepower, CHP), treadmill durability, number of built-in fitness programs and advanced workout tracking features.

Balance of Price, Power and Features

The NordicTrack Treadmill is like most products in that the higher-priced models offer the most features and sturdiest components. The durability of the components selected is related to how much the treadmill is expected to be used. Infrequent exercisers probably will not need the stronger motor and tread and may not miss the more advanced features.

Very heavy users will likely want to make the extra investment in top-notch components and available advanced workout software since they're more likely to need and use them.

Average users will find a nice middle range of NordicTrack treadmill options. Therefore, shopping for the right NordicTrack treadmill need not come down to a stressful decision between expensive high-end machines or stripped down lower quality base models.

Five Model Categories to Satisfy Most Needs

A summary of the general features and best uses for each of NordicTrack Treadmill's five model categories is below.

  • Commercial Series : These machines offer the highest quality motors and treads, the most pre-programmed and interactive features and the widest range of incline and decline settings. The NordicTrack Commercial series are suitable for heavy home and health club use. The newest model in the line is the Commercial 2150.
  • Elite Series : These high-tech, durable and feature-rich models include the best features and strong, but not the strongest, components NordicTrack has satisfied the serious and frequent runner who is also interested in top notch technology.
  • C Serie s: The C series models lean towards heavy duty components but mid-range technological options. Good for those who are more interested in a long-working workout machine and less focused on top of the line technology options.
  • Incline Series : Like the name implies, these machines are for runners and walkers who are into climbing virtual hills and indoor descents.
  • Fit Series (formerly the A Series): A range of pre-programmed workout options and moderately durable components keep these treadmills at a good price point for the average at home user.