Even with the power and versatility of Kettlebells, there is another equipment with even more versatility – the adjustable Kettlebells. According to various reviews, the need to have numerous Kettlebells is eliminated, thus reducing wasted space, and saving money as time goes by.

What Makes Adjustable Kettlebell Unique?

Adjustable Kettlebells are widely known for its versatility. The 3 common issues with space, money, and limited exercise routines are eliminated since the user only needs to have 1 free weight unit, contrary to multiple. This gives on-the-go fitness gurus the edge of being able to bring their tools wherever they go. Aside from that, this would also mean additional space in the gym, without all the other fitness equipment that is stacked in the shelf room.

Adjustable Kettlebells Exercise Routine

The exercise routine is made versatile with any one of these sets. This equipment basically challenges the user to balance the weight of the equipment. With progressive exercises, the core muscles supporting the chest and back are strengthened. This core training encompasses all athletic and leisure fitness routines since it aids in strengthening the body's support to larger limb muscle groups.

Circuit Training With Kettlebells

Circuit training is an exercise routine that mixes weight training with strength or weight training with endurance workouts and / or cardio training. It can be done by a single person, or a group of people with constant rotation to various training posts. This is commonly done in a single session.

With circuit training, strength and endurance are being developed in athletes. This program further enhancements coordination and flexibility. When training in conjunction with adjustable Kettlebells, various muscle groups are being used individually, thus producing great and individualized results.

Inter-Changing Kettlebells Choices

The adjustable kettlebells choices are wide-ranging and diverse. Picking out cheap kettlebells without much consideration is a grave mistake that should be avoided. So, what are your options?

The first option is the Weider Space Saver adjustable kettlebell. This is a compact unit that is also called the PowerBell. With a total of 6 weight selections, the PowerBell can easily be adjusted from 10-40 pounds. The powder-coated grip makes it easy to switch the unit from one hand to another. Aside from the unit, there is a Kettlebells DVD that allows users to perform multiple weight-lifting workouts and cardio exercise due to its 20-minute run on the treadmill, and 20-minute PowerBell routine.

Another alternative is the Jullian Michaels Adjustable Kettlebell. This is basically a 20-pound unit with the same general benefits as the Weider PowerBell. This weight equipment has a 5-pound grip along with 5 plates, which can be easily adjusted in 3 pounds increment. This also comes with a training DVD that gives details on the entire Kettlebell routine along with a chart that tracks the progress.

As with choosing any type of fitness equipment, Kettlebells is definitely on the user's preference. There will be lots of similarities, but what matters the most is the weight selection, durability, along with the maximum and minimum weight. So, do not hesitate to look around or read other adjustable Kettlebells review on what type of fitness tool suits your needs.