Commercial Series Model with User Comfort Features

The NordicTrack Commercial 1500 treadmill is an entry level model in the NordicTrack Commercial Series of treadmills. The Commercial Series models are all durable machines suitable for home or professional use with various levels of workout and comfort-related options.

The Commercial 1500 has slightly reduced specifications in motor size and workout features compared to the other Commercial line machines. Accordantly it also has the lowest price in that model category.

Advantages Over C Series Models

Of course being on the lower end of the Commercial Series also means the Commercial 1500 has a few advantages over the lower NordicTrack model category C-Series machines, the C900 and C900 Pro.

Twenty-four Preset Workout Routines

There are a few upgrades that differiate the 1500 from the C-Series machines. The Commercial 1500 has 24 preprogrammed workouts built into the machine's memory and accessed via the console control panel. There are six incline-related routines, 6 calorie-focused ones, six speed-varies and six high intensity, heart rate elevating options that combine a mix of variables to boost results. The variety offered keeps users from getting bored and supplies ample options to reach fitness goals.

Popular Decline Setting

A difference between the 1500 in the Commercial category and the C-Series machines is the presence of decline settings. The Commercial 1500 offers up to a -3% decline which works different leg muscles than a flat or incline plane. Downhill (decline) treadmill settings are in demand after being featured in popular fitness and weight loss television shows. The maximum incline setting is 15%.

Constant Heart Rate Monitoring

The Commercial 1500 includes the Polar Wireless Chest Pulse heart rate monitoring system. Ongoing heart rate information helps users maximize their workout by giving them the information they need to keep their heart rate in the desired range. With real-time heart rate information, adjustments in speed or incline can be made immediately to ensure time spent on the treadmill is put to the most efficient use.

Motor Size and Tread Construction

The Commercial 1500 has a 3.25 CHP (continuous duty horsepower) motor and 2-ply tread construction. The motor is slightly more powerful than the motor offered in both C-Series model and slightly below the specifications for the other Commercial series models. The 2-ply tread construction is the same quality offered in the Commercial lines and a step above the tread belt specified for the C-Series machines.

iFit Live Compatible

The Commercial 1500 can be outfitted with the iFit Live workout device and software which is sold separately. The iFit Live requires a home wireless internet connection and a laptop computer. The ifit program tracks and records workout progress towards fitness goals and offers a variety of additional preprogrammed routines designed by celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels.

Additional Features

The 1500 has a built-in 8 “fan that can adjust automatically depending on workout intensity or can be manually adjusted. There is a cradle for connecting an iPod and a jack to accept an input from any other MP3 player to connect it to the Intermix Acoustics audio sound system.

Home Use Warranty

The hardware including frame, deck and motor are covered by a lifetime warranty. The parts have a five-year warranty and the warranty on labor is two years. The commercial use warranty differs and can be obtained by contacting NordicTrack.