When you decide to buy a home treadmill, most probably it will involve research and comparison of the various models. This can be easily done online reading up the many treadmill reviews available. So, what should you take note of to buy the best one suited for you?

Set your budget, and then compare different models within the same price range. The same brand can have a few different models within the same price range. Different brands with models within the same price range can vary in the quality of their treadmills.

So, what makes a quality treadmill?

The most important part of a treadmill is its motor. It must be powerful enough or else you might end up with a burnt out motor. A strong motor also provides a smooth, quiet run. For the serious runners, at least a 2.0 HP motor is recommended. Repairing a motor can be costly.

Make sure your treadmill is stable. You would not want to run on one which shakes and rattle! You might have this problem with the very cheap models.

Check out the cushioning provided by the treadmill. Poor cushioning can result in muscle strain and knee as well as joints pain. Better models come with adjustable shock absorption system which greatly reduces impact on your joints.

The more expensive the models, the more extras they offer. Better cushioning, longer running deck, better stability, heavier user weight capacity, more built-in programs, larger power incline difference, higher motor power to name but a few. Do you need these extras? Why pay more for them when you would not actually be using them?

Think of the space you have for the treadmill. Would you prefer a folding one so that you can fold it up once done? This frees up much-needed living space.

Lastly, check out the warranty. Some come with generous warranty terms. Most companies provide lifetime warranty on the motor.

Maintaining the treadmill in good working (running) condition prolongs the lifespan of the treadmill, including saving you costly treadmill repairs.

It is recommended that you buy a treadmill mat to protect the motor and your floor. Treadmill motor produces static charges and this can lead to dust and debris being sucked into the motor. The mat can help to prevent this from happening, thus prolonging the motor life. A strong motor is essential for a good running workout.

Of course, if cost is not a problem at all, then the higher-end models with their better quality features, powerful motor and quiet performance are a runner's dream machines.