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Purchasing Fitness Equipment Vs Going to a Gym

Purchasing fitness equipment is also necessary for very busy individuals who may prefer to multitask, for instance one can easily watch television while at the same time running on a treadmill. In addition it is much more comfortable for an individual to try out new exercises at home or tone up, master an exercise or shed off a few pounds prior to attending gym sessions. So what are some of the factors to consider when purchasing fitness equipment?

First and foremost, the fitness equipment should match the taste and preferences of an individual who is going to use it. When deciding to purchase, it is important to consider the kind of an exercise that you like not just because according to research it is recommended for certain purposes, otherwise the equipment purchased may not help much in getting money's worth. It is also not wise to force yourself to perform exercises that you are not used to by purchasing equipment and accessories relevant to it.

In the market there are lots of products that claims to burn away fats in specific areas or offers to improve abdominal tone immediately after use while the truth is that fat removal takes place through the body. Natural workouts that are carefully regulated the best solutions to such kind of problems instead of these deceiving products.

Lastly, when purchasing, never apply the principles of price equals to quality. It would be advisable to seek the recommendation of trainers or friends for the right kind of equipment that would satisfy your needs and also help in determining with surety if the more expensive equipments are the choice. However if you have limited income, it is a good idea to go for less expensive options then do upgrading with time. The main objective when purchasing fitness equipment should be to getting the equipment that will serve you best at practical and fair prices. It is also important to consider the repair, replacement and maintenance costs in accomplishing these objectives.

Most importantly, determine in advance where your new machine (s) will be stored. Establishing the dimensions of both the equipment to be purchased and the available space could be a good method of determining this prior to purchasing equipment. This will help you in purchasing fitness equipment that can be comfortably and easily stored in your house. Purchasing home fitness equipment can be tricky especially for beginners who may have little information on the right kind of equipment they need.

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Elliptical Equipment – Tips for Using Ellipticals With Bad Knees

If you have bad knees you probably have heard about Elliptical Equipment and how it is a great workout with less strain on your knees.

That's spot on information. Compared to a treadmill or running outside the Elliptical Equipment offers you a similar cardio workout without the stress on your knee joints that they get with every step you do running, getting your knees to work as shock absorbers every time.

When using an Elliptical Equipment your foot stays on the foot support the whole time, so there is no shock for your knee to absorbe as your foot is not coming down with your whole body weight behind it.

But is it a guarantee that there is no strain on your knees and that you will always be totally pain free?

No, like with everything in the world if you use the Elliptical Equipment wrongly you can create problems for yourself and especially for your knees.

To help you and your bad knees to get a great workout with minimal or no discomfort here are some tips for using Ellipticals with bad knees for you to keep in mind next time you step on an Elliptical Trainer in your gym or at home:

  • if you have never used an Elliptical Equipment make sure you start with short training sessions to get used to the movement and slowly increase your time. Eg start with 5min daily and increase it by a few minutes every day or 5 minutes every other day
  • like with every workout session make sure to gently stretch your hamstrings before and after your exercise
  • make good use of the handlebars – it will take pressure of your knees and you will get an additional upper body work out at the same time, like two for the price of one
  • every good Elliptical Exercise Machine is adjustable, so check and adjust the length of the machine so it is comfortable for you
  • throughout your workout be sure to have your feet firmly rested on the footrest – do not lift your heals as this will put a different strain on your joints
  • check if you can change the incline of the machine and adjust it to a level that is most comfortable for you; take your time and try different settings

Keeping these tips in mind I am sure you will have a great workout on your Elliptical Exercise Machine next time you use it. It is definitely better for bad knees than running as you do not use your knees as shock absorbers for every step you take.

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3 Great Benefits of Insanity Workout Exercises

Are you ready to get yourself in good shape? Those who are not yet should know that it was never so easy and straightforward to access the most remarkable workout techniques by the celebrity trainer Shaun T. Asylum, as it is now. The program is intricately designed to cater to those in need of shedding weight in a short amount of time and with comfort. This is more or less, the same as the P90X workout plan which targets different muscle groups together.

A lot of men and women are eagerly looking out for home-based yet result-oriented training programs that would help them achieve their desired bodies. With this strategically structured DVD, this is no more an arduous task. Now, you can work out easily at any time of the day.

Although, the insanity workout plan covers many useful aspects of training, there are three specific benefits to focus on. These benefits have direct influence over your health and can do wonders for you in the promised time. Let's begin with the three benefits of the program:

Workout Benefit # 1

Do you feel bored out of your present workout schedule? Well, this is a common issue people face everywhere. With its interesting and unique exercises, this DVD's will not let you get bored while you lose weight and stay refreshed throughout. The regular package of this wonderful plan includes 10 DVD's, whereas you get 13 if you purchase the deluxe version. It is simply a matter of choice because if you are a beginner, you will probably want to begin with the regular version and then later move on to the deluxe version of this package which is even beneficial for you.

Workout Benefit # 2

Since you have at least 10 DVDs in your hand, you are sure to lose a lot of weight. Each DVD is packed with continuous and rigorous exercises to keep you losing weight in the quickest time possible. When you begin exercising and work out for up to 3 minutes and then have a break for 30 seconds and then keep on repeating the entire process for up to 60 minutes, you are burning high amounts of fat. The workouts are fast paced and definitely work.

Workout Benefit # 3

Insanity DVDs allow you to work out in flexible times. No matter how strict your schedule is, you can put on the DVD and start exercising as soon as you are back home. You can do these exercises anywhere; in your bedroom, basement, lounge, or wherever you feel best.

The insanity workout DVD's are wonderful, as you can see from the benefited benefits. The exercises are simple to learn and give you the desired results in just a matter of 30 days!

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5 Reasons To Hire Home Commercial Fitness Equipment

Being fit and healthy is something we all aspire to, however, when it comes to implementing these plans we usually start off very keen and enthusiastic and end up regretting not taking a little more time to ensure our new regulation is just right for us.

Rushing into decisions can sometimes end up being cost if we make a mistake by purchasing the wrong piece of fitness equipment for our requirements, which is why choosing to rent before you buy is a great way to avoid a bad purchasing decision.

Here are 5 great reasons to hire before you buy:

1. Try First

Obviously the best reason for hiring before you buy is being able to try the equipment out in your home, at your own pace to see if it fits your space, suits your exercise routine and meets all your requirements. You may find that you like the type of home fitness equipment that you chose but decide that investing in the next model up is better as it has additional features or add-ons to enhance your exercise program.

2. Swap Equipment

Another benefit of hiring is being able to swap the piece of equipment you have for something else without any hassle. If you move house and find that the treadmill no longer fits easily but a cross trainer would be more suitable you can easily swap these, or maybe you started your exercise program with an exercise but feel like a rowing machine would now offer you a better workout , again you can easily swap your home fitness equipment which would not be easy if you had purchased your machine.

3. Easy On the Budget

Hiring is also great for your budget. The low monthly cost means you do not have to pay a large sum upfront to get started on your exercise period or are tied to a hire purchase contract for a period of years, particularly if your situation changes and you no longer require or can meet the payments, a hire contract means you can easily return the equipment with no further outlay.

4. Care and Maintenance

As your equipment is hired should it need maintenance or repairs, this is all taken care of by the company you are hiring from. They will manage all preventative and ongoing maintenance to ensure the safe, reliable, and hassle-free use of your equipment.

5. Eco-Friendly

Rather than lots of people buying a machine each, by shaving you can all share the same piece of fitness equipment. You will not have to dispose of it at a later date and you can exercise knowing that in your small way you have helped reduce, reuse and recycle!

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Beginners’ Guide to Exercise Equipment in the Gym

It's a happy fact that the days of muscle-men and lycra lovelies dominating our gyms are over. Step foot into a modern health club and you'll spot people of all shapes and sizes working towards their goals – most commonly to lose weight – with not a thonged leotarded lady or bloke in butt-high denim cut-offs in sight.

But if you're new to exercise, the array of equipment can still be daunting. At first glace some of the machines look capable of grating, grinding, and possibly even garrotting you! When you understand what each of them does however, most of the equipment is a lot simpler than it looks.

Most fitness equipment fits broadly into three types – CV machines, free weights and resistance machines.

CV machines

CV stands for cardiovascular. CV exercise is all about getting your heart going and your blood pumping. These include things like the stationary bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, cross trainers, and step machines. On this type of machine you'll be making large, fast movements continuously, usually for at least five minutes at a time.

Use a CV machine to warm your body up at the start of your workout and to gently bring your heart rate and flush out the waste chemicals your body creates during exercise at the end of your program.

If your goal is to improve your aerobic or endurance fitness – that is, you want to be active for longer periods without getting tired or out of breath – use a CV machine as a main component of your exercise program as well. But try and mix it up, so if you're using a bike to warm up, go for a rower or treadmill for your cool down.

Free weights

Weights that you lift directly, without handles, chains, or levers, is probably the simplest way to define this category, which basically describes all weights that are not part of machines. Dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells are the types you'll most commonly find in gyms. Dumbbells are small weights that you hold in each hand, barbells are weights you place at each end of a long bar and lift with both hands, and kettlebells are ball shaped weights with square handle at the top which can be held either with one or both hands.

Free weights have several advantages over machines. They force you to work several muscle groups at once because your body needs to support and stabilize itself in order to perform the exercises. You can perform many different exercises with them, rather than moving from machine to machine, and the movements you perform with them tend to feel more natural (like lifting, squatting, etc.) than those some resistance machines require.

However, free weights exercises can be a little trickier to get right, which means that working with them carries a higher risk of injury. So have an instructor demonstrate simple exercises that work the muscles you want to target and pay attention to performing the movements correctly every time you use them.

Resistance machines

Despite their tendency to meet torture equipment, resistance machines (sometimes called strength or weights machines) are actually very beginner-friendly.

They're designed to ensure you perform the movements correctly, so there's less chance of injury than with free weights. Plus, most modern resistance machines have instructions printed somewhere on them, which is handy if you have not used them before or need a refresher. They usually also tell you which muscles they work.

Machines tend to target specific muscles, so if you're wanting strengthen or tone a particular part of your body they will allow you to focus your energy solely on working that single area.

But they're not entirely foolproof and even with the instructions it's not always obvious how to use them properly, so do get help from an instructor the first time or two that you use them.

Now, get training!

You're also likely to spot various other bits of equipment like stability balls, vibration trainers, foam rollers, etc. But the three types above will provide an ample range of exercise to get you started in fitness. When you join your gym you should be offered an induction – if not, ask for one – where an instructor will put together a program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and demonstrate all the exercises. If you feel like you need additional support and motivation or a program that varies from week to week, get yourself a personal trainer. PTs are no longer the preserve of the wealthy and there will almost certainly be several based at your gym.

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Why Bowflex Selecttech 552 Dumbbells Have Monopolized The Weightlifting Market

When trying to tone and add bulk, it's important to have a variety of weights in dumbbells to make sure precise choice for every muscle group. This becomes expensive when one buys separate weights for every need. This is where the Bowflex Selecttech 552 dumbbells come in. The Bowflex adjustable dumbbells supply a high variety of weights in a single product.


They adjust through a simple turn of a dial. The main concern with adjustable weights is that they can be noisy due to pieces rubbing against each other. The Bowflex 552 provides no such issues. They're extremely quiet.

This has been a problematic feature in other adjustable weights which often use a pin or other hard-to-use selector. They make it so hard to change weights that the exerciser tends to useropriate weights and not go through the hassle of changing them. With this set, this is not an issue because the adjustment only takes a moment and is particularly easy, especially when one has a stand.

Dumbbell Stands

The stand is optional and is a worthy addition to your gym. It makes using the set far easier, and is healthier for the back. Lifting them from the ground all the time is both strenuous and bad for those easily effected spinal regions.


Storage is one of the benefits with this product. Not everyone has the space to store dumbbells of various weights. With the Bowflex 552 set, one is left with only a stand and one set of weights which can easily be put away neatly in a closet.

Value And Savings

While the price appears to be fairly high, they are far cheaper than an entire set of suitable individual weights. Gym memberships are notoriously expensive too, so these weights are comparatively inexpensive items given that they replace the above two options. They have 15 weight options ranging from 5 lbs to 52.5 pounds. When taking into account that they replace 15 pairs of weights, they supply significant value for money.

Design Updates

They also look very classy and elegant. They seem less sturdy than standard weights but this is a design feature that does not translate into lower quality. They've been known to last for ages and, due to several improvements in the passing years, have been enhanced tremendously since earlier models. Their previous weights had a plastic locking mechanism which made users fearful of breakage. This has now been replaced with a secure locking mechanism.

Using Adjustable Weights

They do seem fairly wide when they're first used and can take a bit of getting used to. This is a standard feature in all adjustable weights, though. They become more comfortable with frequent use.

The fact that the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells are small is an added bonus because most adjustable models are bulky and inconvenient to use during certain exercises. Once one has gotten used to the longer width, these are comfortable to use in any exercise. Their width is almost 16 inches, which is long enough not to cause rubbing against the hands and short enough not to create issues during exercising. The Bowflex Selectech 552 dumbbells are actually the perfect length and size and make a compact addition to a varied exercise routine.

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Elliptical Trainers Vs Treadmills – Which Is Right for You?

It is not so long ago that treadmills were the most widely used pieces of gym equipment, however elliptical trainers are becoming more and more popular for use both at home and at the gym. In this article we will have a look at the pros and cons for both treadmills and ellipticals to help you determine which is the best choice for you.

Firstly, let's have a closer look at what each piece of equipment has to offer.


These offer the user a simulation of walking or running either on a flat surface or on an incline, and they are a great way of improving overall fitness levels by improving your cardiovascular fitness, burning calories, increasing your energy levels and helping to improve your bone density.

They are generally very easy to use and offer an extremely attractive method of exercising indoors instead of placing yourself at the mercy of the elements outdoors.

There is a wide range of models available at a wide range of prices, but most will feature some kind of inbuilt computer to select the different difficulty levels, keep track of your workout and to help you get the most out using your treadmill.

The big drawback with these pieces of gym equipment is that although they are very good at improving your cardiovascular fitness levels, they only provide a workout for the muscle groups of your lower body, and this is where an elliptical trainer really stands out from the crown and comes into it's own.

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Just like treadmills, these are excellent pieces of exercise equipment to use for improving your cardiovascular fitness, general calorie burning and helping to increase your bone density, however one of the big advantages to using one is that they are also excellent at working the major muscle groups in both your lower and upper body.

When you are using a treadmill you are simulating running outdoors, and with each stride your feet leave the surface of the running belt and then impact back down. The running motion on an elliptical trainer is different, in that your feet do not leave the platform (they travel in an elliptical arc), thus significantly reducing the impact and strain on your legs and lower body joints such as your ankles, knees and hips .

This low impact form of exercises that people with joint problems, or the elderly or people who are recovering or rehabilitating from an injury or accident, can often exercise using a cross trainer, whereas they would not be able to use a treadmill due to the level of impact on the joints.

Most machines have a computer console that will allow you to monitor your progress and alter the levels of intensity and change the built in programs.

Which to Choose?

Should you choose an elliptical trainer or a treadmill? Well if you are looking to improve your overall levels of fitness, or if you have any problems with your joints then an elliptical is for you. If however you are training for a distance run, and you only want to concentrate on your overall fitness and working your lower body muscle groups, then you would probably be better off choosing a treadmill.

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Cardio Fitness Equipment – What Are Your Options?

The world of fitness is filled with great options to get you in shape. Finding the right type of cardio fitness equipment that is right for you might be hard to find but not if you have some information about your options to help you decide what is the right choice.

Elliptical Cross Trainers are quickly increasing in popularity and there is no denying why. These machines give the user the ability to assist the movements with their arms making the exercise a total body workout. Elliptical trainer are a great way to reduce impact on your joints. If you want to raise your workout intensity you can push a button to increase the resistance.

Treadmills are the most common type of cardio fitness equipment in any home or traditional gym. With this machine you can set a speed to push yourself to maintain a consistent pace. Tracking the distance you have traveled is very simple on treadmill. Using a treadmill you can record your progress very easily. You will be able to record the distance and the time it took you to run or walk it. If you want to make the workout a bit more difficult you could adjust the incline to simulate different types of terrain.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes are a great way to comfortably get a great workout. These machines offer the least amount of joint impact making this the ideal equipment for someone who is currently overweight or in need of physical therapy. Now this machine is not limited to people in lower fitness levels. The resistance on recumbent bikes can be set to challenge even elite cyclist.

Steppers are one of the more efficient machines in the market. With steps you can exercise your gluts, calves and thighs while burning lots of calories at the same time. There is not much movement needed for these machines to be very effective for weigh loss. Now if space is a concern, this is a great choice. This equipment comes in mini-models which can practically be stored anywhere in your home.

Rowing Machines are known as the most efficient cardio fitness equipment out there. They give the user the ability to work out most major muscle groups while burning a ton of calories. Like the other equipment, rowing machines give you the option of increasing the resistance making your workout as intense as you want.

As you can see, there are many different types of cardio fitness equipment out there but there will be some you like better than others. The thing to always remember is to make the choice base on what you would like to repeatedly do. The key to exercising is to stay consistent, it is the only way to see results. Picking something you like rather than something you hate can be de difference between success and failure.

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Health Benefits of Saunas

There are many health benefits of saunas, and not knowing about these benefits can stop you from using the sauna more often. Many people are able to visit the sauna a lot through the week, and while many just do not use it, it's simply because they do not know the health benefits involved. Your body will feel cleansed and refreshed after being in a sauna, and your entire body will certainly change for the better when you consistently start using the sauna more often.

Main Health Benefits of Saunas

– Relief in your body

If you have lots of pain and aches in your body, you'll find a sauna to help you out tremendously on relieving all the pain that you may be experiencing. Since the heat goes deep into your body, you'll find it to really get into your muscles and help relax the pain in your body. Usually all the aches in your body just need some heat to tie most of its pain.

– Flushes out the toxins

Whenever you naturally sweat, you help your body in flushing out all of the toxins in your body. The reason to that is simply because it flushes out the toxins very well in your body, and it helps in keeping your body away from keeping all the sweat in your body.

– Healthier skin

Did you know that Yoga practitioners have some of the nicest skin? The reason to that is because the sweat helps in cleansing and refreshing the skin very well. The more you sweat, the healthier your body will become.

– Treatment for respiratory system

The respiratory system can help you tremendously on clearing up your respiratory system. If you have breathing problems of some kind, the sweating from the sauna can really help you out on getting a strong respiratory system.

– Revives your body

If your body is tired or strained, you'll find that the sauna helps in revving your body a lot in different ways. Whether it's purely tiredness or training bones, the sauna will help in getting you the perfect body that's relaxed and strong.

– Hyperthermia

When you're inside of a sauna, you'll find your body to really be in an artificial like fever state. This fever state actually works as a real and effective way to help heal the body. Now that your body is ten times stronger, your immune system can fight off viruses and other epidemics.

There are definitely many health benefits of saunas, and you can really see your body body get stronger and healthy when you go to the sauna more often. Every single day is not really required, but if you do have your own, going everyday should not be bad for you. Just be sure to only go inside for only a short period of time. Over an hour can be too hard and unhealthy for your body. Around 10 to 30 minutes should be good enough depending on your body. Saunas can help all the areas in your body, so you can rely on these saunas to help you feel better in all areas of your life.

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An Easy Guide to Choosing Your Inflatable Kayak

Defining the Different Types of Kayaking

The growing popularity of inflatable kayaks has started to get many new people interested in this highly rewarding sport. The low price points of the new, rugged inflatable models make it much more accessible to get into the water. But before cracking open that wallet, let's take just a few minutes to understand the different types of kayaking. Knowing what kind of kayaking you will be doing is important for knowing which model of kayak to purchase.

There are essentially 4 main types of kayaking.


For lakes, ponds and slow moving rivers. A relaxed, non-demanding pace for short distances. This is a low impact form of kayaking perfect for beginners as well as anyone looking to paddle with their small children. Most introductory / basic kayaks will serve your needs here. The slightly larger form gives added stability and ease of maneuvering.

Touring / Sea

As the name implies, this is for people who live near large bodies of water and desire to kayak over longer distances. Touring kayaks are longer and narrows than introductory kayaks. This is to allow more speed and easier movement over longer distances. The additional length of these kayaks makes them harder to turn which is why it is advised to have a rudder of skeg to aid in steering and control. (Almost all touring kayaks will come with a rudder or skeg already attached.) If you are a beginner and want to begin touring, it just takes a little patience and practice in calm waters to learn to maneuver your boat.


For rivers or streams with fast moving rapids, though the range is anywhere from scenic rivers to raging whitewater. Great exercise and many possibilities for adventures. Whitewater kayaks are usually shorter than touring kayaks. This aids in making quicker turns and steering around rocks and other obstacles. If this is the type of kayaking that calls you and you are a beginner, just take the time to learn in slower moving rivers and head for the rapids when you are secure with your skills.


This is the only category not suited for beginners. This is serious kayaking and takes a large investment of time and money. If you do aim to this level, you will eventually have to invest in a special hard shell racing kayak.

So now your're ready to purchase your perfect inflatable kayak! Just decide where you will primarily be kayaking and what kind of experience you are looking for. Also decide if you would prefer a one person or two person kayak. Both will handle very similar, although there is a bit more adjustment learning to paddle in sync in a two person. Don't stress about your decision too much. The great price point and addictive nature of these kayaks leads most people to purchase more than one. Having a couple different models gives you more flexibility in how and where you kayak. It's also great to have that second kayak for friends who stop by. Share the joy of kayaking!

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A Brief History of the Elliptical Trainer

Before the elliptical trainer was created the most highly ranked training or workout machines used to be the cross country machines made most famous by the Nordic Track.

The elliptical trainer was designed to most naturally emulate the movement the leg went through, including its range of motion, and most importantly providing exercise for the upper body at the same time. Because of the thought given to its design in these areas it will give its user a much more intense, a more complete, and a more satisfying workout.

The elliptical trainer will give a complete body workout. It does this by exercising more parts of the body at one time than almost any other workout machine and it does this all without placing stress on joints, especially those in your legs and hips. The exercise if very aerobic as mentioned already much like the exercise you would get doing cross country skiing up a continuous incline. Think stair climber and you'll get the idea.

Treadmill running was and is still fairly popular but can contribute to impact injuries you may be trying to get over or avoid in the first place. Because the elliptical trainer is very low impact it is popular as a replacement for the treadmill.

These machines are very popular with women who are trying to lose weight or get more toned. They provide a full body workout, burns calories and is low impact – that's why women choose them over other pieces of exercise equipment. The wide range of motion, varying levels of resistance (which can be varied while using the machine in motion) make it an excellent choice for women with these goals. Other machines like the cross country training machines and the treadmills can not even come close in providing the benefits of ease of use and adaptability to the users direct and in-motion input.

For those wanting to achieve calorie burn goals the elliptical machine is the way to go. It is generally accepted by most experts that the more you weigh the more calories you will burn when using an elliptical trainer. Because of this there is no set amount of calories a group of users will use on the same machine. It comes down to a number of different factors. The users weight, the difficulty settings change, proper use, and the intensity of the users workout. Resistance levels can be changed while in motion.

The sales of the elliptical trainer has increased as people who would normally jog or walk to lose calories switch to these machines. Most explain the reason for switching is that they get better results for the same time input and that exercise is easier and safer to perform on these machines.

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Turbo Jam Review: 2 Key Factors to Determine If Turbo Jam Is Right for You

Considering buying the Turbo Jam workout but not sure if it is the right program for you to get the results that you are looking for? Worried about buying the program but not getting the results you want? Well, there are 2 key factors that you need to consider before you buy Turbo Jam. If you want to lose the weight you want, in the places you want and in the time frame you want it, then you need to consider the following 2 things to decide if Turbo Jam is right for you:

Factor # 1: Your Fitness Goal

What are your fitness goals? Do you want to lose weight? Get toned? Lose weight and get toned? Too many people buy home workout DVDs without first considering the results they want. Imagine yourself 90 days from now and that you have finished the workout program of your dreams. What does your body look like 90 days from now? How do you feel everyday? Get a crystal clear vision of the results you want. So who is Turbo Jam ideal for?

Turbo Jam is the right program for you if you want to lose weight and get a tight toned waist and toned thighs. I lost 12 pounds and 8.5 inches in 38 days, going from 160 pounds to 148 pounds using the program. I lost a total of 2 inches from my waist, going from a 33 inch waist to a 31 inch waist in 38 days.

Factor # 2: Your Current Fitness Level

What is your current fitness level? Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? Too many people buy a home workout DVD that is either too challenging for them or too easy for them. If you buy a program that is too challenging, you will struggle to get through the workouts at the intensity you need to get the results you want and you might even quit the workout because it is too hard for you. If you buy a program that is too easy, then you may get bored quickly with the workout and it will not be challenging enough for you to get the results you want by the specific date you want them in. So what fitness level should you be at for the Turbo Jam workout?

Turbo Jam is the ideal program for someone who is at the beginner to intermediate fitness level. The program includes both a beginner and an advanced workout schedule. I found the program to be very adaptable to someone who is looking for a challenging workout but is not quite ready yet for an advanced workout. The program comes with weighted gloves that can be used to increase the intensity of the workout and to speed up the results. If you are at the beginner level, I recommend starting with the beginner schedule schedule without using the gloves and then moving on to the advanced workout schedule completing the workouts with the weighted gloves. This way, you are continue to get a challenging workout through the entire length of the program so you do not plateau and get stuck at a certain weight. You can continue to keep dropping the pounds.

If you are a woman who wants to lose 15-25 pounds in 90 days and you want to get a tight, toned waist line and toned thighs and are looking for a beginner to intermediate workout, then I highly recommend Turbo Jam.

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Jumpstart Your Commitment to Fitness by Investing In a Treadmill

Working out on treadmills is one of the ways to lose weight, tone your body and build your body muscles. Treadmills are among the most popular fitness equipment in the gym, and many fitness conscious individuals are investing in this machine for their home gyms. Working on this fitness equipment helps to burn up much more calories without too much joint and muscle strain. Treadmills come with a number of features and functions, which help to derive increased training benefits from the fitness equipment. It is important to know that the high-end treadmills with advanced features come at a high price. However, you can get a basic treadmill which will serve you well and help you reach your desired fitness goals.

Why do you need a treadmill in your home gym?

There are a number of reasons why you may decide to invest in a treadmill for your home gym. Whether it is to save on gym membership fees, workout in privacy at home or simply due to time constrains; having a treadmill at home is the right step to kick-start your commitment to fitness.

– Treadmills offer a high degree of safety and they are designed for indoor use. Comparing to running or jogging which are known to cause a lot of strain on the muscles; This fitness equipment is a great alternative for individuals who require low-impact workouts. The fitness machine comes with hand bars, providing the much-needed support when working out. A number of these machines also come with cushioning for the feet, absorbing the shock generated by the impact of the revolving belt.

– Having a treadmill at home is also convenient, and this fitness equipment can also be used at the office. You can essentially fit this workout equipment into your schedule, as opposed to creating time to go to the gym. Having one of these machines at hand guarantees that you can work out throughout the year despite changing weather conditions, without having to compromise on your weight loss goals.

– A good cardio workout can be obtained from treadmills, within a few minutes of exercising on these fitness machines. It does not matter whether you work out fast or slow; your cardiovascular muscles get a great workout and this in turn helps to improve your blood circulation, and an enhanced heart rate goes towards improving your overall health. Working out on a treadmill also helps to improve your breathing rate.

– The fitness machine also helps you burn up much more calories than other ordinary work out equipment. Research has shown that working out for approximately one hour on a treadmill helps you shed off about 870 calories.

How to ensure that you get a comprehensive and effective workout on a treadmill

It is always great to begin any workout session with a warm up. One of the warm up exercises that you can try out is stretching. This ensures that your muscles are relaxed reducing the chances of muscle pulls and strain on your joints.

Get a comfortable pair of workout shoes, with proper Traction to reduce the tension exerted on your feet. Consume a lot of fluids to replenish the fluids you lose when working out. The body requires plenty of water for proper metabolism to take place.

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Understanding the Elliptical Cross Trainer

The elliptical cross trainers are stationary exercise machines that typically stimulate the motion of running, walking or stair climbing without causing too much pressure on the joints. This greatly decreases the risk of injuries associated with high impact exercises. People who have muscle injuries are able to use this fitness equipment to stay fit. The machines also offer the benefit of an effective light to high intensity cardiovascular workout.

It is important to note that the intensity of the cardio workout provided depended on the resistance set as well as the speed. The elliptical cross trainers were first introduced in the market in the 1990's. With time they have gone through several advances to ensure that maximum benefit is derived from using the machine. Most of the machines in the market work on the lower as well as upper body, providing a full body workout which is desirable when exercising to lose weight. Despite the fact that these fitness machines are considered to be low impact, they can be used as for weight-bearing exercises. The machines are low impact, because they are powered by user-generated motion.

Elliptical cross trainers can be compared to other fitness equipments like treadmills in terms of exertion of the leg muscles as well as the heart. There are some people who claim that they are also great machines for burning calories and they can be used for weight loss. Cross trainers exercise groups of muscles, resulting in an intestinal workout within a short period of time. One of the reasons why cross trainers have become very popular is because the offer a full body workout. Other fitness equipments are designed to focus on certain parts of the body, and this is one of the main aspects which sets the cross trainer apart from the rest.

While using elliptical cross trainers, it is important to keep your feet flat on peddles, as opposed to raising the heel. This helps to minimizeize the noise produced while peddling and it also helps to achieve a comprehensive workout. It is also possible to use the machine without holding the hand grips; this helps to improve balance and motor fitness, as the core muscles are held at a constant state of tension when in this position. When on the hands free position, you are also able to improve your posture. This is even not recommended for pregnant women and people who are using the machine for the very first time, because they could fall off the machine and get badly injured.

Always make sure that your spine is in a neutral position while using the machine. This makes sure that your weight is well-distributed, to get the most benefits when using the cross trainer. These machines are suitable for persons who are overweight as well as people who are entirely new at exercising. Elliptical cross trainers can help you shed off those troublesome pounds and tone the bum, legs, arms as well as shoulders. This fitness equipment can also be used in rehabilitation facilities.

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The Best Way To Build Muscle In Your Own Home

Working out in your own home has its many advantages but many people find it hard to build muscle since they have limited access to heavy weights. In fact, most home users only have a few pounds of dumbbells or some resistance bands lying around that they use. It's very difficult to increase muscle mass when you are dealing with such limited amounts of weight. However, there are ways that you can add additional weight to your home gym and also increase your workout intensity in order to realize the gains you are looking for.

It's important to realize that if you are serious about building muscle mass, you are going to need access to heavy weights. Your body simply will not grow without it has a reason to so when you add weight to your workout, you are giving your body that reason. It must grow in order to be able to keep up with the higher amounts of weight. With that being said, it is not likely that you are going to bring home an Olympic set of weights like you find at your local gym. So what's the answer? There are many options available but I believe that adjustable dumbbells offer the best solution.

Adjustable dumbbells can be purchased at a reasonable rate nowdays and can provide all the resistance you would ever need. Most all of them can be purchased with up to 50 pounds of weight but some of the more popular brands have options as high as 120 pounds per dumbbell. With this much weight, it's likely that you will never have to visit the gym again.

The great thing about using these is that it will seem like you are at the gym with the only difference being that they do not take up a lot of space. Switching between weights is a snap with some of the latest technology built in making it easy to change the weight with the turn of a dial or the placement of a pin. These truly are invaluable when it comes to having an effective home gym set up for building muscle.

If you have tried using body weight exercises and other resistance devices in the past, you should consider giving these a try. As a personal trainer, I recommend them to everyone no matter what their fitness goals are. The reason is that resistance training combined with aerobic condition and a healthy lifestyle is the absolute best way to build muscle and burn fat. These handy devices make it easy to accomplish the resistance training part in the comfort of your own home.

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