Enjoy the thrill of an intense cycling experience while keeping indoors with the TacX Fortius training software! Hours of practice and entertainment are sure to be obtained with this high quality VR trainer that's capable of effectively simulating the rigors of an actual cycling marathon. Hone your cycling skills without the need to travel long hours just to find a perfect location, with the Fortius' wide array of map simulators that offer challenges for even the most expert of cyclists. Plus, augment your training regimen with the Fortius interconnectivity challenges, which gives players the chance to match their strength against a number of friends or even other coaches through the Internet!

Cycling requires hours of training in order to build endurance and leg strength, among many other physical attributes. However, most people have to trade in travel time to find a good cycling area, which often renders the training moot if the energy of the cyclist is wasted on searching for the aforementioned area. The Fortius software package offers an economic solution to this problem – thanks to its state-of-the-art setup, cyclists need not look for far-flung areas or spend hours away from home. Many training cyclists have enjoyed the benefits of the Fortius software suite, thanks to its high-quality training regimen, detailed maps, and different training options.

The Fortius VR steering frame provides an intense realistic cycling experience that simulates the actions of an actual cycling marathon. The interface is compressed into a simple oval layout, while the steering mechanism reacts to what's happening on the VR screen. The core component of the Fortius VR steering frame is its powerful motor system, which allows it to imitate the physical effects of riding a bike through various terrain. The motor of the TacX Fortius system allows for near-genuine climbs and descents, and even the smallest effects of isolated conditions, such as the automatic movement incurred by cycling down a steep hill.

The Fortius training software comes with all the necessary components for an amazing training activity. The Fortius suite comes with five high-quality, digitally-rendered virtual reality maps that offer a crisp and realistic biking challenge. Each of these maps come with varying degrees of ascents, descents, twists and turns that will definitely hone your cycling skills. Cycling training for various weather conditions is also a primary feature of the Fortius software – virtual reality training can take place in sunny, rainy, or snowy weather. These weather conditions can make you feel as if you were really training outdoors, without needing to subject yourself to the harmful effects of the four seasons!

After training, enjoy a great deal of videos that will get you in the mood to train even more! Footage from high-class races such as the Tour de France, the Tour of Flanders and the Amstel Gold Races come to life in your virtual reality set up as you spot impressive cycling techniques and pick-up tips from the best cyclists of the greatest cycling games in history! Plus, enhance your training plan with various virtual reality programs that design challenges based on your target aspect. Be it heart rate, power, or speed, the Fortius package can prescribe the most effective training course for you! The TacX Fortius program is a wonderful addition to any professional cycling training equipment!