Having your own gym has it perks. Having your own gym saves you time. With easy access to a home gym, you would no longer have to travel or wait on queue. It saves you money as you no longer need to spend too much paying for gym memberships, traveling expenses and even having to spend on expensive food and smoothies at the gym. Having your own gym is a great investment. You have privacy and you can freely do your workout without comparing results with other people. You can play your own music and be your own DJ to create your own workout routine's soundtrack. It also keeps you close to your family. You can watch the kids as you work out. Catch up on series you missed out. The list of benefits keeps on going.

However, sometimes we would lack the motivation. Maybe it is due to the ambiance or the monotony of doing things in repetition. Or the cramped space does not allow you much area to work on. Bad choice of equipment would lead you to bad results. So, great planning and great design would play a great factor in creating the over-all feel of your home gym. We know that ambiance takes a factor in stimulating you. Getting you motivated takes you to heights and leaps when you work out.


A good amount of space is needed when you plan on starting you home gym. Maybe by now, no one would be needing the nursery, having a spare room would also work perfectly or consider the extra space in your garage. Determine if the space can accommodate the presence of equipment. A good amount of space allows you better provisioning to a wide number of equipment to start you home gym.

Lighting and Ventilation

Your space should have good lighting and good ventilation. Good lighting allows you to work out at any time of the day. You may prefer to let the sun in while you work out. This also adds a warm ambiance to the room. Getting mirrored walls would also do great to your lighting and also would give an illusion of larger space. You will not feel suffocated when you have a well-ventilated and a spacious area to work on.

Right Tools

Now that you have the space, getting the right equipment will also add to the over-all ambiance of your gym. Here are some of the best equipment you can get to start you gym:

1. Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells would be great for space. You need not get pre-made dumbbells separately and then purchase a separate holder for you to be able to stack your dumbbells in. Adjustable dumbbells would be great for storage as you only need two. If you need to extend you weights collection, you can always get a set of cast iron weights for expansion.

2. Adjustable Bench

An adjustable bench would allow you to expand the exercises you could with the dumbbells you purchased. This would allow you to do chest presses, tricep curls, back exercises, curl ups, sit-ups. Normally, purchasing dumbbells already comes with purchasing an adjustable bench.

3. Power Rack

If your space permits it, it would be great to purchase a power rack. This expands your exercises as you are able to lift heavy weights without a need for a spotter. Also, you can do pull-ups and chin-ups and commonly they also have dip bars for more back exercises or abdominal exercises.

4. Olympic Size Bar and Weights

You can use this together with cast iron weight and even this is with the power rack for you to be able to work other parts of the body more. This would allow you to elevate your level as you progress while working out at home.

You are all set! Now that you have your own home gym, it would be easy for you to be able to find time to work out now that everything is within your reach. Also, having a gym at home allows you to share the healthy experience with other members of the family. It is a great motivation to have everyone in the family share the same enthusiasm towards healthy living. So, get motivated.