The Fitbit is a revolutionary way of monitoring your lifestyle with fitness and health in mind. The Fitbit works in a similar way to an old fashioned pedometer in that it is worn by the user and will count the number of steps that the user takes in a day.

Unlike a traditional pedometer that is not where the functionality of the Fitbit ends. It does a whole lot more than just count steps. The device can be clipped to the users clothing or transported in a pocket and measures distance traveled in miles, the amount of calories burned by the user and has a wireless transmitter than sends your data to the Fitbit website.

The online functionality allows you to enter the foods you have ateen in the day. There website will then provide you with a wealth on information covering the amount of calories you used compared to the amount you took in and a lot of useful data relating to your activity in the day.

As well as monitoring your activity while you are awake it includes a sleep monitoring function. You press a button on the Fitbit to tell it you are about to go to bed and then wear the Fitbit in a specially designed wrist band which is comfortable. The sleep monitoring feature provides you with excellent data on the quality of your sleep. It will tell you how long it took you to fall sleep, how many times you moved in your sleep and any waking periods you had.

This allows you to tell how much quality sleep you are getting. Receiving enough quality sleep is very important for our health as sleep allows your body and mind to heal and repair itself. By making you aware of the reality of your lifestyle you are more able to make changes.

It is the same story with the monitoring of calories. When you are provided with information which clearly shows that you are eating more food than you need you can not ignore it as easily. Using this system I lost a stone and a half in six months.

The customer service is absolutely excellent too. I damaged my Fitbit whilst running. It was my own fault and when I contacted the company about a repair they sent me a replacement free of charge. I would recommend anyone who is concerned about their fitness and lifestyle buys one.