Chalene Johnson is known by folks who have done her workout videos, as one of the more reliable bets to spend your money on. She brings good knowledge, energy, and likability to her programs.

With “Turbo Fire” she arguably brings more than ever. The program is a true fast-paced experienced designed to get you burning fat at a rate 10 times faster than a conventional moderate jog or elliptical machine experience. Generally, the reviews have been pretty good. People love how Chalene looks to know exactly when to push and ask for more, and how they are invariably glad theyave it.

The program has variety with 11 DVDs, a nutrition guide and a gift of free gifts including exercise-related equipment. You also get the money-back guarantee of satisfaction for 90 days after purchase. All in all, a lot to like and from a company in Beachbody that has built a solid name for itself.

Still the workout is not perfect and it can go the way of the dust collector or return package fast if the user is not aware of some potential pitfalls. I gathered the following list of ways you can disrupt your potential progress with “Turbo Fire” and basically throw away the value of what can be a very important weapon in your fitness arsenal.

1. Stay the course. “Turbo Fire” is laid out in a particular order and like P90X there is a start up disk that lays out the best way to get the best results. Skipping this is not a good idea. Which brings us to point 2.

2. “Turbo Fire” is a program with tricky dance moves. Make every effort to not jump ahead and skip anything in the learning process. If you fall behind on the moves, you could get frustrated and quit. I'd even advise watching each video before you actually workout to it.

3. “Turbo Fire” utilizes High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) principles. Translated this meanings: hard and relentless for a minute or more. My preference is to use the morning first thing to do workouts which move this fast and raise your heart rate this high. I think they work best on an empty stomach. As the day progresses we have fewer windows to work out on an empty stomach. If you have ateen anytime recently, you run the risk of having to stop because of cramping.

4. Keep track of everything you just experienced in your workout and utilize the support forums on This is a very difficult ride but is made easier through the power of community. One of the downsides of working out alone at home is the feeling of isolation. With this product or anything else by Beachbody, this is not necessary.