The Garmin 310XT is deemed as the best workout tool that fitness buffs and enthusiasts will ever need. The reason for this is the use of advanced technological features designed for optimizing your training capacity. Garmin is best known for manufacturing heart rate monitors and now they have integrated that technology into a personal training tool to optimize the benefits you can gain.

If you are looking to buy this training tool, make sure to explore more about the top 7 features that make it the best training device you can ever have.

Swim, Run, and Workout With It!

The Garmin 310XT is the first to introduce a waterproof design among the array of training devices and heart rate monitors from the brand. This therefore opens up more workout opportunities for a fitness enthusiasts since you can now use it when swimming. Indeed, running and weight training are not enough of a workout sometimes.

This is why swimming must always be incorporated into your fitness training because it helps boost your cardiovascular health and lung condition. There is no need to take this device off when it is time for a swim since you can head on out to the water directly, then immediately head on to the next phase of your session session. It therefore brings you to the next major advantage of the Garmin 310XT.

Transition Effortlessly

The fact that this heart rate monitor / training tool is designed for use in land and water makes it really efficient in a fluid transition of your exercise routine. There is no need to break your momentum and be able to generate more results from your workout routine using this method.

Monitor & Track Workout Data

The ability to track and monitor data from your personal workout routine is vital in determining ways wherein you can improve. Among the data stored by this training tool include heart rate, power data, distance, pace, and GPS satellite data. The GPS technology in this device is highly advanced that it can still track down your position and movement even when covered by tall buildings or trees. You can there expect accurate and reliable data from Garmin 310XT.

Exercise Safely

There is a heart rate monitor bundle included in this product, although you can use it only whenever you want. This particular feature of the device enables you to track down your heart rate and stores it for future use. You can also utilize the stored data for calculating the total amount of calories burned per jogging or workout session. On the other hand, you can make adjustments to your level of exertion and ensure that all workouts are done safely.

Share Workout Data

You can access the data stored in your training device and share it onto your computer. It is equipped with ANT + wireless technology that will allow the device to be automatically detected by your computer and offers quick access of data from the Garmin 310XT without needing cables. You can then sync it with the Garmin Training Center software.

Design Personalized Workout

Aside from viewing the data contained in the device, based on your own workout sessions, you can also take full advantage of the Garmin Training software to customize your workout plans. Based on what you have evaluated from your current fitness data, you can either lower or increase the intensity of your workout. Thus, you can maximize the results of your workout to the fullest.

Workout in Style

Even if you are working towards your fitness, there are still ways wherein you can stay fashionable in the use of Garmin 310XT. It is available in two color options (orange and gray) so you can take a pick based on your personality. Meanwhile, it is clipped around your wrist so it looks more like a watch. No one would even know that you have a training device at hand!