The kind of technology used by hospitals and health care professionals such as physiotherapists, is now available for home use.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) can produce positive results as in the case of the Slendertone Belt.

Get flatter, firmer abdominal muscles by wrapping a belt around my mid-section. 20 minutes a day can produce very noticeable results, while you sit on your couch, or while you are preparing dinner. Can this be true?

Yes it can, but they will not be noticeable overnight, in fact you may expect to follow your scheduled schedule from 4 to 6 weeks before any noticeable results are seen. Some see results sooner, but results are unique and can vary drastically from person to person.

How easy is it to use? The Slendertone Belt is very easy to live with.

Firstly the unit is mobile, there are just two pieces to it. The belt and the remote.

The Belt
This is made of hard wearing fabric and is fastened with Velcro, it houses the gel pads which conduct the current to your skin. There are diagrams on the belt which indicate where to place the Gel pads in relation to your waist circumference to ensure that they contact with your skin in the correct place.

The Remote Unit
This unit contains the rechargeable battery, and the microprocessor controlled signal generator.

The unit has several programs and settings to give you fingertip control of all the functions. The unit recharges in approx three hours and this lasts for several sessions. On and Off are executed by pressing and holding for two seconds. The unit can be paused by a one press on this same button. The program you are on and toning intensity are displayed on the display, and toning intensity can be controlled using the up and down buttons.

Gel Pads.
These are the only consumable item, and are reasonably priced, it will pay if you look after the pads as their maintenance will maintain the integrity of the pads, they only require wiping with a damp lint free cloth.

How does the EMS feel? Anything from a small tingling sensation to a very intense muscular contraction.

On the lower settings which they recommend you start with will have you feeling a tingling sensation and very little else. Turn the intensity up and you will soon start to feel the unit starting to contract your muscles.

Whilst you may feel the contract you should still be able to carry out tasks without any distraction. If the unit is turned up to the higher contracting levels, then you will really start to see how the Slendertone Belt produces the visible effects shown on the advertisements.

Full blown muscular contractions superior to any abdominal exercise can be felt / finished, forcing you to contract your Abs to counteract the belts contracting intensity. This is where the unit comes into its own, spending 20 minutes on high intensity will leave your mid-section feeling as though you have done at least an hours worth of intestinal Abdominal training.

Is it unit to place in your armory? Absolutely.