Americans love workout trends and new technology. For those who love the latest mobile phone technology and getting or staying fit, there's a must-have new accessory on the market. It's a specially designed iPhone case that allows users to tone their arms while using their phones. There may even be a rush of people looking to sell old cell phones in order to buy iPhones that fit this new workout phone case.

Product Variations

The idea of ​​doing a little weight training while talking or texting is brilliant considering how much time people spend on their phones today. The cases come in 2 different sizes, a 2.2-pound size and a 3.3-pound size. The case is sculpted to fit comfortably in the hand. This ensures the user will be more likely to use it because it is accessible, easy to use, and comfortable.

Maximize Your Time

It might not be practical to do curls while you're actually talking on the phone but imagine all the times you could be toning your muscles while simply going about everyday tasks. Whenever you are standing in a line, sitting in a waiting room, or riding on a train or bus, you can take out the phone with the weight-lifting case and get in a little exercise. It's a great way to use your time and stay in shape. If you sell old cell phones and replace it with this phone and accessory, you'll be able to get in shape without spending a fortune.

Exercising Basics

There are any number of arm toning exercises you can do with this phone accessory. Any weightlifting exercise you can do with traditional dumbbells can be done with this phone case. Purchasing both weight options for this case allows the user to progress from the lower weight to the higher one as fitness improvements. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any fitness regimen. Once you get used to using this workout accessory, you will find that it is easy to fit in a short workout through your day. While it can not replace an active exercise routine, this device does help to supplement your fitness goals.

Currently the cases are only available for iPhones, but hopefully they will expand to other phones in the near future. Until then, you may want to sell old cell phones to upgrade from your smartphone to a new iPhone just so you can use this new accessory. If you have a newer smartphone, you may want to wait to see if a similar accessory comes out for your device, but you may be too anxious to get in shape to wait!