With the new innovations to exercises today, it is hard to know what some equipment do these days. Here are some of the common gym equipment and how they are used:

Lateral Pull Down

This machine allows you to do designated cable pull downs. This targets the sides of your back, your biceps and the trapezoid. This simulates the same exercises as a pull-up or chin-ups. You pull the bar down to your chest or to the back of your head.

Seated Row

This machine allows you to do more back workouts and also improve posture. This also allows conditioning to your lower muscles like legs, hamstring and glutes. This also does work on your biceps and your pectorals. The movement is similar to rowing a boat that you pull a cable attachment starting from your legs then close to your hips. As you pull, your back arches, doing their work on your back muscles.

Bench Press

The bench press targets the chest and the arms. While lying down on a bench, you lift the weights from your chest upwards. The change in incline or decline allows you to target different fibers of your pectorals. The chest press allows you to increase the weight as you go along. This mimics the movement of a normal push-up.

Chest Fly

Like the bench press, this machine targets you pectoral muscles. This is done either laid or lying down. With your hands outstretched on both sides, you pull the weights from the sides then forward. This exercise stretches your chest muscles and also does a fair work on your biceps.

Shoulder Fly

This is also known as the Lateral raise. You do this standing up or separated with your hands carrying weights rested on each sides, you then lift the weights by stretching your hands out to the level of your shoulders. This workout focuses on your shoulder muscles.

Bicep Curls

This exercise promotes the development of your biceps through the use of flexion. This also stimulates you joints on your elbows. You can do this separated or standing with your arms extended. Grip on the weights should be with your palms facing upwards. Then pull the weights to level with your shoulders.

Triceps Extension

This exercise focuses on your triceps or the muscles at the back of your biceps. This is done in separated position. This is done with your elbows overhead in flexion and the weight position behind your back. You then lift the weights overhead. Avoid hitting the back of your neck with the weights you carry.

Leg Press

The leg press focuses on your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. With your knees flexed and parallel to your feet. You then extend your legs to push the weights.

Leg Curl

This focuses more on your hamstrings and calves. With your feet extended on the machine as starting position, flex you knees this should cause your legs to pull the level pads close to your thighs.

Thigh Abductor and Adductor

This apparatus conditions your outer and inner thighs. The machine is adjusted for you to do depth abduction and adduction. The abductor would focus on the outer thighs. With your leg together, you push the weights outwards spreading your legs apart. The adduction focuses on the inner thighs this is done with the first position having your legs apart and squeezing them in.

Rotary Torso

This Equipment is made to focus on the love handles. This focuses on your oblique muscles. You start on a separated position with your upper torso twisted on one side. You then twist yourself back to align your body to the center.

Abdominal Curl

This machine focuses on the abs. This allows you to increase the intensity of just plain curl-ups or abdominal crunches with the use of weights.


Always remember to know how things work before you use it. Ask the help from the gym instructor to assist you. Make sure to do things right for your safety. Before any exercise, make sure you consult your doctor to check on your condition and to know specifically which exercise would best suit you and your goal. Always consult the help of a professional.