In order to get fit, exercise is necessary. One question is whether to get a gym membership to set up a home gym. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. One excuse people make about not exercising at the gym is that they do not feel like making the effort to get there. It involves packing a bag, driving there, checking in and storing everything in a locker. 30 minutes to an hour is spent preparing for and commuting to and from the gym.

However, the gym membership provides free use of exercise equipment, such as exercise and weight training machines, free weights, stability balls, step benches, lockers and showers. Usually included in the membership are exercise classes and personal trainers. Also, there is something to be said for the motivation provided by working out with others. Plus, if one shops around, a decently priced membership can be found.

Setting up a home gym has disadvantages, too. The cost of the equipment is one such disadvantage. For a full workout, aerobic activity and strength training are recommended. This involves at least two types of equipment. If the equipment breaks and needs to be repaired or, goodness forbid, replaced, that's yet another large expense.

Outside of a gym does not always mean at home. Out from under the fluorescent lighting of the gym, one can enjoy the sunshine by taking a walk, going for a swim or hiking. None of these activities cost a thing, but none of them can be done in the winter, either. Winter activities, such as skiing, as well as the summer activities still have the problem of leaving home and bringing everything one might need.

To set up a home gym provides the opportunity to workout year around, whenever the mood strikes and with very little preparation. It has the added advantage of not taking too much time out of the day. Also, one does not have to worry about hours of operation, proper public workout clothes or having to exercise in front of others if the person prefers privacy. One can enjoy the mental comfort of being at home and not having to hunt for a gym that feels like a good fit at the right price. If the equipment at home is used long enough and often enough, it's cheaper than years of membership fees.

Working out at home or at the gym both has their pros and cons. The answer to the question of whether to get a gym membership or set up a home gym is where you feel the most comfortable.