One of the most important body parts which we have to take care regularly for our daily use is our feet. Although our ancestors used to walk on bare feet, experience taught them to use sheep skin or thick hide of various animals in order for protection from thorns, sharp stones etc. The concept of shoes was born and today in recent times, wearing shoes of the highest brand with various designs has become a fashion.

Today, footwear are designed as per the requirements of time, be it, party themes, professional or entertainment. But the fact which has to be noted is that customers have to find footwear which is comfortable and suited to their needs – they may need it for even jogging purposes.

Every top shoe manufacturer has stylists who always design shoes as per the recent fashion trends. In a recent survey, it has been noticed that half of the population of America from ages 18 – 60 has different kinds of physical ailments related to the feet which are related to usage of incorrect shoes.

People in need for a new shoe can note these factors:

The ball area of ​​a shoe should have a padded feel. This is because the soft footbed can support the natural shape of the feet and can support shock absorption.

If leather is not comfortable, it is better to choose alternative other than synthetic shoes to avoid blisters. It is better to select shoes from stores that have multiple alternatives instead of having a few to select from. The soles should also be checked as hard soles can make disturbing noises.

Selecting the right type of shoes for the presumed activity is advisable – a cowboy boot might not be suitable for a picnic to the beach, while for trekking, a shoe with proper ankle support would be preferable.

For outdoor activities involving snow, it is better to choose water repellant boots with a pair of thick socks.

Taking participation in sport may involve various kinds of shoes as specialized shoes have been prepared for tennis, golf, basketball, soccer and bowling.

In buying any type of shoes, it is better to check the stitching (in places such as the uppers, and every part of the soles).

Pregnancy can make a woman's feet bigger and it is important that they need new shoes instead of old ones. They should check that their feet are comfortable in the new shoes.

Surveys have already shown that the shoe which an individual uses is responsible for maintaining the health of feet, knees, back and spell.