Now it may seem a little intimidating at first to think of yourself on an inversion table, hanging upside down like a bat from the dark forests of the Amazon. But the truth is there is nothing for you to worry about, and much to gain! This article covers a few tips for you when you're just getting started.

In a previous article I talked a little about what to look for when buying inversion tables. In this article we'll talk a little more about the actual use of the table, and how to do so correctly. As with anything related to your health, it's important to first get your doctor's approval before you begin any changes to your health and exercise regimen – and this includes before you start using an inversion table. But once you've got the go-ahead, the first piece of advice for you is to go slow. You would not expect to be an expert right away playing the piano, so you need to get started at an easy pace with inversion as well.

One great piece of advice I came across is start out with a spotter – some one who can stand by you and make sure that you are comfortable and can bail you out if you do push too far. The spotter needs to understand how to re-invert you if you go to far, but the most important benefit is for you to gain confidence as you use the device. As you first go down, as said before – go slowly! When you invert, a lot of blood is going to be rushing from your feet to your head, which may cause you to feel lightheaded at first. This is perfectly normal, but I can tell you it definitely feels strange and a bit unexpected. Do not worry. Just go down a few degrees at time, maybe every thirty seconds or so, until you feel comfortable. I know I was surprised how quickly I got used to being inverted, and if you go slow you should discover that too.

Once you're upside down, hang there for no more than about five minutes per time. This is important to get your body used to the position. As you get better at this, you can increase the time gradually. Five minutes may not sound very long, but it may feel like an eternity in the beginning! Only hold as long as you're comfortable and remember – do not push it! When you do come back up, come up slow just like you went down, to avoid getting lightheaded.

I hope this quick summary helps you as you start inverting. It really is fun, maybe even a little addicting! With a little more practice, I think you'll find that you will enjoy your experiences with your inversion table more and more.