Nobody can escape old age. It would be nice to be able to age gracefully, beautifully and healthily. You can achieve that by taking some key steps to stay healthy.

Minimize stress in your life whether at work or at home. Stick to a healthy diet and maintain a healthy body weight. Try to be physically active and exercise regularly. Go for walks, swims, bicycling, run or jog in the park if weather permits, otherwise invest in a home exercise machine such as an elliptical trainer and do your workouts at home.

An elliptical machine is a good choice workout machine to exercise with, due to its low impact, whole body workouts. There is no running and pounding of your joints. Working on one regularly boosts your cardiovascular health, including burning fat and losing weight. Obesity can lead to a host of sickness such as heat attacks, strokes and diabetes.

Its goal-oriented, built-in stimulating workouts are normally designed by certified personal trainers and you have a choice of light to intestinal workouts. Top of the Sole range, the Sole e95 elliptical trainer, has 6 preset programs, 2 heart-rate-controlled workout options and 2 programs that you can customized to suit your degree of fitness level. Its custom-designed foot pedals with durable foam cushioning, supports your feet comfortably and with a 2-degree inward slope, minimizes ankle and knee stress, a common complaint among elliptical users.

Of course, if you prefer outdoors, nothing beats good old running in the park, with its fresh air, nice ambience and relaxing natural surroundings. Coupled that with wise choice of nutritious food and a good night's sleep, you practically glow with health. Exercise can be so much fun. Beside losing the extra inches from the waist area, exercise tightens up your overall muscles and let you look physically good, transferring all the excess fat to the right places and producing results that last.

Beside getting your quota of exercise, a balanced meal is crucial for healthy growth of body and mind. Health experts maintain that over-acid weakens the body system. Your body needs to be promptly alkaline to prevent the onset of degenerative diseases such as cancer and arthritis. So, make healthier food choices and choose more alkaline food such as red beans, apples, cabbages, natural green algae, carrots and egg white. Avoid too much acidic red meat.

To be beautiful means much more than merely having an attractive face. It also means being healthy. Eating right, sleeping enough, reducing stress and exercising regularly keep the indispensable key to a healthy lifestyle, in your fight against obesity, against an expanding waistline and a host of diseases.

So, get the impressive looking elliptical trainer that you have always wanted to buy and start your first step towards a healthy lifestyle.