If you have been seeking a reliable treadmill so you can burn calories and enhance your level of fitness, then you will like the Roger Black Gold treadmill. Therefore, it might be a good idea to buy this treadmill at Christmas for the New Year. You can then easily make it your resolution to get into shape by using this reliable product. In fact, everyone in the family can get away from those video games for a while and improve their overall health.

Treadmill Features

This particular treadmill runs on electricity and can fold away for easy storage. However, do not keep it in stored and hidden from view as you will want to take advantage of the benefits it offers. The Roger Black Gold treadmill can run at speeds from.8 to 14 kilometers per hour and comes with a console dashboard that reveals the speed you are walking or running, the calories you are spending, the distance you are traveling, your pulse, and the amount of incline. The Roger Black Gold treadmill then makes it easy to keep track of your progress and maintain a program of daily exercise.

Positive Reviews

Consumers who reviewed the machine said that although assembly was required in order to use the machine, the treadmill was pretty easy to set up. In fact, one reviewer said that it only took her ten minutes to assemble the machine once she received the product. Users said that the treadmill ran smoothly and was not too noisy too. Overall, most users felt they made a good choice in purchasing the Roger Black Gold treadmill.

Negative Comments

There were a few complaints about the treadmill too but nothing that would keep anyone from going ahead and purchasing the exercise equipment. One user said that the calorie counter or heart monitor did not work too well on her treadmill while one male consumer said he would have liked to see music or a radio added to the device.

Some Closing Remarks

Still, for a reliable workout, the Roger Black Gold treadmill was considered a sturdy and solid choice by most customers and they were happy with their selection. For an affordable piece of exercise equipment, this particular product is a selection you will want to keep in mind. Interestingly, treadmills, once called treadwheels, were used as a means of punishment for people in the prison system and were first used for that purpose in the early 19th century.

However, it was found that the machines could also be used to enhance one's cardiovascular fitness and treadmills made to diagnose heart problems were introduced in the early part of the 1950s. This led to the creation of the treadmill as it is used today later on in the 20th century. While you expend more calories running outside than running on a treadmill, the machine still offers you more safety and privacy. Neverheless, some people believe treadmills take up too much room when used inside. However, the Roger Black Gold treadmill folds and can be easily stored, so it is not only compact but a good piece of equipment to choose if you are wanting to get fit and stay that way.