Many find the Life Fitness X5 elliptical trainer is a cool way to increase fitness and stamina without having to pay gym membership, but having forked out on an elliptical trainer that they start using it without deciding what they want to achieve. I mean, what are you trying to achieve?

It's clearly evidenced that you need to set a clear goal to achieve anything, so what are you trying to achieve?

Just get a bit fitter?

Trying to take a few pounds off?

Training for a marathon?

Looking great on the beach?

As a Yoga teacher I feel that being clear about your income makes for a much larger difference than many of your gym instructors would, but to me it is clear that your body will tell you if you are really ready enough to keep exercising and keep on doing what you're doing …

Whether a complete beginner or a gym mad maniac, you'll be able to work out on the Life Fitness X5 setting near to your own limits.

You need to decide why you're working out, before your body will go along with the idea of ​​getting on the machine. If you get a specific clear set personal outcome in mind, such as to be able to run a marathon then you can evolve. You need to be able to state the objective clearly, I want, or I will, or I want to be able to … Just fill in the blanks.

There are two ways to strip fat

1) You may choose to burn the identical quantity of food up, in a shorter time period and improve your pace of exercise,


2) You can choose to do minutes more on the machine, or to increase the challenge you set for yourself.

Whatever you do exercise is about transferring the limits you now have.

Just like weight resistance training, your supposed to do more, lifts (that is why it's known as progressive weight resistance training).

Make yourself a plan which will get progressively tougher in some way, and you may see benefits. Simple.

If you fail to plan then you're planning to fail, so do not buy an elliptical cross trainer unless you're prepared to stick with a plan to develop.

Whatever it's your intensity, strength, stamina, really does not matter, you need to decide first, before you start, what your aim is, then hold yourself to a set plan. Do not fall into the mistake of aimlessly exercising. When you do, in just a few weeks time you'll always feel as if you're getting nowhere, and give up.

Have a plan, if you are committed properly to stick with ongoing growth, benefits are a given, or you'll simply be wasting time and money.