NordicTrack Commercial 1750

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill is the model just below top-of-the-line in NordicTrack's Commercial line series. The Commercial 1750 is a feature-rich, powerful and solidly built machine capable of a working in a professional gym setting and affordable enough to give a home user a gym-quality treadmill.

Sophisticated Workout Software

The Commercial 1750 has iFit Live ™ interactive workout built-in in to the display and console. iFit Live is internet-based software the monitors and motivates user workouts through multiple programs.

One option is to follow pre-set training routines developed by and featuring celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels. In addition, workout details and progress towards goals can be uploaded and tracked via an internet connection between the Commercial 1750 and the iFit software online (requires wireless internet access and set up).

Another attractive use of iFit Live is the ability to use Google Maps to chart a course anywhere in the world and watch the course unfold on the color display through Google Maps Street View as the elevation on the treadmill changes according to the real ground conditions of the area selected. The software also offers a variety of pre-set course from the streets of Paris to Central Park, New York. Google and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google.

Creature Comforts

In addition to the high-tech workout bells and whistles the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has Quadflex ™ cushioning technology to give shock absorbing flexibility to runners as they land on the deck above. A softer landing means less stress and strain on runners' joints and back.

For music or video entertainment, there is an MP3 music port jack, iPod holder and Intermix Acoustics ™ speakers. There's also a 7 “cooling fan that can be set to operate independently or adjust automatically in tandem with workout intensity.

Advanced Incline / Decline Settings

The Commercial 1750 has a decline setting up to -3% grade for the popular downhill workout and a maximum incline of 15% which is the second highest offered by NordicTrack.

Easy, Space Saving Storage

The Commercial 1750 stores decking stores in an upright position, between the console arms, to reduce its footprint when not in use and there is a hydraulic arm to make it easier to elevate the deck into this vertical storage position.

Heavy Duty Components

An additional component that puts the Commercial 1750 near the very top of the NordicTrack line is a wireless chest-mounted heart monitor. The 1750 also has the typical handgrip monitors but the wireless chest device allows for hands-free continuous heart rate tracking to give greater insight into workout intensity.

When it comes to hardware, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has one of the strongest motors NordicTrack offers which is the 3.5 CHP (continuous duty horsepower) model. Also the tread is the same 2-ply construction suitable for commercial models for use in health club settings. The machine's user weight capacity is 350 lbs. Whether used in a home or gym setting, this machine is built to last under heavy use.