Looking for a Nordictrack folding elliptical? A good folding elliptical trainer is hard to find these days as most trainers that fold are cheap, flimsy machines that break the first week you use them.

So when Nordictrack came out with a couple of tougher, heavier, higher-end folding trainers, a lot of people were interested.

Nordictrack currently makes 2 ellipticals that fold up – the SE7i (around $ 999) and the SE9i (around $ 1499). What do they give you and how do they compare? Here's a brief review of each:

The SE7i is the most affordable unit. It gives you a generous 18 inch stride with adjustable foot pedals that you can move further apart or closer together so you can adjust the elliptical ride to your comfort preference.

You also get incline (which changest the slope of your elliptical motion) which can help you crosstrain different muscle groups.

The SE7i also has a backlit console which makes it easy to see your workout stats and higher arm bars – which is great for taller users or homes with multiple users.

The 18 pound flywheel (and heavy machine weight) helps to add stability to this elliptical and gives you a smoother ride.

For space-saving the SE7 folds up to a 32 x 28 inch footprint. The arms fold down and it can be folded vertically and even stored in a closet or corner.

Another bonus? Nordictrack has made it easier to actually put this elliptical together. It comes with “snap assembly” which means it's almost completely assembled in the box. There's just 3 steps to put it together out of the box, which means it's ready to go in minutes, not hours as is the case with other crosstrainers.

The SE9i elliptical is the higher end folding model and it adds a few more luxury Touches than the SE7i.

You still get the 18 inch stride, snap assembly, incline, adjustable footpedals and 32 x 28 inch folded footprint. But you also get a larger, full-color console with built-in web browser (the SE7i is only dual-color). So you can surf the net or read your emails as you workout.

And it comes with iFit – which is a program that lets you download new workouts from the Internet, map out new tracks using Googlemaps (and see actual landmarks in the console window) plus track your workflow progress online.

It also has a longer warranty than the SE7i, moving arm bar controls and and more resistance levels. So it's more of a “luxury” design than the SE7i.

Which one is best for you?

It really depends on what you're looking for. The SE7i is the most affordable model – so if you're on a budget and do not care about the “bells and whistles” you might prefer this model.

The SE9i is similar in design and build to the SE7i – but it has the luxury touches like the full color web browser and more resistance levels that many people like.

Plus if you tend to get bored easily and need some distraction (like browsing the web or watching YouTube videos) while you workout, the SE9i might be the best option to reach your goals.

So those are two of your best options for Nordictrack folding elliptical trainers. They give you a smooth yet solid elliptical feel – but they fold up easily to a very small footprint – so you get the best of both worlds!