There are a lot of really nice bathroom scales on the market, and nowadays they do not just give you the basics, such as how much you weigh. An Omron body fat analyzer is no exception. These particular scales give you an assortment of extremely useful information that can help you keep close tabs on your overall level of fitness by providing information about your body in 7 different categories. I will explain what an Omron body fat analyzer measures and how it works below.

An Omron body fat analyzer works by using Full Body Sensing and Bio electrical Impedance. In a nutshell, the scale will send a weak electrical current through your body to determine the amount of water in certain tissues, like you muscles, blood, bones, and body tissue. An Omron body fat analyzer is way more accurate than foot to foot measuring tools because it uses foot to foot and hand to hand measurements. You see, through the day, gravity will pull the water from our upper extremities into our lower extremitudes. Foot to foot measuring can give you false statements because it is only measuring you lower half and not taking water movement into consideration.

An Omron body fat analyzer measures 7 different areas, they are:

Body Fat – Maintaining a healthy percentage is important to overall health. You can have percentages that are to high, or to low.

Body Mass Index – Body Mass Index is a good option for screening your overall health. It uses you height and weight to produce a number.

Visceral Fat – This is fat we can not see. It is found in the abdomen and surrounding vital organs. Having excess amounts of visceral fat can lead to numerous health issues, such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Heart Disease.

Skeletal Muscle – This is the muscle we can see and feel. Higher levels of skeletal muscle means you will need to burn more calories to sustain your strength, and it also helps to fend off “rebound” weight gain.

Resting Metabolism – This is the minimum level of calories your body must take in to sustain every day functions. Knowing this information is useful to help plan for a balanced daily diet.

Body Weight – A basic indicator of overall health and fitness. Knowing weight only is not enough to gauge whether or not you are fit, it should be incorporated with other factors.

Body Age – An Omron body fat analyzer will give you an estimated body age based on the numbers the other measurements give. This is helpful because it can indicate if your body is where it should be or if you need to make some changes.

These are the 7 things an Omron body fat analyzer will measure. The scale can also store information for up to 90 days, and can handle 4 profiles. For people that take their health seriously this is a great tool to have.