The Different Weider Pro Exercise Machine You Can Make Use Of

Exercise is very important in everyone's health. It gives us a lot of benefits that diet can not give. It controls our weight, prevents certain health condition, improves mood, boosts energy, and promotes better sleep. However, some people neglect exercise because they do not like going out for a jog, or it is tiring for them to go to the gym. But now, we can bring the gym into your homes by purchasing gym equipments from the stores. One of the best exercise equipments today are the Weider Pro Exercise Machines.

Below are some of the Weider Pro Exercise Machines available in the market today.

– Pro Fury is recommended for functional training which gives you total-body results. It has a new arc design, a 4-roll leg developer, removal and adjustable bench, 100 pounds cast weight stack, two high pulleys, two middle pulleys, and two low pulleys. What's good about this equipment is that it can be used by multiple people.

– Weider Pro 1120 Home Gym is a strength trainer which helps build muscles completely. It has an 81 pounds weights, high and low pulleys, padded butterfly arms, preacher curl, padded leg developer, and chest press exercise chart.

– Pro 3750 Home Gym is a machine that gives you a full body workout. It has 212 lbs of dual weights, leg press station, ab and leg developer, high and low pulley with lat bar, butterfly arms, and chest press.

– Pro 4300 is another machine used for strength training. It has a 125 pounds weight stack, bushings and bearings, and six different body sculpting stations.

– Pro 4950 is another version of the Weider Pro 4300. It gives up to 375 pounds of muscle-sculpting resistance, seven workout stations including the expandable chest fly station, leg press, 4-rolled leg developer, and a low pulley station.

– Pro 230 Bench is a compact and flexible bench. It has a multi-position dumbbell bench, slant board, backrest, and a 4-rolled leg lockdown.

– Pro 250 Bench is convenient to use and very effective. It has adjustable weights, multi-position backrest, 4-roll leg developer, and vinyl seats.

– Pro 265 Bench offers total-body fitness. It has telescoping uprights, multi-position bench with a 90-degree range and removable lat tower, roled preacher pad, and a 6-roll leg developer.

Depending on what suits the type of exercise you're following, you should try these equipments for a more effective workout.

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The Search Is Over – Why Ab Coaster Is The Best Fitness Product For You

The search for legitimate home gym abdominal workouts continues and the vast range of products offered up to consumers can be extremely overwhelming. If your home gym is filled with any combination of exercise machines, you already expect a slew of different product prices and qualities. Where in the world do you even start? The answer is quite simple – Ab Coaster.

Ab Coaster is designed to generate commercial gym results in the comfort of your home. It is a unique machine in that it works your abdominals from top to bottom, bottom to top – much unlike other products and machines on the market.

There is nothing worse than a fitness machine that sits in your house, collects dust, and makes you regret your fitness investment decisions. Disappoint comes when you are not getting the results you want and you know you have already wasted your money on something that does not work. The Ab Coaster guarantees a gym workout without the membership fees required at a fitness center near you.

Considering the gamut of marketing schemes out there in the fitness industry, perhaps you feel like you have been told all this before. So how do you access the credibility of the claims? The best possible way is to look over reviews posted online by actual users. Everything you need to know about user experience and results is easily accessible with a single click of your mouse.

The fitness industry, like all other industries, is extremely competitive and thousands of imitation products are released into the market. With Ab Coaster, there is no difference. Yes, there are imitations of this product, but they are constructed with inferior quality and craftsmanship. It only makes sense then, that results will vary between the real deal and the knock off. To ensure this does not happen to you, the best policy is to buy the Ab Coaster directly from the manufacturer itself. Plus, when you purchase the machine, you also receive bonus items including an owner's manual, program book, workout DVD, and a weekly meal and work out plan to ensure the very best fitness results. Ab Coaster is simple and, according to many happy users, fun to use. It guarantees safety, affordability, and effectiveness, and you can even catch up on the latest TV shows while you work off the pounds.

Ab Coaster is a little more on the cost side, we know. However, it is far from being an overpriced product. You get what you pay for – justifiable quality and effectiveness.

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How to Choose the Right Treadmill

Working out is never easy. There are many factors to consider, including: the amount of time you'll need to invest, the level of determination needed, and how much effort you may be willing to exert for the sake of achieving your fitness goals. However, the most important thing to mull over is how you're going to do this. If you do not have time to go to the gym, you can always work out at home. Electing to take this route, you have to choose the right home fitness equipment for you. A treadmill can be a fantastic piece of equipment to help you reach your goals.

But how exactly do you choose the right treadmill to fit your workout needs? The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you are going to use the treadmill to walk or run on; will you be simply trying to get moving more, or will you be training hard. This is a critical factor. You're going to need a treadmill that will definitely be able to take the kind of workout, or the beating, you plan to give and receive from it. Other factors to consider include: the size of the deck, the level of cushioning, and / or any shock absorption feature it has. If you sincerely want to walk on it, then you can get any basic treadmill. However, if you plan to seriously jog or run on it, then you will require a larger deck and a good layer of deck cushioning.

You will also have to think about how much space you have in your house or apartment. If you want to be practical, or you have a strictly limited amount of workout space, then you should consider going for a foldable treadmill. With this option, you will still be able to exercise as needed, and do not have to worry so much about space; you can easily fold it up after every use. There are many models available right now that make folding and unfolding the unit as easy as possible for the consumer. If space is not a problem, you should opt for a static model, which is technically more stable and durable.

The next thing major consideration is the amount you may be willing to shell out for a treadmill. There are a wide variety of decent ones priced at lower cost. But if you really want a good piece of long lasting equipment that can also withstand all the aggressiveness of any potential workout, then you might consider spending a little more.

With a more expensive unit, you can absolutely get your money's worth. That's not to say that lower end treadmills can not help you achieve your goals. But in the long run, depending on the frequency of your use, as well as your dependency on the equipment, you are always going to be better off with a high-end model.

You may also want to check out the features of the treadmill before buying it. There are treadmills that offer a greater variety in terms of features offered, and workout programs, than others. Which of these are most appealing for you will greatly depend on your personal requirements or goals. If you think that you're just going to need basic features, then there is no need for you to go with a bigger, more advanced model; you would only require the necessary features that are generally found in any treadmill. On the other hand, if you are looking for a diverse workout experience, then you bought to spend more and look for a treadmill that will give you challenging programs, good enough support for your body, and extra cool stuff; high tech consoles and features like a compatible music port for your mp3 players would definitely give you more entertainment during your routine.

Choosing the right treadmill for you is not easy easy. But if you base your decision on the important points as stated, you can easily be on the right track. Remember, always ask about the warranty. There is no point in buying something, especially an expensive something, just to end up with no reassurance that you can return it, or ask for help, should something go wrong with your equipment. Working out and losing weight can be so much fun with the right equipment, so be smart and shop right.

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Safety Tips for Treadmill Use

With so many different types of fitness equipment available, the treadmill is certainly one of the most popular. Practically everyone knows how to use it, and it is one of the pieces of equipment people swear by if they want to lose weight easily. However, just because most of us know the basics on how to use a treadmill, there are still some people who do so incorrectly. It is very important that you learn the right way, the safe way, to configure it so you can have a more secure and effective workout experience.

The first thing you should do, especially if you're a beginner, is becoming familiar with the control panel. Always make sure you have the basic information that you should know about operating your treadmill. If you can not fully understand the manual on your own, you could ask a trainer at your gym. or despite the sales person you bought it from. More or less, every treadmill has the same features, so it should not be much of a problem to adjust from one model to another. Take note of how to turn it on and off, and which function is which. Do not just go ahead and press everything you see on your own, without first knowing the precautions associated with each control button and setting.

It is also very important that you know the safety features of the treadmill. Before you start exercising on it, you must learn where the emergency off switch is; make sure it actually works by testing it. It is definitely not advisable to just step on it and start working out, without being assured that if anything goes wrong, the back-up plan is fail-proof. You could suffer more than you actually gain anything good out of using a treadmill, if you do not take the proper measures to ensure you're safe.

You must also be aware of how fast the treadmill can go. Again, youought to test it out first before enjoying a good workout. What you can do is to stand on the side rails (not the belt) of the treadmill, before you start the machine. Then select a manual program. As you go along, increase the speed of the belt to around 2 to 3 MPH, until you get a hang of how fast it can really go. This can help you expect a few safety measures you may need to take.

When you are finally ready to use the treadmill for a real workout, step on the machine and start walking at a slow place. Do not get ahead of yourself, thinking you can easily adjust to the speed. It is important for your safety that you start with a slow speed. Work your way into it, until you feel comfortable enough with the pace to let go of the handrails. Then you can walk normally, without feeling awkward, or worrying that you might fall off.

Remember to keep your head up, and always stay centered in the middle of the belt to avoid any accidents, like slipping off. Another thing you should keep in mind is: do not hold on to the handles once you are already comfortable; this action could actually affect your overall performance in a negative way, like increasing your risk of muscle strain (among other possible problems).

To further help you adjust, and feel comfortable with the pace of your exercise regimen on a treadmill, you should select a program. Generally speaking, all treadmills offer preset programs. When you opt for something preset, the machine will automatically adjust the settings for you – warm up, exercise, and cool down. This is a great function for beginners, enabling them to feel at home on the belt.

When you start jogging and running, it may take a little bit of time for you to feel natural while doing it; after just a few tries, you can start to feel dizzy. However, you should not fret or worry too much. Once you get the hang of it, this sensation should simply disappear.

At first glance, you might think that using a treadmill is very easy. However, when you really think about it, there are a lot of necessary precautions that you should take, in order for you to stay safe while working out on this kind of equipment. It may look easy, but it is still a machine first and foremost. That is why you should know every basic thing that you can do to protect yourself, granting you a fun and safe workout.

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Choosing the Best Treadmill for Running

As every professional runner knows, choosing the best treadmill for running is a delicate process that is based on 4 main aspects. Running is an activity that, even though it brings many advantages, takes its toll on the human body if not done properly the amount of pressure on the joints and ligaments can cause serious injuries if training is not done in a moderate manner.

But what exactly makes a running machine receive the much wanted title of best treadmill for running? Firstly, it has to be a machine strong enough to support the constant use and support the stress and force that it has to face while working.

Secondly, knowing the 4 main aspects of a running machine can help you choose the best treadmill for running out of all the models on the market. You have to keep an eye out for: the motor, the belt, the deck and the cushioning.

The Motor

The treadmill motor is supposedly to be a strong, well built one that does not suddenly cut out. It is very dangerous – accidents have happened because people have purchased cheap treadmills with unreliable motors. Before everything else, make sure that the motor delivers at least 2.5 horsepower. A lifetime warranty for the motor is also something to look for when you're about to buy the machine.

The Belt

Most treadmills have an average belt length of 45 to 60 inches. The belt should have the right length and width to accommodate your running style- it should be at least 20 inches wide and 55 inches long. Also, check that the belt material is non-slippery – once you get running on the belt there should be no possibility of slipping and falling off the treadmill.

The Deck

The treadmill deck is another thing that boosts the purchasing price. It should be strong and resistant to all the pounding it is being subjected to.

The Cushioning

Beside stability, the cushioning is another important aspect that shows the buyer if the machine is the best treadmill for running. The cushioning system on a treadmill offers the runner protection against the pressure of his movements, reducing the negative effects it has on the joints and ligaments.

Some treadmill manufacturers include fitness tracking tools for runners or entertainment options like web browsers, TV or a dock for your music player. Fitness tracking tools are useful for those who want to know exactly how many miles they have run and how much time the training took.

Before you purchase the treadmill you have set your eyes on, make sure you take your time and do as much research as possible. It is very important to get as informed as you can, but sometimes personal research can leave you with too much information and confused. If this is your case, consider asking a trainer at the local gym for a recommendation.

Choosing the best treadmill for running should be done after you checked the following aspects: treadmill quality, product warranty, product performance, innovative features, the company reputation and last but not least, customer feedback.

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Choosing the Best Treadmill for Small Spaces

We have all seen commercials on TV from companies that state they have the best treadmill for small spaces on sale at very low prices. Most people are convinced that what they see on the infomercials are good quality products. Before you make any decision regarding a possible purchase, do your research – that way way will be sure you get good quality for the money you pay.

If you are a stay-at-home parent and simply do not have the time to workout at the local gym, buying a treadmill is probably the best option in store. The treadmill market is full of different models, and competition between brands is sometimes fierce.

The first thing a potential buyer looks for – apart from the price – is the size of the treadmill. It is obvious that a treadmill which will be used in a home must be smaller than the commercial ones we find in gyms. Fitness trainers recommend the folding treadmill as the best treadmill for small spaces.

Folding treadmills have come a long way since the day they hit the market. They were pretty heavy and the whole folding / unfolding process was bringing up some safety issues the deck used to drop like a rock when the folding was in progress. Nowadays though, the best treadmill for small spaces has the same features as a commercial treadmill, but with the ability to fold up and be moved out of the way when it is not in use.

If you are wondering what makes these machines so washed after, check out the following features and aspects the modern space savers have:

Acceptable price

The first thing everyone checks before looking at the features is the total price of the machine. If you are looking for a space saver machine, you should know the best treadmill for small spaces can be around $ 1000 – $ 2000.


The simple thought that they no longer have to pay for a monthly subscription at a gym and practice around so many people gets many runners rush towards a store that offers treadmills for sale. You will save time and money by having your own treadmill at home.
Features. Lots of them!

One of the greatest thing about treadmills – folding or non-folding – is the features they come with. As technology evolved, treadmill consoles have been developed to offer people information about their heart rate, distance run, time spent practicing and even preset training programs. Not to mention the entertainment features some treadmills come with! Things are made easy by the simple push of a button.


Safety in treadmills has improved radically with the passing of years. There is a panic button that almost all models have in case something goes wrong. Some treadmills have safety clips that get attached to the runner's clothes. Plus, there is no need to worry about slippery sidewalks, traffic or pollution!

Get as informed as you can before purchasing that treadmill you wish to have – there is no fun in buying a machine that you will hardly use because it does not fit in your room. It is an important long term investment so make sure you get the best treadmill for small spaces!

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A Few Tips on What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill

If you have decided to maximize your workout experience and are thinking about purchasing a treadmill, but do not know where to start, the following lines will provide you with an insight on what to look for when buying a treadmill.

Most professional organizations around the world recommend at least 150 to 300 minutes of physical exercise per week. Although that may seem like a lot of time spent at the local gym, it is time well spent for increasing your health and stamina.

Fitness equipment comes in all shapes and sizes and each piece has a different role in our workout, helping us improve our heart's health, burn fat or increase our strength. There are two types of exercises:

* Cardio, which helps us maintain a healthy heart and lose fat by increasing the heart rate;

* Strength training, helping us develop our muscle strength.

Treadmills are the preferred piece of equipment used to achieve the goal of having a healthy body and are included in the category of equipment used for cardio training. Lately, more and more people are looking to buy a treadmill, but when they are faced with so many models, choosing the right one may seem a bit of a challenge.

People can either do some research online or they can ask a trainer about what to look for when buying a treadmill. The personal research helps you decide on the type of treadmill you want that meets your needs, but if you are unsure about your decision, asking your trainer what he thinks about the treadmill of your choice is something you should consider.

What to look for when buying a treadmill

The main aspects that you need to pay extra attention to are listed below:


Stability is the most important quality of a treadmill. The treadmill is not expected to shake or wobble when being used. Of course, a stable treadmill means more money spent; but safety is always first!

Motor and Belt

The heart of the treadmill, the motor can deliver from 1.5 to 3.0 Horsepower. Specialists recommend finding a treadmill with a power output of 2.5 to 3 hp. However, these types of treadmills are quite expensive; so if you are planning to use the treadmill consistently for long periods of time, you should consider a treadmill with at least a 2.0 HP.

The belt should be somewhere around 18 to 20 inches wide and 48 inches long. It should be big enough to ensure you are comfortable while running. Smaller belts can cause accidents – you can trip and fall off the treadmill. The motor and the belt are two key aspects to consider when asking what to look for when buying a treadmill.

Safety features

Many modern treadmills have a panic button that automatically shuts down the treadmill in case an accident occurs. Some models of treadmills have emergency tethers or clips that you can attach to your clothes.


Try to keep away from cheap treadmills that offer a warranty somewhere around 90 days. A quality warranty includes at least 5 years on the frame and 3 years on the motor.

The next step is asking yourself what are you going to use the treadmill for – walking, running or both. Also, you should know from start the amount of money you are willing to spend on a treadmill. Now that you know what to look for when buying a treadmill, you should also consider getting professional advice from trainers to help you choose the right one that fits your needs and budget.

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Home Work Out Routines: Equipment You Need

If you want more than bodyweight exercises and running / sprinting in your home work out routines, then you will need to have some sort of equipment, whether it be an Olympic weight set, a Bow Flex, a Total Gym 300, or something else. What, if any, is the best equipment to get? Workout equipment can be very expensive, and collecting a bunch of different weights and machines can quickly cost you a fortune. It is important to buy things that can be used for a wide variety of exercise and that can work out the entire body. Here is what I have found to be the most valuable and versatile equipment for creating home work out routines.

Pull Up Bar

Pull ups are a great upper body exercise and the variations are almost endless. You can play around with arm placement to work out different muscles, do muscle ups if pull ups get to easy, or practice levers like you see gymnasts do on rings. The removable pull-up bars are more versatile than ones mounted on your doorway or in your garage ceiling. They can easily be placed in your doorway for the exercises mentioned above, or be taken down and used on the floor to double as push up bars. You can use also practice arm balancing exercises like frog stands (it gives you a greater and more stable base for easier balancing), L-sets, and jump-throughs.

Kettle bells

Kettle bell workouts are amazing. They are incredibly intense; doing 100 swings is enough to get a workout that not only works all the muscles in your body, but doubles as a cardio workout too. You can also use them as dumb bells for curls, bench presses, squats, and military presses.

Olympic Weight Set

This is great for bulking up fast. While you can get buff doing only bodyweight exercises (look at Herschel Walker back in the day), you can not do other power lifting moves, like dead lifts, cleans, or snatches, and power moves are essential for developing a muscular, toned physique

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises you can do. Even Bruce Lee equated ten minutes of jumping rope to be equivalent to running three miles. You can also add variety to jump rope routines, by throwing in some double or triple unders, cross overs, jumping in place, jumping while you run, etc. The list is huge.

I believe these tools are enough for anyone to get started with their own home work out routines. Over time, you may decide to get more equipment based on your fitness goals, but these should be enough for almost anyone to get started and they provide the most versatility for a wide range of workout possibilities.

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Get Fit and Healthy at Home With the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

If you are serious about your long-term health or wish to lose weight, then investing in home gym equipment such as the Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill can be a very good decision. After all, treadmills are one of the most popular ways to make sure you get a good cardiovascular workout, right in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You could of course choose to join a local gym and use their treadmills, but cardio equipment such as this model can help save you dollars in the long-term.

Of course, taking a run in the local park is even more inexpensive. However, medical professionals including some doctors warn that running on uneven surfaces can increase the risk of some injuries, particularly damage to our feet and joints. Treadmills can provide all the benefits of walking, jogging or running with minimum risk of such types of injury. Some treadmill models, including the Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill, come with a variable cushioning system, for added comfort and safety. In addition, it has a large, stable frame that is sturdy enough to handle even the most intense workout sessions without you being worried about losing your balance or stability.

Looking at various treadmill reviews, it is obvious that space is an important criterion for home owners. This treadmill scores well on this point, since this model easily folds up for convenient storage. It has a powerful 2.25 CHP motor that moves the durable 2-ply belt without difficulty with minimal noise. With a wide 20 “x 55” workout area, this cardio machine is suitable for most body types and sizes, going up to a 300-pound weight. As a result, your entire family can benefit from just one piece of home gym equipment! The treadmill even allows you to adjust the speed up to 10 mph and the incline up to 10 degrees, giving you a whole range of running conditions and difficulties.

Many Horizon Fitness treadmill reviews mention how inexpensive this product is compared to similar models. And, although it may be priced lower than some treadmills, if you look at user feedback, you'll find that almost every Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill review interviews how this inexpensive treadmill does not miss out on any important feature.

The Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill has a clear LED display that clearly shows you all the important parameters at a single glance. The heart rate grips accurately capture and show if you are exercising within your target heart rate, which is important for burning excess fat and getting the best out of your workout time. You can program the machine with up to 9 options, covering various exercise targets and workout types.

One common problem many people have with home-based treadmills is that the workout can get boring. This treadmill has a neat solution for this, with an in-built MP3 unit that has great surround sound speakers. If privacy is an issue or you do not want to disturb other household members while you are working out, you can simply plug in a pair of headphones to enjoy some motivational tunes as you work your way to a fitter lifestyle on the Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill.

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The Best Jogging Strollers

If you are into fitness like I am, then chances are you might be into jogging. If you have a baby and you are into jogging, then you need a jogging stroller. There's a lot of great jogging strollers out there, but I have found that there are common features to look for.

Jogging Strollers Are For Jogging

When you are choosing the appropriate stroller, the first thing to consider is what the stroller is absolutely for. If you are using it as an all purpose stroller as well as a jogger then you might have different needs. I always tell people remember the jogging stroller is for running first.

Kids Should Be First Class

The reason you are buying this unit is so that you can take your child with you. So make sure that the one you choose trips your kids like first class citizens. What do I mean by this? Well, there are features that are must have for the kids:

  • Five Point, Height Adjustable Harness
  • Snack Tray – Drink Tray
  • Seat That Reclines
  • Big, High Density Fabric Canopy
  • Big Rubber Wheels For A Comfy Ride

Jogging Strollers Are For Parents Too

Let's not forget, however, that there is someone pushing the stroller that must also have all of the necessary features that make that part easy. Again there are some key features that make the experience much better and much easier for you as well. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Height Adjustable Handlebars – I am not the same height as my mate, but she likes to use the jogging stroller also, so this is necessary.
  • Rubberized Handle – A handle that does not have some will cause fatigue in your hands and wrists.
  • Big Rubber Air Filled Wheels – This is also an issue of fatigue for your hands. Sure, the big wheels keep baby comfortable, but they also relieve strain on your hands.
  • Easy Folding – This is also an important feature. If you do not always start from home, they may want to take your jogging stroller somewhere in the car. The unit should fold down and the wheels should come off easily.
  • Foot Brake – A foot brake if an absolute necessity if you ever need to stop for a couple of minutes not matter what the reason. A foot brake keeps your little ones from rolling away on you. Also, it's very helpful when loading your little one into the car, to hit the brake and keep the stroller still.

The stroller that I use meets this criteria but also has a few other slick features that make it great for jogging. Over the course of three kids it has become invaluable. Come check out my reviews to learn which one I decided on and why.

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Best Folding Treadmill – A Buyers Guide

So you have finally decided to purchase a treadmill to use in the comfort of your home; but how do you make sure you have chosen the best folding treadmill out there? The following article will provide an insight on the main aspects of a good folding treadmill, plus the benefits of owning one and how to keep it in a good functioning manner.

Treadmills are known to be the most widespread and beneficial pieces of fitness equipment in the world. There is virtually no gym in the world that does not have treadmills for the people interested in keeping fit.

The benefits of treadmills include keeping the heart in shape and losing unwanted weight by increasing the heart rate. Also, muscular strength is significantly increasing in the cases when running is taken more seriously. It is the best way for professional runners to maintain and improve their physical condition.

As you may have imagined, the best folding treadmill on the market is a machine that combines key features with an acceptable price and the advantages it comes with. Even if it is a folding treadmill that you decided on, you should know from the start that it still means you will be spending a good amount of money on this piece of equipment. Try to keep away from cheap models – it is a sure thing that they will fail in no time, however some of the best folding treadmill are manufactured to a higher strength due to the folding mechanism.

You can have one of the best folding treadmill models on the market for at least $ 600, rated 5 stars for its reliability and stability. This is an acceptable price for a treadmill, but, if you are looking for more features, the price will certainly plummet towards $ 1000.

The differences between the folding treadmill and a regular treadmill are few and far between. There are very few differences in the construction except for a few changes to the frames (folding parts) but apart from that they are very similar. Folding treadmills can be heavy upto 120-150lbs in weight so just folding it up and tucking it into a corner can be more difficult than you thought.However, do not let that put you off.


* It takes less space;
* It is easier to move;
* It makes maintenance much easier.

Although folding treadmills had the reputation of being very unstable years ago, that is all history nowdays! Technical innovation and engineering have brought folding treadmills to new heights – their capabilities are now comparable to non-folding treadmills. You can find the best folding treadmill in the $ 1000- $ 2000 price range – half the price for a non-folding one!

Maintenance for a space saving treadmill is something you should treat in a serious manner if you intend keeping your machine in good working order. Dust is a treadmill's worst enemy. Often, underneath the deck of the treadmill, dust, dirt and debris build up – this can seriously affect the performance of the machine and can even cut off the motor while you are running.

Clean the treadmill right after you have finished your workout and store it in a safe place, away from children. Also, make sure that everything is in place before you start exercising on the treadmill- no bolts should be loose and there should be no rocking or instability.


Before you buy the treadmill that you have decided on, verify how it works before and after it has been folded. Do not buy it if you do not feel safe on it, there is no need in spending money on something you will barely use. If you are unsure, ask a specialist for recommendations on how to choose the best folding treadmill on the market to maximize your training experience or look at customer reviews of the product. These can be a great source of information.

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Get Every P90X2 Piece Of Equipment You Need To Succeed

Ever done a workout move and found that the equipment in the video does not match the well worn cement blocks you're using to compensate for not having the exact equipment the trainer in the video has? Ever felt that bummed? Well, now, you can get all the equipment for P90X2 you want without ordering special packages and kits. You now have the freedom to buy all the equipment in every Beachbody program.

Remember that elusive pull up bar in P90X? Well, now, you can get it. Ever wanted those power stands that Tony Horton is using in P90X? Yup, they're available too. In fact every single piece of equipment in both P90X and P90X2 is now available, so if you're missing even just one item you can get it.

In P90X2 there is the use of a stability ball and medicine balls. Not everyone has those lying around or maybe a spare to borrow. Especially with the foam roller linked into the P90X2 kit, sometimes a small thing like a yoga mat can make all the difference in the world. Even having weighed gloves can help turn the tide in a cardio workout. Now, you can get all that equipment. It's open. You do not need a deluxe or ultimate package. You get what you want and with enough creativity, modify your workout routine with the right preparation and tools.

In P90X2 you'll see Tony Horton doing 4 ball pushups (for those not familiar with P90X2, picture someone supporting them on 4 medicine balls, 2 for the feet and 2 for the hands and then doing pushups on them). You can not very well follow that pattern if you do not have medicine balls. This of course is an intense exercise move that might take months to get to. Therefore do not get caught up on getting all four medicine balls right away. Why not start out with just one and work on doing pushups on that single one. With the passing of a little time you can then add a second then a third and so on.

The P90X2 medicine balls come in 4lb, 8lb, and 12lb increments. The higher the weight of the med balls the higher the cost. I recommend starting off with either 4lb. Egypt 8lb. medicine balls, since there's really no need initially to get the largest and most expensive medicine balls. A smaller ball is in fact easier to balance on and even Tony himself in the videos uses 8lb med balls.

This one single item can take your entitlement P90X2 experience to a new level, and now you do not have to go hunting to find the right pieces of equipment that Tony and his exercisers use in the video. Beachbody has provided every single accessory used in P90X2, from the chin-up bar helper to the foam rumble roller for individual sale. Now there's no excuse to get in the best shape of your life with P90X2.

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How to Buy Cheap Exercise Bikes

Looking for cheap exercise bikes? This type of workout equipment has been around for a long time and is used by many people all over the world. What's great about this product is that it is a low-impact cardio workout. Here, it allows people to burn off calories and exercise the muscles without putting too much stress on the heart. To top it off, exercise bikes are located right at home, preventing people from spending too much money on gym memberships.

Of course, some may appeal that the price of exercise bikes today is too much for private owners. However, the truth is that with the right approach, purchasing a cheap exercise bicycle is not too hard. The trick is to recognize the important elements and discard those that are not. That being said, following are some tips on how to buy inexpensive exercise bikes.

Recumbent or Upright

The upright exercise bike is the most common type and is patterned exactly on the bicycles used by people for travel. The seat necessitates a slight incline of the back forward while the pedals are located directly below the feet. On the other hand, the recumbent means that the body will be slightly leaning backwards. The pedals in the recumbent position is further forward, making it necessary for the feet to stretch in order to reach the pedals. In terms of exercise, there's really nothing different between the two. However, the recumbent type is better for people with back problems.


Some individuals may be concerned with the amount of noise an exercise bike makes, especially if they stay in apartments. Luckily though, most models today boast of a smooth design that barely makes a whimper when used.

Bells and Whistles

Like other exercise machines, workout bikes today come with a wide array of features that could increase their value. Some of those include a heart rate monitor, RPM, estimated distance traveled, cooling fan and even a rack for the iPod just in case the user listens to music. However, it is important to note that these “features” do not necessarily mean better exercise experience. Here, for those who are looking for cheap exercise bikes, purchase only models that carry the most basic needs for the workout.

Brand New Versus Used

For some people, the answer to buying cheap stationary bikes is finding a used one. However, this is actually discouraged by many professionals especially since the warranty of used bikes are almost always non-existent. Plus, there's no telling just how often the bike was used, therefore putting the durability of the materials in question. With a brand new bike, however, buyers will have a backup plan should the model perform less than expected.

All in all, buying cheap exercise bikes that are still of good quality is absolutely possible. The important thing is that buyers take the time to evaluate each model and compare them with others. Of course, reading reviews about the product prior purchase is crucial, as this would tell buyers exactly how the product fulfills when used. Ideally, individuals should set a specific budget even before purchase and evaluate only those that meet the amount.

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Finding Cheap Ellipticals for Home Use

More and more people are in search for cheap ellipticals to use in their home. This is not really surprising considering how effective ellipticals are in providing an intestinal workout for toned legs and arms. However, some people are getting discouraged by the price of some of the products today, often going as high as several thousand dollars. The truth is that there are ellipticals out today that are not only cheap but also of good quality. The trick is to know how to evaluate each one in order to find the best model available.


Ideally, the stride of ellipticals should be around 16 to 19 inches. Adjustable strides are also possible although they can be more expensive than other models. This is why in order to purchase a cheap machine, home buyers should simply set for a product that responds specifically to their specific stride. This is especially true if the machine will only be used by one person. There's no point of paying more for an adjustable stride if there's very little chance that someone else will use the machine.

Drive Shafts

There are basically three types of drive shafts available for ellipticals: front, rear and center. The best of these three is the rear drive shaft because it provides smoother and therefore more effective movement. Of course, some newer models may offer multiple drive shaft choices but for those who want to save on their money, a rear drive shaft is the best option.


Check out the overall design of the elliptical and how they play in providing comfort while exercising. For example, are the pedals just wide enough for a comfortable stand or do they need to be closer together? The handlebars should also be positioned in a way that would not force the user to lean forward, compromising their posture. Buyers who want to find out the comfort level of the product that they want to purchase can “test drive” brands in their local gym. Pay attention to the status measurement as well as handle measurements that work best and look for online models that respond to those requirements.

Additional Features

Of course, some people may ask for additional features in their elliptical trainers ranging from heart rate, RPM and estimation of calories burnt. Although all of these sound good, they do not really add to how effective a workout is. Here, Buyers looking for cheap ellipticals can simply lose their features and opt for something basic.

Buying cheap ellipticals is easy as long as a person knows exactly what they want and does not pay attention to the “extras”. More bells and whistles only make a model expensive, but not necessarily better than other, more basic products. Lastly, keep in mind that buying cheap equipment does not mean purchasing a used one. In fact, buyers are advised to always opt for a brand new model. This is so that they will enjoy the perks of a warranty not to mention completely un-used parts.

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Get Fit for Less: Choose Cheap Exercise Bikes

Many of us work hard at getting fit and on having a healthier lifestyle. But can you do training exercises with less cost? How about getting fit with cheap exercise bikes, will they be worth it?

Searching for cheap exercise bikes may be a complete waste or a great deal depending on your purchase. If you buy a bike yet it does not work for your needs then it will surely be a waste of your hard earned money whatever its cost is.

So why are you buying a bike in the first place? Your reasons may probably fall into any of these:

• Lose weight
• Get fit
• Tone your lower body
• Recover from an injury through physical therapy

One of the best things to do when looking for bikes is to read exercise bike reviews and research to help you find cheap ones that will meet your requirements and budget. You may find bikes which are thoroughly cheap but are too shoddy or boringly basic to last for some use and help you achieve your goals.

You can find a great number of cheap ones online. There's the Keiser bike, Schwinn airdyne bike or the Schwinn a10 upright bikes which will best suit your fitness needs. There are many types of bikes and the most commonly bought are the upright and the recumbent exercise bike. You can find many cheap exercise exercise bikes as they the traditional ones and resembles a normal bike. Using upright bikes gives you the option of standing up while exercising compared with recumbent exercise bike. For some this makes for more intensity in a workout.

On the other hand, recumbent exercise bikes are known for being more comfortable than the upright ones. When you read recumbent bike reviews, you will be surprised to know that there are many cheap bikes of this kind such as the Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bike. Recumbent exercise bike are usually positioned to recline the rider and keep him relaxed. This is actually a great option for people who do not have good posture or in recovering from an injury for its overall comfort and use.

When you opt for cheaper ones, see if there is a heart rate monitor that comes with the bike. It is always better to buy the ones with a built in monitor as they would be more in-sync and provide you a better workout. These come usually with newer models but older models may not have it so better check first.

In terms of resistance, these bikes may offer the use of tension belt. More expensive ones use magnetic resistance as for a smoother and more durable ride. Tension belts may break when your bike becomes overused or old.

Cheap is actually objective, what might be cheap for you may be expensive for other people. You can use the term “budget” for bikes less than 200 dollars, and it may also be possible find bikes for 75 dollars but you'll think it will not be worth it as they look real cheap and feel cheap. So before you think and consider your purchase to be “cheap” be sure to check out the features, read reviews and know what comes with your purchase before you jump into the sale.

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