Essential Gym Equipment

Thanks to a certain Austrian Oak, films in the 80s, and the 'golden age of bodybuilding', looking after our bodies and building muscle and definition is no longer a fringe endeavor. In fact this could not be further from the case, and today working out and getting into shape is something that's incredibly popular and a huge industry. There is a lot of money to be made now in the health industry, and it's for this reason that there are so many different gyms opening up around the world and that there are so many different workout tools and pieces of equipment available.

But while there are all kinds of elaborate torture devices and exciting contraptions, there are a fewless classics when it comes to working out, and only a few pieces of equipment are really essential. Here we will look at those – so if you only get a few pieces of gym equipment, make sure it's these.


Of course you should get weights and this means dumbbells and barbells – starting with dumbbells as the most important. As long as you have some weights around, then it's possible to train every single part of the body and to do the vast majority of exercises in existence from curls, to presses, to flies.

The best kinds of weights to get are those that allow you to add on and remove weights plates to make them heavier or lighter, as these allow you to alter the weights depending on what it is that you intend to do and how strong you are without needing to buy lots of pieces of equipment where just one would suffice.


A bench is the most simple and basic piece of equipment after the weights themselves and will allow you to do a lot more with the weights. This includes things like being able to press the dumbbells, fly them, or do bent over rows. It also has uses without weights such as for dips. The best ones will allow you to alter their angle and will also come with a rack for holding a barbell so you can do real bench press.

Lat Pull Down

If you only get one resistance machine it should be the lat pull down. Why? Because it connects using a cable for starters which means that you will be using all of your smaller supporting muscles in the same way that you would if you were using free weights. At the same time, a lat pull down is highly versatile in that it allows you to add different attachments and hold onto them in a variety of different angles. This then means you can do everything there from lat pull downs of course to curls to tricep pull overs to rows.


When it comes to resistance machines the treadmill is perhaps the most well known and the most basic. Running is a great way to workout that gets your whole body working and that can burn a lot of fat. However if you have damaged joints, then you might want to consider using an elliptical trainer or a rowing machine instead as they cause no impact on the joints.

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Less Obvious Uses for Common Gym Equipment

There is a wealth of gym equipment out there for anyone looking to get into shape that you can use at the gym or that you can rent or buy for your own home. While you can train the entire body with just your own weight and some dumbbells, using machines like the chest press, the flies, the treadmill etc., makes this process a lot easier, more fun and safer. Rather than having to build the motivation to set up your weights, bringing them into the living room, and then starting swinging them around – using gym equipment allows you to just sit down on something that's already in place and start pressing or curling through the pre -defined movement.

This is the good part, but the bad news when it comes to training equipment is that it can be restrictive – and while there are about a million different things you can do with dumbbells, a chest press has but one exercise you can do it … the chest press.

Except that's not entirely true, and while the chest press might indeed be designed for that movement, and while the cable curl may indeed be designed for curls, actually both these machines can be used in other ways and that are more interesting and exciting and that will help you to diversify your workouts. This way you get the comfort and convenience of a piece of gym equipment, but can bring to it the flexibility and the freedom of training using 'free weights'. Here we'll go through some examples …

The Chest Press

I was using chest press as an example so this looks like a fitting place to start. If you want to do something different with the chest press then, try standing in front of it and holding the handles from the other side. Now with the weight on high, lean back as though you're sitting in an invisible chair and then pull the handles towards you pivoting at the shoulders and elbows so that you keep your body still. That's right – you're doing rows – and rows that will train your core too.

Likewise you can try incorporating it up on the chest press by just using intensity techniques. For instance you can try using something called 'partial reps' which means you do only part of the movement – pressing from the flat position to just halfway, or from halfway to full. This forces you to use more muscle control, and you then switch halfway through the other part of the exercise. Then there are one armed chest presses or 'negatives' – look them up.

Other Examples

The lat pull down course can be used in a million ways. On the heaviest setting it becomes a swinging pull up bar, while you can also stand up and row it, or use it for a tricep extension or pull over. Then there's the machine curls – stand over them with them in the bottom position, hold them with your arms out straight (you may need to stand on a book) and then shrug to work your deltois.

The sky is the limit – so get creative!

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Elliptical Cross Trainer: How to Find Health Equipment

Aside from eating a nutritious diet, an appropriate fitness program is also important for strengthening the body, developing muscles and building stamina. Training in various ways and also exercises performed to help increase overall vigor and execution. There are various exercise routines along with fitness equipment that can help in obtaining the body figure you desired. There are also many local professional gyms all over the world, offering the best health program plans that give complete fitness.

A variety of fitness equipment are also offered in the market these days for some health purposes such as weight loss, bodybuilding, body trimming, muscle growth and development or just sustaining physical condition. However, finding low cost and good quality commercial gym machines is quiet challenging. The price of the same fitness machine varies in online stores and local stores. Thus, it is preferred to look through the internet and purchase from online stores offering many great deals that can help you save money and time. Several gym equipment stores are offering a broad selection of a high quality and affordable home gym equipment and professional gym equipment including strength equipment, boxing equipment, cross fit equipment and other exercise equipment.

They also sell barbell, aerobic step, dumbbell, elliptical cross trainer, exercise bike, treadmill, inversion table, medicine ball, multi gym, kettle bell, rowing machine, power rack, spin bike, squat rack, cable attachment, trampoline, weight bench , Olympic weight plate, vibration platform and many more. You just have to choose the suitable fitness equipment, pay online and get free home delivery. They can supply high quality products with affordable prices.

The costs of operating an online shop is very much less than operating a local retail store. So, you can avoid purchasing expensive gym equipment and save a lot of time and money for similar product by purchasing online. Because of a significant cost percentage difference offered to customers, most fitness equipment stores offer high quality commercial gym equipment available to bodybuilders, sports-persons, athletes and other health conscious.and Do not forget. Look for a reputable and reliable equipment store to insure safety as well as to avoid misused of time and money. If possible, make your own research. And compare the prices and quantities of equipment with other different online equipment stores. Check the customer's feedback regarding the products offered and sold by every equipment store. This way, you can ensure the store's reliability.

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Target Heart Rate and Heart Monitors

What is a Heart Rate Monitor?

A heart rate monitor, as the name suggests, is a device which tracks your heart-beat and provides a co-relation to the intensity of your exercise. The intensity of your exercise directly affects the results you obtain from your exercise program. It is dependent on raising your heart-beat to a “target zone.” Depending on your goals, you will have different levels of intensity of exercise, and that different “target zones” for your heart beat. A heart rate monitor helps you keep a track of whether your exercise program is up to speed or not.

International athletes use these monitors for purposes as varied as setting optimal pace per meter covered in races, for guarding against dehydration, to measure electrolyte levels in the body, gauging muscular fatigue etc.

What is the “Target Zone”?

The intensity of your exercise program varies, depending on your goals. For example, if a person is trying to lose weight, he will require an exercise schedule of about an hour daily in a specific “Target Zone”. However, a person who is aiming to build Stamina may be better off exercising in a lower “Target Zone” for a longer time interval.

The simplest way to calculate your Heart Rate Target Zone is
HR MAX = 220 – Your Age

Multiplying the answer by 0.50 and by 0.85 will give you a Target Zone between 50-85% of your maximum Heart Rate. Your exercise program will have an intensity level somewhere in this range. However, take a stress test under a medical practitioner's guidance to determine your heart rates, especially if you are under medication.

Depending on the Target Zone, you can achieve different results from your exercise program. Below is a general listing of the various Target Zones and their uses.

90-100%: Used by top athletes to train for extremely brief periods of time to build up speed. Muscular fatigue sets in quickly, as the muscles will generally need a lot of Oxygen.

80-90%: Used to build up Lung capacity, this zone is ideal if you are following an exercise period involving interval workouts or looking to develop consistent speed over a period of time. Your muscles will be tired, and you can expect to be breathing heavily.

70-80%: Exercise programs in this zone are ideal for overall aerobic conditioning, cardiovascular fitness, and body flexibility. You can expect to work up a good sweat as the body burns through its stores of fat and carbohydrates.

60-70%: This Target Zone is considered ideal for weight-loss programs, to develop muscular strength and to enhance endurance. The body burns through stored fat as fuel in this zone.

Who uses?

Thanks to improvements in design, are used by a wide section of the population. From elderly joggers and walkers, to athletes in training; from cyclists and rowers, to trekkers and hikers; and in some cases people undergoing physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation, as also patients who need their heart rates to stay in a safe zone even as they exercise.

Which type to Buy?

Heart Rate Monitors measure the electrical signals from your heart and display them on a screen. The data displayed helps you tune your exercise program to push your heart into a specific target zone. This delivers maximum bang-for-the-buck from your exercise program, in a manner of speaking.

Two types are mainly used these days:

Chest Strap Models: These are the more common style. They consist of two units: A Chest Strap that fastens to your chest, the transmitter receiving the signals from your heart; and a Wrist Watch that contains the receiver, data center, and display.

There are many different types of Chest Strap Models available, ranging from the basic which give you different statistics about your heart rate, to the advanced models which come equipped with GPS to measure distance, elevation and location and / or a FootPod which is tied to the laces of your shoes to track speed, distance and rhythm.

Pros: The Chest-Strap models give you information on-the-run. You do not have to pause to measure your heart-rate as in the case of finger sensors. Apart from ease-of-use, they also tend to be more accurate and usually have more options and features.

Cons: The Chest-Strap models are usually more expensive than finger sensor models. They may also be inconvenient to some users. Beside, some low-end models may also offer interference with other electronic devices.

Finger Sensor Models: These consist of only the WristWatch unit. To measure your heart rate, simply touch your finger to the touch-pad of the unit and the device will be activated.

Pros: The lack of a Chest Strap makes the device simple and easier to exercise with. They are also cheaper as compared to the Chest Strap models.

Cons: These devices are about 95% accurate. They also require you to perform a pause for 5 to 10 seconds when you place your finger on the touch sensor, to generate data, instead of continuously producing information as in the Chest Strap models. Also they do not usually offer features such as distance tracking etc which are useful for Cyclists, Trekkers etc.


Besides offering different pre-programmable Heart Rate Target Zones for different exercise programs, Monitors come with a host of other features as well. Some of these are:

• Sports Watch and Stop Watch
• Heart Rate Recovery Mode
• Fitness Trainers
• Calorie Counters
• Speed, Distance and Rhythm monitors
• Memory Modules
• USB, Bluetooth and WiFi Interfaces
• Bicycle Mounts

Popular Heart Rate Monitor Manufacturers and Models

Polar Heart Rate Monitors are the best known in the world. Polar is a Finnish company which is known for their innovative and feature-filled devices. The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch has a lot of fans.

Timex is a well-known watch company, which has ventured into the business of sports devices. While Timex does produce simpler monitors, its most popular model is the Ironman Triathlon, designed for serious athletes.

Omron is another company which manufactures Heart Rate Monitors. They offer many models geared towards a more casual user. The HR 100C Heart Rate Monitor is one of their most popular models.

Reebok Heart Monitors is another popular product built by the well-known sports goods manufacturer. They have both strap and strapless models available.


Heart Rate Monitors are a great device to help you measure the intensity of your exercise program, and to make sure that you are getting the desired fruits of your labor. It helps you discover an optimum zone of effort, and also prevails you from training too hard to achieve your goals. They also come with a host of features which add fun to your exercise routine. While it is not a necessity for casual exercisers, Heart Rate Monitors are a must-have device for athletes who wish to seriously track their progress.

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Refurbished Weightlifting Machine: Guide for Gym Owners

Today, many people are dying not because of old age but because of health diseases. Among the most common are heart attack, cancer and diabetes. But according to experts, these diseases are all preventable. People only need to invest on their health. One of the best ways to maintain good health is through physical exercise. But not everyone has the time and opportunity to have a great workout. Some are too busy with their work or studies while others do not have fitness equipment at home.

The lack of training and fitness gears gives you a great chance to put up a business that will surely give you huge revenues. Not only will you make more money but also, you will be able to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.

But to start with, you want to make sure your gym has the right tools for your clients. If you want your gym to have as many members as possible, you must equip it with a number of exercising tools and equipment that are normally used by gym goers. Of course, you should not forget weightlifting machines!

Weight training is one of the most recommended forms of exercise by health experts. It promotes good cardiovascular health and immune system. But weightlifting machines are somehow expensive. In this case, you might want to consider buying used ones.

Of course, you want the equipment that's durable. Remember that it will be used on a regular basis not just by one person but by a number of people who have varying heights, weight and sizes. When buying used weightlifting equipment, be sure to choose the ones that have the best quality. The internet is a great shopping venue for used weightlifting equipment. You will find many online stores that offer quality refurbished machines at a much lower price as compared with the items offered by local stores. But you have to be careful when dealing with web-based dealers. Whether you're buying dumbbells, weight plates, tricep or bicep bars, benches, arm blasters, etc, choose the provider that gives warranty and money-back guarantee on their products. There are providers of used weightlifting equipment that offer great discounts to bulk buyers.

Be sure to check whether the weightlifting equipment you're buying meets with the industry standards for exercise equipment. You may need to consult the American Society for Testing and Material to know the specifications of fitness machines that can be used in gyms and health clubs.

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Why I Love Strength Band Exercises

Strength band exercises fit perfectly into my lifestyle and my goal of simplifying my exercise program and here are the reasons why. I have always been a big believer in the benefits of strength training. When I was a teenager it was to have big biceps and impress the girls on the beach. But as I grew older I saw how important maintaining a strength program was to my overall wellbeing.

The problem was that like everyone my schedule was pretty hectic. Between family and work there was not much time for long exercise sessions at the gym. Now as a sixty-six year old retiree living on a fixed income my budget does not include the cost of a gym membership. I also have a goal this year to simplify all aspects of my life and resilience bands fit perfectly into this goal.

That is why strength band exercises and rubber resistance bands fit my lifestyle.

  1. They are inexpensive a good set can be bought for well under twenty dollars.
  2. They are light weight and fit nicely in a suitcase so they can go with me anywhere.
  3. They are safer to use than a set of weights.
  4. Best of all the exercises I can do with the bands are almost limitless and duplicate most of the movements I use to perform with weights.

There was a time when I believed resistance bands were good for women or for someone only interested in toning their body, but not for me. I felt I needed to lift steel bars and weights to truly achieve the results I wanted. Boy was I wrong. Resistance bands exercises can tax even the strongest of athletes. By increasing the number of bands and or the band strength you can get a really demanding workout. Plus you can quickly move from one exercise to another, keeping your target heart rate up and adding an element of endurance to the routine.

Speaking of endurance these rubber exercise bands are a perfect way for someone to build up their endurance. By using a lower resistance band and doing higher reps, plus moving quickly from one exercise to another you can really challenge even the most well-behaved athlete. Also I believe resistance bands increase my flexibility.

So that is why I love strength band exercises. If you have not try them I strongly suggest you add them to your program and if you are like me and you are trying to simplify your exercise program resistance rubber bands are the way to goal.

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Top Olympic Swimmers and Swim Goggles Manufacturers – Matches Made in Heaven for Brand Endorsements

For years, a number of top Olympic swimmers have endorsed their chosen brands of swimming goggles and similar gear. As a result, these brands gained more exposure and prestige, resulting in increased sales as people readily heavily on the testimonies given by these professional athletes. Their accomplishments, persona and reputation obviously exert a powerful influence on the purchasing decisions of consumers in favor of the brands that they represent.

A Look at Highly-Rated Olympic Swimmers and their Sponsor Brands

Most brands of the best swimming goggles gain instant popularity from consumers because of their endorsers. The following are among the top-rated Olympic swimmers of all time, as well as the brands of swim gear that sponsor them.

* Jeanette Ottesen
Top Olympic swimmers have gained international recognition not only from their outstanding performances in the sport, but also for the products that they endorse. Jeanette Ottesen, a Danish swimmer, has gained tremendous attention for her accomplishments in the Olympics, learning a gold medal in the 2008 Short-Course Swimming Championships, as well as the 2011 World Aquatics Championships.

Recently, Ottesen has accepted a multi-year agreement with TYR, which is renamed among many as the brand producing the best swimming goggles and swimwear. She takes great pride in the brand's commitment to providing only the finest quality swim gear and apparel to swimmers all over the world.

* Rebecca Soni
Rebecca Soni is a highly-reputed American swimmer who currently holds the record in the long and short-course 4 x100-meter medley swimming relay. Soni has also earned 14 gold, 7 silver and 1 bronze medal in all the professional swimming competitions that she participated in. Furthermore, she qualified for the Summer Olympics in 2012, and won a silver and 2 gold medals.

In 2009, this world-class professional swimmer signed an endorsement contract with Arena. She was grateful to be a part of the brand's elite team, and she openly expressed her trust in Arena's outstanding reputation for years.

* Ryan Lochte
This American Olympic medallist made a big name for himself when he qualified for the 2004 Summer Olympics, winning a silver and bronze Olympic medal during the swimming competition. Moreover, he competed and earned more medals in the 2004 FINA Short-Course World Championships. His impressive performance in the 2008 Summer Olympics and 2009 World Aquatic Swimming Championships enabled him to win his first gold medal and along with it, worldwide fame.

Lochte endorses the swimwear brand Speedo, and he is also noted for the shoe design he made for the brand. The pair of shoes featured a neon green color and embellished with rhinestones.

* Ricky Berens
This professional American swimmer broke the record in the 4×200-meter long-course freestyle swimming relay. He has won two gold medals in the Olympics – one in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. His fame has addressed the attention of several endorsers, in particular, TYR. In fact, he signaled a multi-year contract to endorse the brand. Ryan Dolan, the TYR VP of Sales believes that Berens' personality and character are a perfect fit to TYR's reputation as a renounced brand of swimwear.

Watch Out for More World-Class Olympic Medallists

Top Olympic swimmers continue to inspire fans with their remarkable accomplishments and public image. As they soar to fame, several swim gear brands are keen on discovering new talent that can boost the popularity and reputation of their product lines. Make sure you keep an eye out for more professional athletes that are aligned with some of the world's best swimming goggles and gear.

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Swimming Goggles Review: A Quick Look at the Top Models and Features

As you search for the goggles for various applications, studying this Swimming Goggles Review can help you make an informed decision in purchasing the finest quality product. Considering the numerous options available, you need to examine the important factors in choosing the goggles for your needs. Several brands and models of goggles cater to every swimmer's requirements, and it is important that you determine the features you need in finding the ideal pair of goggles.

Recommendations for Each Major Type of Goggle

Typically, the different types of goggles that you can find in the market can be roughly divided into three categories. The following are the basic features and benefits offered by each.

1. Recreation and Training

Goggles used for recreation and training are designed to offer comfort and great visibility when swimming underwater. Our Swimming Goggles Review recommends the Aqua Sphere Kaiman as the top choice for this purpose. This brand is the best option for those who train or swim regularly because it provides superb comfort that allows you to wear it for hours. While it may not come with a flexible nose-bridge, its comfortable material can adjust perfectly to any swimmer's facial structure.

Another good option is the Barracuda Standard, which comes with a special design and comfortable material. Furthermore, the closed-cell sponge and frame conform to your facial features, so you can expect great comfort. The only limitation of this model is that it does not reduce drag, as compared to other models.

2. Competition

Goggles for professional or competition use are characterized with sleek designs for less drag when underwater. The leading brands for this type of goggles include Arena and Speedo because of the outstanding features of each. Most professional and competitive swimmers choose the Speedo Vanquisher because of its anti-fog and superb functionality features. The remarkable shape and flexible nose-bridges ensure comfort and minimizeize drag for great performance while swimming.

The Arena iMax is another good option, which makes it the second choice of several athletes. It has UV protective lenses, anti-fog properties, and a sleek shape. However, this model does not reduce drag quite well as the Speedo Vanquisher.

3. Team Sports and Outdoor Swimming

When you swim outdoors, you need to look for high-quality and durable goggles that are perfect for such an environment and weather conditions. We recommend the Aqua Sphere Seal Mask for those who swim outdoors because of its excellent facial coverage and reliable lenses that can resist harsh conditions. It is a great product, as well, because it features a unique combination of a snorkeling mask and swimming goggle.

The Speedo Adult Hybrid Swim Mask ranks second when it comes to the best goggle for outdoor swimming or team sports. It is constructed with sturdy materials and comes with a silicone mask for enhanced support. The split panoramic, anti-fog and UV protective lenses are other noticeable features of this model. Unfortunately, it does not offer the nasal coverage the Aqua Sphere Seal Mask does.

Choosing the Best Swimming Goggles

By considering the relevant information and recommendations featured in this Swimming Goggles Review, you can find the most suitable brand and model of swim gear for your particular needs. It is essential that you check out and compare all the features offered in various brands, and determine the type that is ideal for your purpose. This guide will enable you to determine the perfect swim gear that can ensure great comfort, visibility and maximum performance.

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Why You Should Always Use Gloves at the Gym

Weight training has become a popular phenomenon. Whether you are an athlete or an older adult, the exercises are the same: you use barbells, dumbbells, or machines to strengthen your muscles. The problem you will get after a while of lifting weights is that blisters will start to appear on your hands. It can be an issue, especially for women. That's why you need to wear gloves before you start your workout.

Gloves for weight training come in many varieties of materials such as leather, nylon, and neoprene. They are all designed to protect and support your hands.

That's all I can get from wearing gloves? Not really, here is a rundown of some of the many benefits you will get by wearing gloves while performing your exercises.

Snug grip

By wearing gloves, you give your hands a wonderful gift. You will feel the difference once you get the bar, especially if you train with heavy weights. While you are performing any exercise that requires your back to hang down toward the floor such as the dead lift, you want to reach the muscle fatigue (in this case, lower back muscle) before your hands starts to ache. So you will be able to complete the set to stimulate the muscle better, which is not the case if you are not wearing gloves.

Another good feature is that gloves prevent the slip of your grip during your workout. It provides a better grip so you can focus more to perform the exercise correctly rather than getting distracted by focusing on grasping the bar.


Calluses and blisters are the result of friction between your hands and the metal bar. These blisters can be painful, especially if you are new to the game. With time, they become visible, which make your hands rough and ugly. You may scratch or cut your hands by flakes which are the result of a leaking, coated bar, especially after a lot of use. Here, wearing gloves for weight training ensures the protection of your hand from any damage you can get around the gym.


Weaving gloves at the gym may boost your confidence to lift more weight. The National Strength and Conditioning Association recommends creating a regular routine for athletes so that they can sink their minds in the activity. Small details, such as tightening your shoes or wearing your gloves, may cause distraction to the athletes.

All of your energy will be given to your muscles so that you will be able to perform your activity correctly; As a result, you will get the maximum benefits from lifting weights.

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Best Exercise to Lose Weight For You

The main questions people ask themselves when they get serious about losing weight are what are the best diets and what is the best exercise to lose weight. These are both tough questions for one very good reason – there is no right or wrong that fits all people. What is great for one person is not going to work for you and what you find to be fun, exciting, and beneficial is not going to be the best choice for someone else. When it comes to choosing the best exercise, you might be thinking about what would be the best exercise depending on your goals and your current fitness level.

If you are just starting out and are surely out of shape, the best exercise to lose weight for you is going to be whatever you can do. For some, they can only walk around the block before they are out of breath and out of energy. If that is all that you can do, that is what you should do. Once you have been walking for a week or so, add more distance to your walk and try to pick up the pace a bit. Before you know it, you'll have taken off some pounds and will be measuring your walks in miles rather than in blocks.

Swimming is another that could be called the best exercise to lose weight if you are out of shape and just getting started. The water offers support for your body and is a good workout at the same time. If you have access to a pool, this is one fun way to exercise. Also, swimming is great if you have bad joints or a bad back. When you submerge your body in water you are taking all of the stress off of your back and your knees and hips. This means you can exercise with less pain (or no pain) while still getting the benefits of the exercise that you need. Swimming is a great exercise for any fitness level too.

If you are in a little better shape, or have been walking and looking for a new challenge, you can start with some of the more traditional exercise programs out there. Look for something fun. If you choose some exercise to lose weight but you can not stick with it, there really are no benefits. Instead, think about things like treadmills, bikes, or aerobics. You can also think about running, but only if you have good joints and your doctor clears you for it. In fact, before you start anything strenuous and you have been inactive for a while, get an all-clear first for the sake of your health.

Once you are well on your way, the best exercise to lose weight is going to be the one that you love. Some find things like Pilates to be easy to stick with and some like to do a combination of things like yoga, walking, and weight lifting. There are hundreds of things that you can do. The best one is the one you love and the one that works. If you feel good, are losing weight and toning up all while enjoying yourself, you have found a great workout. Remember, most people do not love to exercise, but they do find something enjoyable so they can stick with it. You never know, you may learn to love it.

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What Should You Know to Pick the Best Weightlifting Gloves?

Lifting weights is one of the best activities that improve your health. However, after training for a while, you get a pain in your hand. It's totally normal because your hands are in contact with steel bars and dumbbells without any protection. So you need to wear gloves at the gym before you start your exercise.

In fact, wearing gloves does not just protect your hands but also act like a barrier between your hands and the weight you lift. Calluses and blisters will start to appear on your hands if you continue training without wearing gloves. If you are prone to wrist problems, there are specific types of gloves that provide the necessary protection to help maintain the wrist at the correct position and relate the undue stress.

At this point, you probably know what you are going to get from buying weightlifting gloves. Now, what type of glove are you going to buy? You have a huge variety of gloves you can choose from. Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you have small hands or big ones, or whether you are a serious lifter or just a moderate one, finding your specific gloves is easy. Start by measuring your size, and then decide which material, shape, and color you want. You should be aware of the different gloves available along with the specific features you want to get; otherwise, you will be lost and may end up having gloves that will not fit your hands.

How are you going to find the best place that offers the best gloves? There is no specific place. You have plenty of options. It depends on many parameters, such as where you live, the size of your hand, the material which is made from, and other accessories. List your goals and start from there. For example, if you are able to bench press 200 pound every week, do not take the risk and purchase cotton gloves. On the other hand, if you are a moderate trainer and want to improve his endurance, having neoprene gloves may be the best choice for you.

In addition to the huge list of gloves, different brands are available on the market. Each manufacturer has its own secret on how to design gloves. The most common ones are: Harbinger, Valeo, Rex. Do not take it literally. Finding a pair of gloves that fit you well and last for a lifetime is like finding your spouse. Take your time, and search for the ones that protect your hands so you can get the most benefits from lifting weights.

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Do Ab Machines Really Help To Build Up Your Abdominal Muscles?

With so many Ab Machines currently for sale on the market, it's hard for consumers to differentiate the difference between an abdominal exercise machine that actually works, and one that simply does not work. More often than not, the manufacturers behind the products are multi-million companies who simply do not care either the product works or not. However, with that said, there are plenty of machines out there that are extremely effective at targeting your abdominal region. They usually focus on your upper abs, lower abs and obliques to provide a comprehensive workout to the whole abdominal region. Understand which ab machines work, and which do not work is usually achieved through looking at the concept and determining for yourself whether the movements involved would be beneficial for building up your abdominal muscles.

The most common types of exercises performed on an Ab Machine is the forwards and back motion. If you sit on your chair and move your upper body forwards and returns without moving your legs, you'll soon start to feel your abdomens burning. The motions force your abdomen muscles to work harder, because you're legs are not involved in the process at all. All that Abdominal machines do is simplify this process and make it easier for you. In addition, they provide comfy seats and cushioned seats so that you do not experience neck and back pain while doing your exercises. In addition to a traditional back and forth motion, some ab machines also allow you to do circular motions. Circular motions work similar to the more traditional exercise, except that they provide a more fulfilling workout to your whole abdominal region at the same time.

As with any product on the market though, it's always best to read a set of reviews from real buyers and document what they say about the product and how it works. With Amazon specifically, you're able to verify whether the reviewer has actually purchased the product – which helps you to determine the legitimacy of the review. It's also important to recognize the fact that no Ab Machine is going to perform wonder miracles on your body. They all require that you make changes to your lifestyle and incorporate a complete healthy diet and exercise routine into your life. They specifically focus on the abdomen region, and are not really effective for actually losing weight – so keep this in mind when looking to lose weight in the future. However, if you use them as part of a healthy exercise routine, then there's absolutely no reason whatever that you can not achieve your desired six-pack or eight-pack abs within a matter of months.

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Vibration Plate: The Extraordinary Benefits

You may have seen new shops and salons popping up in your town, or perhaps you've beaten this piece of fitness equipment out for yourself. Vibration plates are sweeping the nation; people are literally shaking with excitement at the prospect of being able to tone up without breaking into a sweat. But, many people might be wondering how these revolutionary pieces of exercise equipment actually work. These new pieces of sweat-free equipment almost seem too good to be true: users can see faster results in comparison to customary workouts and increase the amount of calories burnt in a shorter amount of time. You can even top up your tan whilst you shake your body into shape with certain tanning salons incoroporating specialized plates into their sunbeds. Yes, it certainly does seem too good to be true.

But, for all the cynics out there, this miracle gyrating machine is returning some extra results, as reported by users and companies reviewing the effectiveness of vibration plates. When used correctly, this equipment works by vigorously vibrating the muscles of the body, causing them to consistently contract and relax several times per second. The rapid vibrations work muscles that are tricky to target when carrying out conventional exercise – all at once. Extensive studies have also shown that regular, correct use of vibration plates can help increase bone density and encourage bone regeneration – a breakthrough discovery in regards to osteoporosis treatment.

The medical benefits of vibration plate regimes have also been recognized by NASA as a potential combatant against muscle and bone degeneration in astronauts. Due to a lack of gravity, and there is lack of normal body weight resistance on muscles, astronauts experience a rapid deterioration in muscle mass and bone density. In an attempt to alleviate the effects somewhat, astronauts in space are required to exercise for 2 hours every day. This laborious routine still does little to prevent extensive bone and tissue reduction. Although studies are in the early stages, it is theorized that spending 10-20 minutes each day on a vibration plate could improve bone density for sufferers of osteoporosis and significantly reduce atrophy of the muscles and bones for astronauts.

These vibration plates are not only for the exercise-shy and sweat-phobes, there are a multitude of exercises that can be carried out if you would rather not stand still. Many regular floor exercises, such as push-ups, squats and lunges can all be carried out while using these machines – these exercises will be intensified due to the vibrating technology as discussed.

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Working Out in the Gym – Two Lessons From the Golden Age of Bodybuilding

The 'Golden Age' of bodybuilding is often described as being the time when Arnie rule supreme and when Joe Weider was still publishing lots of bodybuilding magazines. The scene had a real vibe about it, and the image of the buff bodybuilder working out on the beach in front of hordes of cheering women was one that was seared into the minds of lots of skinny teenagers. At the same time as seeing a boom in popularity though, this era also brought about a lot of development in terms of training techniques and knowledge as the athletes discovered new ways to get their muscles to respond to training and new ways to train more efficiently.

While we can collectively thank the boom in popularity for the gym on this golden era of bodybuilding, this increase in exposure unfortunately has not necessitated the way that many of us train and a good portion of the population it stills choose to work out in a very basic and formulaic manner. Forgetting the lessons of the past is folly though, and this will very much for many of us lead to a lot of wasted time and effort. Here we will look at some of the techniques developed in the golden age that might be able to help you develop a very golden age physique …

Shocking the Muscles

It was Arnold Schwarzenegger who first talked about 'shocking the muscles' and he recounts this eureka moment of clarity in his book Total Recall. This is something that the best bodybuilders now do instinctively and it involves making sure essentially that you never train using the precise same workout. When you do this, your muscle fibers adapt quickly and you end up flogging a dead horse. What you need to do then instead is to keep mixing up the way you train so that your muscles are constantly left guessing and reeling as they try to react to the new routines you're throwing at them. This means changing the angle of the movement, changing the number of reps or the order – as long as you're challenging your muscles with a different angle or change of weight you'll be more likely to feel the burn the next day.

Giant Sets

When you read old magazines written in this period of bodybuilding, most of them talk about Weider's training principals which were ideas he took from all the most successful bodybuilders and collated into a series of guidelines. These generally involve all kinds of sequences designed to allow the bodybuilder to keep going past failure so that they're squeezing out every last bit of effort from their muscles – drop sets, pyramid sets, super sets, partial reps, cheats and more. A great set basically means just including as many of these as possible to make sure that you just keep going and do not give your muscles any rest or chance to recover. Switch from one technique to another to a lighter weight to assisted reps and just keep going until it really hurts.

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Powerbags: The New Innovative Weight Equipment

Powerbags are creating quite a buzz in the fitness world and are rapidly becoming the most purchased piece of home fitness equipment. Designed by sports psychologist Dr. Mark Bellamy, and launched in 2003, this exciting and innovative piece of weight equipment is now a favorite for many elite athletes, as well as individual fitness enthusiasts. The reason for all the hype and activity surrounding these pieces of equipment has a lot to with the sheer amount of advantages that this product boasts over traditional weight training pieces, such as the medicine ball. Powerbags are preferred, firstly, for their safety: constructed from durable nylon, with easy-to-grip handles, the bags contain sand which effectively distributes weight slowly and safely. Exercises can be carried out with complete confidence as the flexible and soft composition of these bags ensures supreme comfort when training, posing absolutely no risk to the body or gymnasium flooring and equipment.

As a result of the Powerbag's vast array of unique features, this ingenious piece of equipment is the training tool of choice for the England Rugby Squad and the armed forces – with the Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment incorporating Powerbag workouts into their training programs.

Powerbag training employs the use of the body's core stabilizers in a variety of effective weightlifting and callisthenic exercises. The malleability and constantly shifting content of the Powerbag forces the body's muscles to adjust and adapt to the changes in weight distribution when using the bag in regimes such as track and field training, throwing and catching, weightlifting and rehabilitation training. In comparison, standard dumbbell training uses rigid, solid weights that do not push the body to target less-regularly used muscle groups, and of course often require a willing spotting partner to relate the trainee of the cumbersome barbell. The direct result of training with a Powerbag has seen significantly wider improvements in balance, core stability and coordination.

The transportability of Bellamy's Powerbags is another distinct advantage that helps boost this weight equipment's popularity over the more robust, and typically quite cumbersome, weight machines and training equipment that populate fitness shops and gyms. Filled with sand, the Powerbag can be emptied out, folded neatly away and taken anywhere – this is an extremely useful feature for holidays and traveling; Upon arriving to a destination, the Powerbag can simply be refilled with sand from the beach – a crucial asset for the likes of the armed forces when training on tours of duty.

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