How to Recover Like an Elite Athlete – 5 Recovery Devices That You Can Use Today

Athletes will try anything to get an edge on the competition.

And in a flash. Their interest in any recovery device can spark a trend for the masses. Because we all know that if we used the same recovery devices. Then we would all be superstars in our own minds. Luckily for us. These recovery devices get more and more accessible every day. Check out 5 of the more interesting options creeping up from behind the scenes.

1 – Cryotherapy or Cryogenic Chamber Therapy – Found at selected spas, gyms and health centers across the USA. Check your area for a trial session that typically costs between $ 50-100. Frigid air blast your whole body during treatment inside a liquid nitrogen gas chamber. Inside the chamber the air temperature plunges to between -180 ° F to -250 ° F. This results in a drop of a person's skin surface temperature to 30-50 ° F. Your treatment last for roughly 2-3 minutes. And this helps the body promote healing and release endorphins after exercise.

The Dallas Mavericks believed it gave them a key edge during their 2011 championship run. And many athletes swear that the endorphins it Promotes after a tough workout help them bounce back the next day. If you get the time, money and a location near you. Then Google will provide you with some options.

2 – Sequential air compression devices – Both legs rest inside giant boots. Divided into multiple chambers from the foot to the upper thigh. A generator pump fills chambers with air applying intermittent pressure to different sections of the leg. With the goal of applying pressure to the foot area. And gradually moving pressure up the leg towards the heart to help cycle blood and promote recovery. You can get your fix with NormaTec Recovery Systems or Recovery Pump Boots for approximately $ 500.

Used by basketball athletes like: Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'Neal, Ray Allen, Blake Griffin and Steve Nash. And used by football athletes like: Larry Legend aka Fitzgerald, Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis.

Now available, a version for your arms, shoulders and chest. So if you weightlifters, pitchers or swimmers got $ 350 to spare. Then you got yourself a new recovery tool.

3 – Altitude chambers – Ideal for endurance athletes. And used to help increase your red blood cell count which boost your blood's oxygen carrying capacity. An altitude chamber replicates living in high altitude elevations. Higher elevations cause you to breathe less oxygen compared to sea level. And your body responds to the shortage of oxygen available in high altitude environments. By enhancing its ability to carry oxygen through your body. In the end, your body benefits with a slight endurance boost when you train at lower elevations.

Live high, train low. Hypoxico and AltiPower, two of the established brands for altitude chambers. Their units work by adding more nitrogen to the air. Which results in a lower percentage of oxygen consumed per breath. Their units get pricey to buy, but you can rent one for rough $ 175 per week. Unfortunately, the rental comes with a four week minimum. And up to 8 payments can go towards the overall cost of purchase.

You want to use their units when you sleep, and also for any daily leisure activities. They also make a portable mask unit that you can use with stationary bikes, treadmills and other stationary activities.

If you plan on using an altitude training system. Then you may also want to purchase a pulse oximeter for safety reasons. This will allow you to monitor and measure your blood oxygen saturation percentage (SaO2%) and heart rate. If you purchase a pulse oximeter from Amazon Marketplace, make sure you get an adult sized one. Or it might not fit upon arrival.

And do beware of the elevation training masks available on Amazon Marketplace and other places. Armed with a misleading name. These mask only restrict the amount of air you inhale. So you breathe less air, but you still end up breathing in your normal amount of oxygen per breath. Therefore, they will not help increase your red blood cell count or lower your blood oxygen saturation percentage (SaO2%) when using them.

What do these elevation training masks do?

These elevation training mask help you to train and strengthen your diaphragm muscles. By forcing you to draw deeper breaths. When you constantly take in deeper breaths during your workouts. You train yourself on how to take in a larger volume of air with greater ease. You can get your own elevation training mask for roughly $ 80.

Filed in the I need one of those category. Tennis star, Novak Djokovic, uses a CVAC Pod. An egg-shaped, bobsled-sized pressurized chamber. Djokovic goes on to state to The Wall Street Journal, “I think it really helps – not with muscle but more with recovery after an exhausting set.” With the CVAC Pod, you can adjust the pressure, temperature and air density inside the pod. I guess it's safe to say that if we used one of these, then we would all be superstars.

4 – Electric muscle stimulators (EMS) – With the skepticism of those six pack ab belts still fresh in our minds. It's finally time to move on and stop associating those self proclaimed no exercise required ab belts with other EMS devices.

EMS devices can help you recover from your workouts or from injury. Luckily, active recovery from your workout only requires a low-voltage EMS device. You will find that using EMS in a pulsing mode for 10-20 minutes after your workout. Will stimulate circulation when used at a very low intensity. Thus cheaper devices meet the electric currency requirements of active recovery. And you can find lots of options that fall into the $ 90- $ 215 price range when searching for EMS or TENS devices on-line.

However, if you want a quality device that can do it all. You'll need an EMS device with enough juice to maximize your fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment, increase muscle strength, increase muscle mass, aid recovery and prevent muscle atrophy. Then you will need to pony up the cash for a high grade EMS unit. Which will fall in the $ 500- $ 900 range. Compex and Globus, two of the top end brands in the EMS market.

If you plan to own a top end EMS device. Then you will want to work the EMS device into your routine after your workouts or on off days as a strength training supplement. Just make sure to crank the unit up to high voltage after your initial warm up to receive the full benefits of the EMS device.

5 – Compression garments – A bit of a cop out, but surprisingly scientifically sound for recovery. What started as Allen Iverson's shooting sleeve morphed into 1,195 product results on Amazon Marketplace. Typically worn during workouts because they feel good and after workouts to enhance recovery. If you want to wear them during your athletic activities, then look for a compression level between 15-20 mmHG.

Graduated compression garments provide maximum pressure at the wrist or ankle area. The pressure lessens as you move up the arm or leg. With the goal of pushing the blood fursthest from the heart towards it. Wear your graduated and medical grade compression garments for 2-3 hours after your training session to help recover.

And this does not even cover other athletic recovery tools. Such as palm cooling devices to recover on your rest intervals, and allow for increased arm muscle activity and strength. Cooling vest to recover against the heat, and enhance your overall endurance in hot environments. Zero gravity treadmills to help with injury recovery; check Google for options in your area. And lastly, hyperoxic recovery during workouts, on rest intervals or post-workout via the use of an oxygen mask or oxygen cans to supply yourself with a dose of pure oxygen.

Go sign up at to discover other recovery devices that creep up from behind the scenes. Then get ready to brush that superstar shine off your shoulders.

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Motivate Yourself to Get Fit – Use an Activity Tracker Watch

Listen up! You think you're the only fitness wannabe on the planet?

If your goal to lose weight or get ripped is not happening because you can not face forced fitness workouts, try this step by step solution.

  1. Research a way to track activity designed to reach your goal (for example, steps taken, stairs climbed, miles run). Your tracker can be worn on your body as a wireless watch. It is absolutely critical that you have a way to track and share your activity. Why is it important? Because you will see progress. Progression toward a goal, no matter how small, motivates most people. Sharing that progress on Facebook or with your friends in a phone message or in a contest with your peers provides an additional catalyst to achieve your goal.
  2. Pick a small goal – say you'll walk 15 minutes per day for a month, 5 days a week. If you live in an area where it's cold and you can not face the outdoors, then you can pop in a walking DVD. And no, the DVD does not walk, it's about walking.
  3. Make an appointment with yourself every day or every other day for 15 minutes. It could be at lunchtime or when you get up in the morning. Make sure you get it into your calendar in ink. You've just made a commitment to yourself.
  4. On the days you've agreed to walk for 15 minutes, strap on the tracker watch and start walking either outdoors or to the DVD you had ready to go. Make a note of how you feel about your goal on that particular day. If you miss a day, do not beat yourself up, move on to the next mini-walkathon.
  5. After a week, check your tracker or where you recorded your 15-minute walk to see any trends. Are you sticking to your schedule? Did you miss a few days? Why? What were the reasons for not walking? By looking at what you have done so far, you can make adjustments to stay on track.
  6. Make sure you share what you've been doing. Find friends who will encourage your progress or even participate with you. Doing exercise with someone else helps goal achievement for some people. If you are competitive, you can compete with others in a leaderboard using the Fitness Force.

It's important to take small steps, especially if you have failed to reach goals in the past. The 30-day period is important because that's how long it takes to develop new habits. The next goal can be a bit more ambitious.

Stay with the program. You can self-motivate to achieve goals with the right fitness equipment.

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In The Market For The Perfect Yoga Mat Bag And Accessories

Good quality gear and accessories are essential if you’re into yoga or Pilates. Tracking down the optimal yoga mat bag can often be difficult as most places you go shopping have limited selections. Having said that, once you look on the web, you can come across a good retailer which has everything you need for class. Below are a few of the many options you will discover from a good online supplier.

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What Is Speed Rope Good For?

When trying to make a decision on what type of exercise you should do, it's important to stack up the benefits and weigh them against the possible draw backs. That way, you can be sure that you will get the very best results for your time, effort and sweat.

For instance, swimming is a great type of exercise but it does not load your bones so will not strengthen your skeleton, is only really effective if you know how to swim properly and is not all that pleasant in the winter. You might not even live near a pool …

Then there is running. Running is very accessible but it means that you either need to head out in all weathers, take your chances with the traffic or limit yourself to running on a treadmill which, unless you've got one at your house, means you will need to join a fitness center.

Cycling is another good exercise alternative but weather, traffic, having to buy a bike and poor roads can make cycling for fitness a less than attractive proposition.

As excellent as running, swimming and cycling can be, you'll find some irreplaceable drawbacks which means they might not have what you're trying to find from a new exercise routine.

As is often the case, the best solution is often the simplest and when it comes to exercise, that means skipping rope. Also referred to as skipping, jumping rope is easy, effective and cheap. You can do it almost anywhere so when the climate is great you can head out into your garden and if it's poor, duck into your garage or commandeer the lounge and speed rope in front of the TV.

Cost-wise, skipping rope is hard to beat; an excellent top quality skipping rope will cost you no more than £ 20.00 and will last for years. You do not need to have £ 100 running shoes or other fancy equipment for speed rope; just some comfy clothes and regular workout shoes and you're away!

So long as you begin slowly and build up gradually, jumping rope is very safe and unless you decide to skip in the middle of a street, there is very little chance of suffering some kind of vehicular accident – anything that can not be said about running or cycling.

Jumping rope offers a lot of bang for your physical exercise buck and works just about each muscle in your body while strengthening your heart and lungs. As any medical professional worth his salt will tell you; improved cardiovascular fitness is firmly linked to improved cardiovascular health so not only can jumping rope help you look great, you will feel great too.

So, what's jumping rope good for? Just about each aspect of your health and fitness as well as your bank balance. It's not a question of why should you speed rope but more than a question?

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How To Get The Most From Weight Loss

Losing weight is not a simple thing, and it’s important that you take it seriously. If you want to lose weight you will need good information, as well as dedication, organization and patience. In this way, you can put together an effective weight loss program that is right for your personality and goals. If you are committed to losing weight, you have to use the tips in this article.

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Some Facts About The Naturopathic Treatment

An increasing number of people are opting for Naturopathic treatment mainly in order to avert the side effects of the medicines that are prescribed by the conventional medical practitioners. Firstly, the alternative medicines that are derived from the natural elements do not have any side effects and secondly and most importantly, this mode of treatment has a holistic approach that helps in getting rid of various types of chronic diseases. Such has been the effect of this relatively newer style of diagnosis, that even the modern medical system has accepted the efficacy of Naturopathic mode of diagnosis.

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Benefits of Rowing Machines Vs Other Cardio Machines

Rowing Machine, Exercise Bike, Treadmill, or Elliptical Trainer?

When it comes to choosing a type of exercise equipment to focus on it can become a daunting task. Nobody wants to choose a rubbish piece of equipment that will fall apart and not help them get the most out of their fitness routine. There are so many questions that need to be asked when it comes to deciding what exercise gear to purchase and use. Not everyone has access to a personal trainer and lack some of the basic knowledge when it comes to choosing the right exercise equipment, so questions most certainly need to be asked. Just do not decide one day to buy a treadmill to lose some stomach fat without asking questions! I'm here to shed some light on some of the questions you may have based on my experience, opinions, and scientific facts.

Oh, and I'll let it be known right now that I love rowing machines and I'm going to talk them up … and of course explain why.

What are some of the rowing machine benefits?

A lot of people tend to instantly go with the hype and pick what is currently popular. I see the average person who is not a fitness buff say things like, “I really need to get a treadmill and lose some weight.” Egypt “I think I'll pick up an exercise bike and burn some calories.” I very rarely hear anyone new to fitness say they are thinking about purchasing a rowing machine (also known as a rower). It sees people just go after what is commonly known, like treadmills, exercise bikes, and to a lesser demand elliptical machines. Now do not get me wrong, all three of those are great and certainly better than nothing, but what about a rowing machine? Why is not it getting a popular eye?

Let's first compare the top three cardiovascular (cardio) based exercise equipment. Exercise Bikes, Treadmills, and Elliptical Machines. All three give you a cardiovascular workout, but which one will burn more calories? Let's compare.

Exercise Bikes Vs. Rowing Equipment

If you are 170 lbs and use an exercise bike moderately for 60-minutes you can burn up to 570 calories . Exercise bikes are great for cardio and are a smart addition to any sort of diet or strength building plan.

Treadmills Vs. Rowing Equipment

Treadmills are easily one of the most common pieces of exercise equipment. If you are 170 lbs and were to use a treadmill for 60-minutes running at 5 mph on a 0% incline you could burn 670 calories . Keep in mind that treadmills do not offer a low impact workout and are hard on knees and joints.

Elliptical Machines Vs. Rowing Equipment

If you were to use an elliptical machine for the same 60-mintues at a moderate resistance you could burn 525 calories , this is also assuming you are 170 lbs . Elliptical trainers are considered a lower impact workout and are better for those with bad knee, joints, etc.

Of the three “common” exercise equipment the elliptical machine offers the lowest calorie burn rate. However all three are pretty close when it comes down to it. Each piece of equipment have their little pros and cons, like lower impact workouts and sitting vs. standing. Now let us take a look at rowing machines.

How Many Calories can Rowing Machines Burn?

If you use a rowing machine for 60-minutes and are 170 lbs like in the previous examples, you'll burn 688 calories with moderate effort. Do you notice all three are pretty close seem to when it comes to burning calories? However, calories are not everything while choosing exercise equipment. Here are some great reasons to choose a rowing machine over any other cardiovascular workout equipment.

  • Cardiovascular workout: A rowing machine will raise your heart rate and increase oxygen uptake. This will help build stamina and improve your lungs. It's going to just plain make you feel better overall. A rowing machine in my opinion does this better than any other cardio exercise equipment. I always feel much better afterwards when compared to running on a treadmill. This is because a treadmill will spend more energy to use.
  • Burning calories: Rowing machines and treadmills both have about the same calorie burn rate, but as mentioned before, a treadmill is a high impact method to burn calories. Some people, if they have bad knees, can not even use a treadmill. I'm not here to bash running, running is great and I still love to run … just not on a treadmill. I'd much more use a rowing machine for calorie burn and gain all of the extra bonuses they offer.
  • Low risk: Rowing machines workouts are low impact, putting minimal stress on the joints and keeping the risk of injuries low. There's no risk of falling because you are listed and provided you are using proper rowing your lower back will not be strained.
  • Upper and lower body workout: My favorite benefit and what tips the scale is how much extra conditioning for the upper and lower body a rowing machine gives the user. You work the rhomboids, lats, biceps, trapeziums, pecs, abs, quads, calves, hands, wrists, and buttocks. That is like a full body workout right there! If I'm spending an hour a day using an aerobic piece of exercise equipment then I might as well use a rowing machine and get all these extra benefits.

Summary: Choose a Rower? Yes!

Rowing equipment is gaining in popularity, but they are still put on the back shelf when someone looking to buy exercise equipment is bombarded by treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines at retailers. I think once common knowledge spreads and it's understood how much more of a benefit a rower can be, then people will hop on the bandwagon.

Rowers are affordable and offer a full body workout with minimal impact. They burn more calories than the other top three cardio machines. Using a rowing machine for 60-minutes a day will not only drop pounds off of you, but will also tone your body. You will not be the hulk, but you can gain nice muscle tone. I can not think of any reason to not want these extra benefits. I should also mention that using a rowing machine is fun and therapeutic. I always feel better and never feel like I've been brutally beat after my workout. The only pain you'll feel is the next day, that great sore sore that let's you know it's working. I stay thin, in shape, feel great, and I can do it all in front of my TV! If you are in the market for a cardio workout machine, then please consider a rowing machine first. I do not think you'll regret it.

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What Is Speed Jump Rope?

One of the oldest physical exercise tools still being utilized today is the speed rope. Back in the days of old, skipping routes were exactly that; lengths of cotton rope. As jump rope technology progressed, leather replaced cotton and more recently, plastic has replaced leather. However, if you are serious about jumping rope, the best modern skipping ropes are made from plastic-coated metal wire and have smooth, fast spinning handles so speed jump rope workouts are now more effective than ever.

A fast-turning rope means your workout will be more demanding and for that reason more effective. A slow rope forces you to jump fewer times per minute whereas, with a very fast speed rope, you will be able to go at least twice as fast. The faster you move your feet, the more elevated your heart and breathing rate will be and there before the more effective your workout becomes.

In addition, a very fast skipping rope will also create greater eye / hand / foot coordination as well as enhance foot speed; essential skills for many sports.

A smooth spinning speed jump rope also means that you will be able to do tricks which are all but impossible with a slow rope. Double and triple unders (two or three rope turns per jump), cross overs and high knee sprints not simply look cool; they crank up your workout intensity by yet one more notch.

If you wish to improve your fitness even further, try interval training. Interval training involves alternating brief periods of high intensity exercise with short rests. As you need to go “eyeballs out” fast for intervals to be efficient, a speed jump rope is a must simply because a slow rope will not let you to work hard enough.

Speed ​​jump routes are not only about going as fast as you possibly can; they are also excellent for slower, more moderate workouts. The smooth action means that you should be able to establish and maintain a steady rhythm for the duration of your workout. With just a flick of your wrist the rope will pass cleanly over your head leaving you totally free to concentrate on keeping your feet moving. Skipping rope workouts are challenging enough without feeling like you're battling against your workout equipment.

In relation to portability, effectiveness, ease of use, value for money and fun, speed jump routes are pretty much impossible to beat. You'll be able to use them almost anywhere and anytime and even an excellent rope will cost less than one week's membership to your nearby fitness center.

If you wish to get lean, build endurance and get supremely fit, get a speed jump rope and begin using it every single day. Jump rope technology may have come a long way but there is one thing that remains constant; Speed ​​rope workouts deliver results.

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Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout Tips

A recumbent bike offers an excellent work out. Here is a guide to using a recumbent bike for your exercise routine.

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Guide to Finding the Best Treadmills for Sale

Are you trying to get back in shape? A treadmill may be your perfect tool. After all, you can work out even if the weather is lousy. Here is a guide to buying a new treadmill.

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Buying Guide for Used Treadmills

Ever wanted to buy a treadmill but can not because of budget constraints? Well, you now have a choice of doing a great cardio workout in the convenience of your own home – other than doing endless laps around your dining table!

Almost everyone in the world knows what a cardio is; if not all. Everyone's aware that we must engage ourselves and do it at least thrice a week to get fit. There are a lot of reasons why people can not get them inspired in a gym or sometimes have the luxury of buying their home gym equipment. Ask them and you will surely hear one common answer – they are broke.

Well, if you will buy a brand new treadmill with all the fancy adjectives and expensive high-tech features, you will certainly get broke. But do not be dismayed. For a frugal fitness enthusiast like you, there is only one solution – buy used treadmills!

This guide will walk you through on how to find those secondhand treadmills that will surely fit your taste. With all frugality please, read on.

Tip # 1:

Look for a tried-and-tested brand – tried-and-tested brands are those that are in the business for a long time already. The longer they are in the business, the more reputation they have. Names like Pacemaster and Nautalis should definitely ring your rings! Even if used, treadmills under these names are certainly as strong as a cow.

Tip # 2:

If possible, ask the owner about the general condition of the treadmill – By asking how much pounding the treadmill already took, you will have an idea of ​​how long it can continue to work for you before it ends up in a junk shop.

Tip # 3:

Do not be a fan of vintage treadmills – even if vintage materials sounds good to acquire, do not when it comes to fitness equipment especially used treadmills. Remember that you will run on it and not put it on display. By choosing a newer model, you will have at least a peace of mind that it will not break right when you're using it.

Tip # 4:

Test run on it personally – run on it and feel it. When doing so, besides making sure that it will not break, listen and feel for anything unusual. Do I have to say more?

Tip # 5:

Lay your hands on its service record – service records are basically like a report card that children hate to show to their moms. It will tell you its maintenance status, problems if any and repair frequency. If possible ask for it.

There you go! Five proven steps that you should remember when choosing from those used treadmills in the market. Never associate the word “used” with “damaged.” With adequate know-how, you might even find one that works like a brand new unit. The most important thing that you should follow is your instinct; if it does not feel right then do not buy it. So are you excited to find one so that you can stop making that cat-chase? Then head on to your second store and check what's available! Good luck in your search and stay frugal.

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Pieces of Medical Equipment Found in Most Med Spas

Med spas have become incredibly popular across the globe. Every region has its own unique selection of services a customer can receive; however there are a handful of services that seem to be available in med spas everywhere. As a result, there are several pieces of medical equipment that can be found in almost every med spa.

The first piece of medical equipment commonly found in med spas is a laser-based hair removal device. One of the most popular methods of removing hair is through the use of a diode laser. The purpose of this piece of equipment is to utilize a diode laser wavelength which targets melanin tissue. By doing this, it allows the energy from the laser is selectively absorbed to ensure nearby skin tissue remains intact. In most cases, the diode laser is used to create RF or radiofrequency energy to deliver the best possible results. While there are a variety of other ways to remove hair, the use of a diode laser has proven to be one of the most effective treatments currently available.

Another piece of medical equipment often found in med spas is the CO2 laser. A CO2 laser is often referred to as a fractional laser. There are a variety of different types of treatments a fractional laser can provide, however a major of them are tied to skin resurfacing or skin rejuvenation. The goal of fraxel laser treatment is to remove fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, sun damage, and even acne scars. It is one of the preferred methods of skin rejuvenation because it's keeps downtime to a minimum. This type of laser treatment only targets a fraction of the skin surface which leaves the healthier surrounding skin untouched to speed up the healing process.

The final piece of medical equipment often found in med spas is some type of CO2 injection system for lipolysis. The term lipolysis essentially means to break apart that sells. It is most often associated with smart-lipo or slim-lipo. Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure which can be highly invasive. Laser lipolysis is significantly less invasive which relies on a laser fiber enclosed in a thin tube. It is inserted into the skin through a two millimeter hole which makes it safe to perform on both the face and body. The laser's energy is directly applied to fat cells which cause them to rupture. The liquefied fat is then removed with suction and any remaining fat naturally is drained away by the body.

While there are a variety of other services commonly offered at med spas across the globe, a major of them do not rely on medical equipment. As far as medical equipment is concerned, the three primary items found in med spas are a laser hair removal device, CO2 skin resurfacing laser, and some type of CO2 injection system.

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Characteristics of a Quality Medical Equipment Sterilizer

One of the most important machines in a hospital or dental office is the medical equipment sterilizer. This is the machine which allows equipment to be re-used on multiple patients without the fear of cross-contamination. Containing the spread of disease is always a top priority and an equipment sterilizer plays a central role in this strategy. Unfortunately, not all sterilizers are created equal which makes choosing a quality medical equipment sterilizer essential. There are four characteristics all quality sterilizers share.

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How to Find a Gym and Keep Fit When Travelling

I've traveled to various countries over the years, whether that's via flying, driving in a rickety bus for 20 hours straight or sleeping in a third world train with no air con. And yet, I always make an effort to keep fit and healthy through my world travels.

With obesity rates increasing through the developed world, (and also through the developing world), I make it a priority to work out at a gym at least three times a week. I know it can be damn hard to find a suitable gym when traveling and bouncing around from place to place, but I do not want to become another statistic, therefore keeping fit and healthy is something that I can not take for granted.

In saying that it can be really difficult at times to find a gym, even when you do a search on Google. This is so, particularly in developing countries where the number and quality of gyms varies a lot, having to contend with language barriers or even transportation issues. I'll never show you the step by step methods I use to find a gym no matter where on earth I am. All you need is your laptop and a decent wifi connection.

1) Go to Google
2) Type in “City location” + Gym
3) From the search results ideally you want to find a review site submitted by an expat / traveller that has given at least 3-4 reviews of gyms near your current location.
4) Check out the website (if it exists) of the gym you want to go to. As a hack, I always call them up and say something like this: “Hi, I'm thinking about joining your gym and am wondering if you offer a free trial pass.” Remember that not all gyms will state this on their website, for obvious reasons to avoid people taking advantage of their services and going from gym to gym for free. From my experience, this works about 50% of the time, and the worst they can say on the other line is no.

Once you found your chosen gym, you should go at a time when the gym is not busy. One of the most frustrating things is having to wait around for 10 minutes while someone else is hogging the benchpress with their mates. Most gyms are busy before and after work hours, ie 6-9am and 6-8pm. If you're a backpacker / traveler therefore go between 10-3pm (except lunch time), and you'll have no issue with waiting in line. I usually go mid morning, and find that only retirees or rich house wives are hanging around, and being a macho guy, the free weight section is usually free.

So, follow this simple 4 step process to finding a gym anywhere and you will not be disappointed.

Yours in health,


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Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling on Business

In today’s busy corporate environment, it can be very difficult to keep fit and healthy especially if your work requires regular travel. If you’re in a role that requires significant travel both out of town and especially overseas, then you’ll know what I mean that it can be difficult and sometimes (seemingly) impossible to keep up with a regular travel fitness routine. This is evident, when you’re overseas in a foreign country on business that you’re unfamiliar with – having little to no real knowledge of where the local gyms are located, not to mention being preoccupied…

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