Freestride Trainer Vs Bowflex Max – What’s the Difference?

Trying to choose between the Nordictrack Freestride Trainer vs Bowflex Max? Wondering which is the best machine for your home?

These are two very popular elliptical-type machines that help you get better results than a standard elliptical trainer. And coming in around the same price range means a lot of people are trying to decide between the two.

This article will give you a rundown of the main differences between the two to help you find the right option for you.

#1 Type of Motion

These two machines give you two very different types of exercise motion. The Freestride Trainer is more like an elliptical trainer.

You can go forward and back. You even can change the slope of the elliptical pathway with incline and decline.

But unlike a typical elliptical trainer which has a set stride length, you can actually vary your stride with the Freestride trainer. So you can do short stair-stepping motions, longer running strides or even longer hurdling type strides.

So you get to constantly change up the motion, leading to less adaptation and more calories burned.

The Bowflex Max Trainer gives you more of a stair-climbing motion – with elliptical-style moving arm bars to tone your upper body.

You don’t have as much flexibility to vary your movements as with the Freestride trainer but you do have a high-calorie burning workout that really works your lower body and core muscles.

#2 Workout Program Options

While this varies depending on the model of Max Trainer or Freestride Trainer that you choose, in general you get a few more built-in workouts with the Freestride trainer than with the Max Trainer.

However all Max Trainer models do come with the famous 14 minute high intensity workout built in.

This workout is part of what makes the Max Trainer so popular – and effective. It’s a high intensity interval workout designed to get you maximum calorie burn in minimum time – and even keep you burning calories post workout for hours.

#3 Calories Burned

The Max Trainer has the slight edge here – but only because Bowflex has had the foresight to actually do the lab testing of their machine.

With the Max Trainer you can burn up to 2.5 times more calories than a stairclimber, treadmill or elliptical.

Max Trainer users in a fitness trial actually burned up to 600 calories in 30 minutes, which is amazing.

This doesn’t mean you can’t burn more calories on a Freestride trainer than on an elliptical. In fact you probably can (because you’re not acclimating to one set stride – and you’re always challenging your body).

But so far Nordictrack is not really publishing calories burned results yet. So there’s no hard data to stand on and compare against the Max Trainer.

#4 Console

I always like to look at the console of a machine because, let’s face it, you’re going to be looking at it a lot during your workout. So you want to see just what you’ll be looking at (i.e. is it backlit, easy to read, easy to use etc.)

The Bowflex Max Trainer models come with various consoles but for the most part you get easy-to-read feedback with an intuitive layout.

There’s even an intensity meter that lets you engage and really challenge yourself to go further. However there aren’t a lot of toys or extras on the console.

On the other hand the Freestride Trainer console is backlit and easy to read as well – but you get a lot of toys and extras.

For example the FS7 and FS9 models come with full-color, touch-screen consoles with web browsers. So you can surf the net, watch YouTube videos or read emails as you workout. Very cool.

You also get a built-in jack for your iPod or mp3 player with console speakers to listen to your favorite tunes.

#5 Price

While the price range is in the same ballpark, the Max Trainer does start out a bit cheaper, with a starter model coming in around $1200 and going up from there.

As of this writing the most affordable Freestride Trainer comes in around $1599. So if you’re on a budget, then the Max Trainer might be right up your alley.

So those are some of the main differences between the Nordictrack Freestride Trainer vs Bowflex Max. They both have a lot of advantages over standard elliptical trainers.

It really comes down to what you want, your budget and your workout goals. Good luck and have fun!

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Why You Need To Invest In A Treadmill

Keeping yourself fit and healthy is important. There’s no excuses when it comes to maintaining your physical condition. Whatever you do or how busy you may get, a simple tweak on your schedule can give you enough time to do your roadwork.

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Getting Kids to Work Out Made Easy

Holidays bring festivals and a lot of fun. They also bring lots of activity which allows for the unhealthy eating at times too. After the celebrations are over, the free time can become boring, especially for kids. With so many technological gadgets available these days, kids like to spend most of their leisure time playing video games or watching TV. While in moderation this is good, it could have serious health effects if done excessively. When parents limit the screen time for kids, it becomes their responsibility to find alternate ways to keep kids busy and happy. Trips to commercial playgrounds or church playground equipment can also do so much to keep kids happily busy. Sometimes they fall into boredom and become lethargic. This can be bad for their mental and physical health because they need workout as part of their routines. For such times, here are some tips for parents to make working out fun for kids and keep them active and healthy.

Make it a Group Activity

Children enjoy anything in the company of their friends and peers. Since this problem is common to all parents, it should not be hard to find other kids in your vicity to take a walk together with your little ones. Alternately, you can talk to other parents to sign up your kids in the same sports club or a fun activity class. If nothing else works, take your kids to the community park with foam padding for playground surface, where they can make friends and socialize with other children their age while you sit on the benches and keep an eye on them.

Make Your Backyard a Game Zone

Add some tapes on the sidewalk to make a board game where kids get to become the game pieces themselves. They jump and gallop trying to avoid touching the tape and get scores with how many boxes or lines they are able to jump. This would make the game fun and also add a healthy dose of physical activity to their play time.

Have Your Own Treasure Hunt

Almost every school going child has a phone these days, or at least parents do. All you have to do for this fun workout activity is to note down interesting things in your neighborhood. Ask your little ones to take a round around the area and take pictures of the things stated in the treasure map. The kid to spot most things gets the winning prize. Alternately, you can hide trinkets and toys around your own house or garden and get the little ones on a treasure hunt. The finder gets to be the keeper. This will keep your kids busy and active for hours without making them bored.

Make Household Chores Into a Game

Ask your kids to clean up their rooms or pick up all the toys and put them in a basket. Use a stopwatch to time them and the one to do it in least amount of time gets to be the winner. In this way, the little ones will also learn to do chores around the house and have fun at the same time. Have a race on who finishes their milk first and who gets to change into night clothes fastest. This would make their whole day's activities fun and give them frequent doses of physical exercise too.

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No Gym, No Problem – Affordable Home Gym Ideas

If you have ever lived in an apartment and you're anything like me, then it is almost torturous to have the same layout for the entire time. Unfortunately you are locked into a lease and you have to make the best of it. Even if you loved your place when you moved in you could get bored of the way your things are set up. That being said, I wish my girlfriend and I had a second bedroom so we could put all our workout stuff in. Yes we could just go down to the fitness center in our apartment complex but honestly I feel a little odd due to its close proximity to the leasing center. Going to a gym is one thing but I like to work out when I can upstairs.

A few things that I have found to be very useful in working out in my apartment are resistance bands, a pull up bar and a punching bag of any weight. The resistance bands offer incredible versatility because you can use them as soon as any piece of gym equipment. For instance you stand on them and curl or wrap your back in them and do push ups with added resistance. You can use them in almost any way and get a good work out going.

The pull-up bar is used of course for pull ups but you can take the punching bag, hang it from your pull up bar and do some light kicks and punches. I used to have a punching bag stand with a 100 pound bag and I loved punching it and kicking it. It was one of the best workouts I have ever done and I was very disappointed when I got rid of the bag and stand. The punching bag can be used as other things too. You can bench it or squat with it. Almost anything you do with weights or without weights can be done with this punching bag. It is a little cumbersome even if it is a light weight bag. You can train your auxiliary muscles this way too. Due to the awkward nature of working with the bag your body needs to stay straight and stable with.

These options have really made it easier to work out at home and It is a very affordable option, the bag was just about $ 35, you can get a pull up bar for $ 10-15 and the resistance bands cost me about $ 18 on amazon. So it is a very viable option if you do not want to spend the money on a pricey gym membership or if you just do not like working out in public settings.

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Fitness Equipment – How Often Should You Be Changing Your Running Shoes?

When most people think of workout “gear,” it is relatively simple and straightforward. You need …

  • workout clothes,
  • headphones,
  • a music player,
  • a water bottle and
  • a pair of running shoes.

Sounds simple enough right? When it comes to running shoes, though, you need to remember you need to get good quality shoes built for the type of activity you are doing. Plus you need to ensure you are changing your shoes often enough, so they are providing the cushioning and support you need.

How often should you be changing your running shoes? Let us go over a few things, so you are aware of the best time to switch to a new pair …

1. Your Running Mileage. The biggest factor determining your running shoe lifespan is how many miles you have traveled. Consider the average pair of running shoes should give you around 300 to 500 miles worth, this can give you a reliably good indication of how long you can go. If you are running an average of 20 miles a week, this should amount to around 15 to 25 week's worth of usage.

Keeping track of your miles, both those run and walked, is important so you know when your time is up with that pair of running shoes. If you are doing most of these miles on the treadmill, your shoes may look brand new, but keep in mind the padding in them may be anything but new!

2. Your Body Weight. The next factor to think about is your body weight. Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the faster your shoes will wear out. There will be more stress coming down with each step you take, mostly wearing out the padding as you run.

If you are over 150 pounds, you might only get the 300-mile mark with your shoes, while if you are under 150 pounds, you may be closer to the 500-mile mark.

You will need to judge for yourself how your shoes are feeling as you run in them day after day. If you start noticing sore and achy joints, this is a good sign it may be time to change those shoes for a new pair.

3. Where Are You Running? Finally, think about where you are running. Are you running primarily in open areas or are you running in forests and off-road trails? If it is essentially flat ground running you are doing; you may get a little more life out of your shoes compared to if you are running on terrain not as even. The support and stabilization of your shoe will be tested more in those scenarios, thus leading to faster wear and tear.

Keep these points in mind as you go about your workout sessions. Having a good pair of running shoes is vital to your success, so it is essential you do not overlook this critical element.

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Find the Better You With the Home Suspension Trainer

Do you wish to lose your weight? Do you dream of staying fit? Are you looking for a trainer at your place? Here is the solution to all your fitness worries. You do not have to search for a trainer at your place and you do not need to go anywhere to stay fit. Apart from all, you do not have to shell a lot of money to stay fit. There is a home remedy or an easy solution possible at your own space with minimal cost. The solution to all your worries is the Home Suspension Trainer.

It is a system of workout plan or it can also be called as the original workout system that leverages your body weight with gravity which would help you lose a lot of calories in just no time. However, for doing the workouts you got to use your body to the maximum amount so that the results will be much brighter compared with other types of exercises. The trainer is one of the most acceptable work out systems ever as it has already received acceptance of many athletes, players, and normal individuals.

Home Suspension Trainer is one of the easiest workouts as it just needs you and your body along with few stretchable items. It helps athletes in staying fit while it asserts a non-sports person in staying healthy and fresh all the time. The body under the same becomes more flexible and develops an inherent strength and balance.

There are 100s of exercises that ranges from simpler to the hardest; making the work outs much customized and fun filled. The Home Suspension Trainer kit uses your own body and provides greater performance which is not the case with other large exercises. The Home Suspension Trainer kit consist of few ropes and webs that assist you through the workout.

These routes and webs help you in working against your own body weight. The Trainer helps you in losing weight very easily with minimum risk. The major benefit is that it develops the strength of your muscles, bones and the overall body without much or no injuries which means that it makes your work out time hassle free and fun filled. There has been a lot of proven benefits upon the usage of this system.

Thus, the Home Suspension Trainer has been gaining its popularity in almost every part of the world. Try it out to feel the difference!

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Treadmill Mistakes: 5 Habits to Break

Prior to getting too comfortable with your treadmill routine, know that using this machine should not be a robot-like activity. To reduce your likelihood of injury – and the chance that body will plateau – learn these five do's and do not of walking / running on the treadmill.

DO NOT run on autopilot

Doing the same workout on the treadmill machine day after day can be a mindless task that your body will adjust to that. This can be less effective for the muscles and you will burn less calorie consumption as a result. This also causes your brain to drift and be easily distracted by the television or people around you.

What to Do: Be present during your workout

Concentrate on your breathing, stride, and form. It's also a good idea to alter your workout every week approximately. First, raise the length of your workout for a week. For the pursuing week, try increasing the intensity using inclines. Stick to up by incorporating high-intensity interval training workouts with running and walking the next week. Changing some misconception periodically will keep you focused and give your body a new challenge.

DO NOT stomp your feet

Landing hard on your feet or working flat-footed is bad for both feet and legs, which can cause muscle strain. Stomping your foot down may also lead you to lean back, training your back muscles and tossing off your balance.

What to Do: pay attention to each step

Land on the ball of the foot or midfoot-not the heel or whole foot at one time. Stay as upright as you can while running or walking as you normally would in the center of the treadmill.

DO NOT make your stride too long

Over-striding and stretching your hip and legs out too much causes your body weight to land in front, which is terrible for your legs joints and uses more energy. This may also cause you to lose form, producing in a less-efficient workout.

What to Do: Walk and run as naturally as you do outside

When running, scarcely lift your feet off the ground and try to keep a speed of about 15 steps for each and every 10 seconds. While walking, use natural steps.

DO NOT hunch

Inclined or hunching too much forward means your body is working harder to keep its balance, which can lead to harm such as lower back pain. Poor posture may even obstruct your body's ability to take sufficient oxygen while exercising.

What to Do: M aintain Position

Maintain your post upright, strong. Your chin should be parallel to the floor and head and hips in line with your spine. If you find you're having difficulty in maintaining good posture, try slowing your speed.

DO NOT wear the wrong shoes

Zumba shoes may be cute, suddenheless they are totally different from shoes designed specifically for walking or running. Using kicks with a high arch or any support on the treadmill can stress your joints and quickly lead to harm.

What to Do: choose function over fashion

Look for athletic shoes made for running and walking. A shoe with extra cushioning in the soles really aids to protect foot bones and heels. Use these shoes just for your treadmill exercises, and they'll last long keeping your feet comfortable.

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Information About the Flyboard

Fitness plays an important role in the long living of a human. If you stay fit then there are very fewer chances that you fall ill. To stay fit, you need to play sports. In the modern era, water sports are trending very quickly around the world and there are some places in the world where you can get the enjoyment of water sports. If you want to spend your vacations then you need to visit these places with your family. You can play these sports in beautiful beaches. At beaches, you can play various new adventurous water sports like hover board, flyboard, surfing, etc. and you will get the full value of your money.

Flyboard is very famous water sport in today's era. Flyboard becomes an incredible sport for people worldwide. Flyboard is a water sport that contains fun, excitement and thrill in your life at the same time. Flyboard was invented by a Frenchman Franky Zapata in the year of 2011. From that day the popularity of that sport is increasing day by day. Most of the people love to play this sport. Flyboard is the combination of water and air. In this sport, it takes you up in the air up to 15 meters and then take you deep inside the water. I bet you that this is the best experience of your life. If you want to learn how to ride a flyboard, then you can easily learn it. It takes barely maximum 30 minutes to learn how to ride a flyboard. In this sport, there is no issue of height and weight. If you are above 18 then anyone can ride a flyboard.

When you ride a flyboard, you will get many health benefits. Riding a flyboard is a proper exercise. It improves the blood circulation of the body. And also increase the flexibility of the body. With the help of flyboard, you can get relief from stress. It will provide you total rest from your work. When you ride a flyboard, you need to be very careful. It is a very safe game unless you do not follow its rules and regulations. To take a safe ride you need to use all safety equipment which is used in riding a flyboard. Always use the helmet to avoid neck and head injury. And also uses earplug. The most important thing you need to know in water sport is swimming. Before you start to take a ride of a flyboard, you need to listen to all instructions very carefully. If do not obey all instruction, then you will get an injury and also you can injure other people. When you ride a flyboard, you need to be active at that time. You need to see that what is happening around you. If you lose your eyesight from that place then you get an injury. In case if you get injured, then you need to visit doctor's clinic as soon as possible.

You can buy a flyboard with the help of the internet or you can hire it on the rental basis.

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About The Importance of Treadmill Parts

We live in a world where our life is almost always hectic. The way we work has changed widely over the years. We tend to spend more time sitting than moving around. Here our body does not get the much required exercise that it would otherwise get if we are running around working. This means that we need to take time out to exercise our body so that we remain fit. But we are faced with shortage of time to drive around to a gym to exercise and that's why the popularity of treadmills is increasing multi fold. Almost all homes of an average income family are having a treadmill at home in recent times.

When we use a product it is always advisable to have an idea about the working and the different parts that go into that product especially exercise equipment. Improper use of exercise equipments can lead to injury and stress problems in future. Also with a treadmill around the possibility of you having to do some maintenance and repairing also brings. For good maintenance and small repairing jobs you should be familiar with the various parts that are found in the treadmill. Through this short article we intend to shed some light on the main parts that make up your treadmill so that you can have knowledge about your treadmill and its working.

From the outside, a treadmill looks to be very simple in construction. You have a walking belt that keeps moving and you just have to stand on top and run to a specific speed that you would set. But it is not a simple piece of construction. The major part of a treadmill is its motor and the drive mechanism. A treadmill is gauged only by the performance of its motor and drive mechanism. There can also be two motors present in a treadmill – one for driving the treadmill belt and one for the incline. There are also various types of drive mechanisms that you will see in the treadmills of today.

The motor that is used in a treadmill are usually DC motors. The motors will vary in size depending on their output and construction. It is not true that larger the motor the more the power output. Technology has grown so much over the years that even a decent sized motor can churn out enough power as a much larger motor. The most common motor used is a 24 frame DC motor. But treadmill motors are known to be noisier than other motors. This is because it is enclosed in such a constricted space and the construction is such. But unfortunately there have been many treadmill motors available in the market that is very silent.

The other important part is the drive mechanism for the walking belt. There are chain drive mechanisms and also belt drive mechanisms. The chain drive mechanisms earlier used to be chain driven but the newer treadmill models use only the belt drive mechanism. Motor drive belts are vital in transferring the power that comes out of the motor to the walking belt. If the drive belts are not installed properly then the treadmill will feel sluggish no matter how powerful your treadmill motor is.

Many treadmills have the option of inclining settings. Such treadmills will have another motor for adjusting the inclination and also a gear system to raise and lower the walking belt for the required inclining. When the treadmill has two motors, the cost and the power consumption of the treadmill will be more than an ordinary treadmill. The treadmill walking belt is the area which faces the brunt of you exercise. It is the area which you use to walk or run on the treadmill. The walking belts in use nowdays are highly advanced to take up the assault it gets when being used and also are designed to reduce the impact on your knees and ankles while using the treadmills.

The outer frame of the treadmill is the part that you can hold on when walking or jogging slowly. However it is not advisable to hold on to the side frame while jogging at a faster speed. The side frame can also help you to regain your balance if you feel like you are losing your balance on the treadmill. It's a safety cum functional part of a treadmill. The treadmills of today have a lot of electronics present in them.

The sophisticated electronics help you to know the speed at which you are walking, the calories you have burnt, your heart rate, time and distance covered and lots more. These electronic bits are hidden under the console and not visible to you. All that you can see is the fancy graphics and displays on the console.

The deck is the area that covers the side of the treadmill and also the outer perimeter of the walking belt. A good deck adds top the beauty of the treadmill. A good treadmill will have all the above said parts in good working condition. A treadmill is as good as its parts. A treadmill has parts which need regular maintenance and rest assured if you are able to maintain your treadmill properly the need for repairs would be scarce.

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Treadmill Safety Tips

Fitness treadmills can be dangerous if they are being improperly used or safety precautions are not followed. If you are careless and do not follow standard guidelines, it will take less than a second to go from a good work out to the injury. It's important to keep children and household pets away from the treadmill at all times. Here are some safety tricks of the treadmill to minimizing the risk of injury.

Consult your doctor: Even though it may seem to be unnecessary – it's important to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. This is mainly significant when using a treadmill because treadmill falls are caused by conditions like strokes or heart attacks.

Start Slowly: If you are an experienced runner or athlete, it can be influencing to increase the treadmill's speed and incline speedily to make the most of your workout. But start slow, wait to improve the strength of your workout until your body has adjusted to the motion and rhythm of the treadmill.

Look Forward: It's common for exercisers to want to view their feet, mostly if they are really new to by using a home treadmill. Exercisers who look down or the side while they are on the treadmill likely to lose their balance and fall. Dizziness is a common complaint from people who have only used a treadmill a few times. While working out on a treadmill, sometimes you have the feeling that the ground is moving. Stepping off of the treadmill may cause the exerciser to feel disoriented the first few times, so they should hold onto something before the dizziness decreases.

Do not Depend on Handrails: It can be fine for a master to use the handrails while they are used to the machine's motion, but using the handrails for an extended time frame can strain shoulders and elbows. Applying handrails can also mess up an exerciser's balance and make them more vulnerable to leg injuries. Holding onto the rails decreases the number of calories burnt because the core muscles are not engaged the way they should be.

Increase Either Speed ​​or Incline: Maintaining a fast paced managed with a steep incline is very difficult, and anyone who uses their treadmill to run with an incline should first raise the incline to a level that is comfortable to them and then increase their speed slowly. It is straightforward for runners to slip and fall if they increase their running speed and the machine's incline setting significantly without adjusting to the steep incline first.

Do not Go Barefoot: moving belt on a treadmill machine creates heat and friction so, you should protect your feet. If you use a treadmill on Barefoot you may get burns, scrapes, and blisters on your feet. Here, everyone should wear properly fitted shoes when they exercise because their shoes help to absorb the shock of movement and take stress off of their joints. Feet can get heard in the place that the side of the moving belt complies with the machine and serious injury may occur.

Avoid Distractions: Even though many people like to pass the time looking at television or reading a book – these sorts of interruptions can cause an accident to happen. Keep your intensity low when you want to watch or read something in your session session.

Use the treadmill deck. When the belt starts, it can startle both you and potentially cause you to lose balance. Prevent this from happening by starting the treadmill while you are standing on the deck with legs apart. While starting a workout, it is important for the runner to straddle the deck and not start the equipment with their feet on the belt. This kind of safety feature can crash and cause injury to an exerciser that is expecting a much lower starting speed.

Do not Step Off a Moving Treadmill: It is tempting to leave the treadmill in motion even though the exerciser steps off for a couple of minutes to answer the door or go to the bathroom. A moving treadmill is a danger to anyone in the area and really should be stopped completely prior to the runner steps off the machine. Everyone who uses a treadmill should know where the emergency shut off feature is located so that it can be stopped quickly if they turn to be injured or a part of clothing gets trapped between the moving parts.

To avoid this kind of hurdles we recommend to use motorless treadmills that provide a better running experience than traditional motorized treadmills.

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6 Things to Consider in Buying a Treadmill

Do you have a plan of purchasing a treadmill for your personal use? Do you consider this equipment as an essential addition to your home gym? Do you think this machine will greatly help achieve your fitness goals? Here are just a few of the important questions you need to answer before you decide to buy a treadmill. And if your answer to all of these is yes, then the next thing to know is what you should consider in looking for one.

A treadmill is a much more expensive fitness machine, so better prepare your budget and make sure to consider the following factors:

1. Think of it as an investment. The first thing you need to consider is the price. It is important that you can afford to buy a quality machine so you will not waste your money. A quality treadmill can give you a lot of benefits, such as comfort, easy to use, and a longer lifespan.

2. Choose the right type of motor. Selecting the right motor type will ensure the quality of service it can give you. This can provide you a great workout experience and will last for the long run. There are two motors in a treadmill that you need to check. One motor is to drive the belt; and the second is to raise and lower the incline. Do not confuse yourself with motor and horsepower. Choosing a horsepower depends on the frequency of using your treadmill. It is recommended to choose a motor with at least 1.5-2.5 horsepower.

3. Check the other features. Other specifications to check include the belt size, speed, incline, cushioning, stability, control panel, and other programming extras. These things will depend on your personal goals and how frequent you are going to use the machine.

4. Know how to maintain it. It is always safe to know how it works. Read the manual carefully to see if you can easily follow the instructions on how to control the equipment. You also need to consider if you can maintain a treadmill. Again, this is a pricey machine, better know if you can do the maintenance so you can enjoy it for many years.

5. Try before you purchase. Do not buy a treadmill without spending at least 10 minutes trying it. And while using it, observe its quality and performance. Is it quiet to use? Does it shake when you are running? Is there a special feature that you might need like the heart rate monitor or an available space to place your music player? It pays to try the equipment and see if it performs properly.

6. List different treadmill workouts. Walking and running on your treadmill may bore you. This is why you have to list other routines and programs that you can do with your treadmill. This will help you get the most of your equipment.

Now that you have the list of things to check out in buying a treadmill, this is now the time to look for home treadmills . There are plenty of choices, make sure to pick the best one for you!

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Using An Elliptical To Achieve Your Fitness Goal

If you are among those people who have a fitness goal and would really want to achieve it, you have to choose a fitness machine that you can use every day even when at home. If you do not have one, you can invest in an elliptical. The reviews have been very positive about this certain type of fitness machine. People love that it is an exact replica of machines used in commercial gyms. It is self-powered and has a slew of helpful and relevant features, including telemetry heart rate monitoring. Aside from this, an elliptical also has an adjustable cross ramp which allows you to change the height of the elliptical path for suitable moving. It also has moving handlebars which helps get your entire body moving, giving you a complete workout.

Many of the health experts these days recommend this type of exercise machine. And today, even users are also starting to love the natural and low-impact motions that make your workout go smoothly and safely. It has preset programs, resistance levels, as well as plenty of custom options and extra features not commonly found on other cross-trainers.

Professional trainers and many other fitness gurus swear by the machine, since its popularity in commercial gyms and, now, in personal gyms as well. If you want an exercise machine that really delivers, investing in an elliptical is an excellent choice. If there's anything that reviewers consider a flaw, it's that it's clearly designed to be stationary and not portable. It's heavy, weighing more than 400 pounds. You'll have to find the ideal place for it and keep it there. And if you wish to transfer it to another place, you really need the help of someone to move it to another place.

Another thing that greatly bears most fitness enthusiasts is the price of the elliptical. It's also quite expensive. Not everyone has the financial capability to make such a purchase. On the plus side, however, fitness experts endorse it as a worthy investment. It's very effective, efficient, and long-lasting. It provides sufficient challenge to keep you engaged and much flexibility that allows you to address different fitness goals. You'll definitely get your money's worth and more. So for those who are planning to get fit and would love to achieve their fitness goal, investing in the right machine that really delivers positive results is such a smart move. An elliptical is just one of the most recommended exercise machines by the experts.

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Bowflex Max Elliptical – 5 Benefits You May Not Know About

The Bowflex Max Elliptical is a very popular hybrid elliptical-stair-stepper machine. It's extremely popular right now – the main benefit is that it can help you burn 2.5 times more calories than a regular elliptical.

But the Max elliptical also has some other benefits that most people do not even realize.

So with that in mind here are 5 little-known benefits of the Bowflex Max Trainer:

# 1 Takes Up Less Space In Your Home

The Bowflex Max takes up less space in your home than a standard elliptical trainer. With a footprint of around 46.1 “L x 25” W it's about half the size of a regular elliptical or a treadmill.

This is great for smaller workout areas, condos or apartments. With a lower step on height than many ellipticals you also need less space above you (ceiling height) than a crosstrainer as well.

You need about your height plus 15 inches above you for the Max Trainer to fit comfortably in your room. So if you're 6 feet tall you need a ceiling height of around 6 + 1 foot and 3 inches (15 inches) which gives you a ceiling height of 7 foot 3 inches.

# 2 Engages More Core Muscles

Tests in the Bowflex lab showed that the Max trainer engages more core and lower body muscles than a standard elliptical.

It also engages up to 80% more upper body muscles. So you're getting a better whole body workout – which helps you tone up quickly.

# 3 You Do not Need A Lot of Time To See Results

Bowflex designed special high intensity training workouts that are included with each Max Trainer model.

The most popular one is the 14 minute high intensity workout. You get all the cardio benefits of a much longer workout in just 14 minutes. If you're too busy to workout or you do not have a lot of time in your day this is a great way to make sure you still get fitness results.

# 4 Take Advantage of the Afterburn Effect

High Intensity training workouts like the ones you find on the Bowflex Max elliptical have been shown to keep your metabolism revved and burning calories for up to 48 hours post workout.

So again, this is another way you're going to burn calories (even after your workout) on this trainer.

# 5 Online Tracking Now Available

Bowflex has added Bluetooth tracking on the M5 and M7 models. You can track your activity and calories burned using the free Bowflex App on your phone. This is a great way to stay motivated, set and reach new goals.

So is there a downside to the Max Trainer? Well, it does take some getting used to as this is more of a climbing, vertical motion vs a regular elliptical flat running motion that most people are used to.

So if you're new to this kind of exercise, start slow and listen to your body. Only do what you can.

Another challenge Bowflex faces is that they're not the only game in town anymore. There are similar machines coming out like the Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer with different options for people to choose from.

But at the end of the day, if you want a fitness machine that has been proven to get you better results than a standard elliptical, you really can not go wrong with the Bowflex Max Elliptical.

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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Review – Right For You?

Thinking about the Bowflex Max Trainer M3? This is the most affordable Max Trainer model coming in around $ 1200. So it's obviously very popular.

But is it the right model for you? And how does it measure up against the other models?

Here's a brief review of what you need to know about the M3 Max Trainer:

Benefits of the Max Trainer M3:

There are some great things about the Max M3 model. First of all, it still has the same basic design as the other models – the hybrid elliptical-stair-stepper with upper body arms.

So you still use more of your lower body and even upper body muscles vs a regular elliptical trainer. This results in more calories burned.

Also you get the famous 14-minute high intensity interval workout built into the console. This workout was specifically designed by Bowflex to get you maximum results in minimum time.

In fact high intensity interval training workouts (or HIIT for short) have been proven to help keep you burning calories for up to 48 hours post workout!

So if you do not have a lot of time in your day, but you still want to see results, the M3 can get you there.

You also get the calorie burn rate meter (which looks a little like a speedometer) in the console which is pretty cool. It's a challenge to see how far and fast you can go while working out.

The Max Trainer M3 also gives you 8 resistance levels to add some challenge in your workouts.

How Does It Compare to Other Models?

The M3 is the most affordable model – but it does not come with some of the fancier options you get on the M5 and M7 models.

For example the M5 and M7 models come with 16 and 20 levels of resistance respectively – more than you get with the M3. So you have a bit more room to grow with these models.

Also the consoles on the M5 and M7 are backlit. The console on the M3 is not backlit. So it's a bit easier to read the consoles on the M5 and M7.

You also get a few more high intensity training programs on the M5 and M7 models like Calorie Goal, Steady Pace, Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Stairs and Fitness Test.

And finally the M5 and M7 come with Bluetooth which tracks your workouts. You can sync this information with the Bowflex App on your phone (the app is free) and track your calories, goals etc.

So those are a few differences between the M3 and the M5 or M7. For many people these are not dealbreakers – just some extra fluff you may or may not want with your machine.

So it really depends on your budget, goals and preferences as to which Max Trainer you choose.

But at the end of the day, if you use any of these machines, you're guaranteed to get an amazing full-body workout. You'll be seeing results in the mirror faster than you ever dreamed!

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