Rowing Machine: Just One Way to Get More Calories Out

Tired of long distance running and workouts and still can not see the results. Well then try out rowing machines. This rowing machine works out on six major different muscles at every stretch and gives you perfect and desired results. They do not only stretch your muscles out, but also help you to burn more calories. This machine works large on you back and makes you 24 hours fit and going.

They work on deltoids, pectorals major, Rectus abdomens, Internal and external Oblique's, Triceps, Biceps, Hamstrings and Quadriceps. These muscles make your bodies most visible parts. Just working out on them you can make a sweet and smart body. With the introduction of rowing machine many companies have come up with their products. We have brought out rowing machine reviews for you to decide the best.

Rowing machine types:

1. Air Rowers

Today's most air rower uses fan air rower resistance to meet all availability levels. These rowers provide most important difficulty levels from beginner level to pro level. Depending upon the brand they may or may not be noisy. They are not strictly silent because of its paddling and spinning blade.


· Flywheel adjustable resistance

· Flexible handling

· Easy workout

· Footrest design with frame lock

2. Water Rowers

This type rower is latest and trendy rowers in the market today. Although priced on a higher side, but its looks and finished woodwork will make you work a little longer. This is well known for its better dynamics. Water rowers cast themselves into your strength and power.


· Robust design

· Efficient dynamics

· Ease of handling

· Sliding seat

3. Magnetic Rower

This is a new concept to market. The old fashion flywheel was stopped with physical force. This is replaced by flywheel with magnets which helps to stop the wheel easily. The magnet is not in contact with moving parts. Being new to market this is strictly used, but has the potential to build your body. This has only one demerit which is a reduction in force on your body which should not be the case in rowing.


· Electromagnet for force reduction

· Flywheel dynamics

· Easy handling

4. Hydraulic rower:

Are you looking for rowing machine which suits your budget. Then a hydraulic rower is best for you. This is an award winning machine for its cost effective result. Hydraulic rower is completely manually controlled and needs user to work attentively. Due to its cost effectiveness nature some of them are not durable. Here, choose wisely between the products. Some of them have also reported to cause burning sensation on the skin after use.


· Hydraulic rowing

· Low cost

· Tough handling

Some features you must see before buying a rowing machine such as:

1. Monitoring System : These systems generally have features such as calorie meter, heart beat measurer and duration of workout which helps you access better,

2. Moving parts : These parts put a lot of pressure on your body if they do not run properly. Choose between them wisely

3. Assembly system : Assembling the rowing system is another tough job. You must choose one of the rowing machine which could easily be assembled.

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Rowing Machine – Work It Out

Jack loved his job. He used to spend each day sitting at home, in front of the computer. All work and no play made him a dull boy. He started putting on weight. After realizing, he could do nothing about it, but regret as it was too late. He had no time to visit the gym so he decided to buy a rowing machine. Now he could work out at his home. We all can refer to Jack's story. In today's world, it is very important to remain fit and healthy. It not only gives you confidence and positivity, but also a glowing personality.

The rowing machine is also called an Ergometer. It is used for indoor exercises and is an effective way to measure work and burn calories.

Let's dive deep

There are four types of rowing machines. They are:

  • Air
  • Magnetic
  • Water / fluid
  • Hydraulic piston machines

Incomplete knowledge is dangerous

Air rowers are cached on among the determined rowers who practice unseasonably. The spinning flywheel of the rower provides resistance, which in turn creates wind when the handle is dropped. They are adjustable, the resistance can be adjusted whenever you want. But these are machines that can be noisy. Hydraulic piston machines are nowdays out of fashion. They leak, can have dead spots, are unreliable and cost you high maintenance charges. The high resistance and time-consuming solutions are the reasons for them to be outdated. Besides this, they cost you cheap. It is advisable to not use air rovers and hydraulic piston machines if you live in a flat and want to avoid raising the roof of your neighbors.

The magnetic and water rovers are a good choice but can cost you an arm and a leg. You can afford them with a high budget. Water rovers are the latest in trends, larger in size and uses water and paddles for resistance and smooth action. The maintenance cost is low and the inharmonious sounds can be avoided. Magnetic rowers are most popular and a better option to workout at home. Their small size and little maintenance are the reasons for its popularity.

Making a good choice

One should not waste good mistakes by not learning from them. If you buy theappropriate thing, it can result in an expensive mistake. Look out for these features before opening your wallet.

It should be a resistance type. Magnetic and Air rovers are best examples of this type. The rest are likely to leak.

The seat-rail, length is one of the main points of concern if you are tall. Select one with smooth metal-alloy rail.

The metal foot plates should be made of metal and not plastic.

Avoid using chain systems as they produce sounds which can be harsh on the ear. Instead, a belt system does the work for you.

The computer console should display your workout details and be automatic with manual override for the resistance.


There are different products on sale ranging in price, size, quality and results. People usually compromise on quality for price. One can have different outlooks towards a similar thing, but there is always a good choice and bad choices. It is based on many factors like the features of the product, quality, reliability and efficiency.

The prices can vary broadly. Those costing less than $ 500 are very basic with no console while those ranging between $ 500 and $ 1000 are standard rovers with a sheer console. The higher priced ones last longer while cheaper ones need frequent servicing. The excellent rovers range between $ 1000 to $ 2000 while the premium ones cost you more than $ 2000. Some people prefer the cheap ones for temporary use where the money can be reclaimed by selling, while others buy for long time use. Different sizes are designed for different floors and heavyweight users.

Final Touch up

Do you want a good physique? Then pull up your sleeves and get roving! Rowing machines are great tools in sheding off the excess fat and carbs that are harmful for your body. A regular workout with a proper diet can help you reach the point of no return. The path to cardiovascular fitness and muscular physique is not easy. But no worries, rowing is your guide to the destination.

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Guide On The Best Adjustable Dumbbells

From their name, adjustable dumbbells are units that allow you to adjust the weights easily. To switch the weights, all you need to do is take off the spin on the collar and slid in the new weights.

Benefits of adjustable dumbbells

In addition to the ease of adjustment, these units come with plenty of other benefits that include:

The range of exercises : With these units, you can perform a broad range of exercises without necessarily changing your exercise machines. Courtesy of the dumbbells you can change from doing triceps kickbacks to bicep curls. All you need to do is modify the position of your body. You can increase your weight or maintain it.

Price : If you have looked around, you must have realized that buying a high-quality exercise equipment will cost you 1000s of dollars. And this equipment will be focused on a minimal number of muscle groups. Adjustable dumbbells will cost you $ 200- $ 300 depending on the weight that you are interested in. As mentioned above, the units allow you to exercise almost every muscle group by simply changing your body position.

Space : Only a few of us live in large apartments. With these dumbbells, you do not have to worry about where to put them as you need just a small space. You can place them in the kitchen, closet, and any other place. It's up to you to make your decision.

Weight increase : Since you can easily adjust the weights, you can add on to the weights as you get stronger. This allows you to grow your muscles to the maximum. Also, since the units are unstable, you require more muscles and concentration to support them. This has been shown to contribute towards muscle growth.

Factors to consider when buying the best adjustable dumbbells

For you to buy the best adjustable dumbbells you need to consider some factors that include:

Ease of weight switching : Since you have to switch weights to exercise, you should go with a unit that allows you to easily switch the weights. To make your work easy after working out, the unit you buy should allow you to easily remove the weights and store them.

The quality of the set : Even if the units are affordable, the last thing you want is being required to replace them after a few months. To avoid this you should take your time to research the quality of the plates and the bar. As rule of thumb, buy the highest quality of sets that you can afford.

Weights : Different companies include various types of weights in their units. The last thing that you want is buying a set that does not give you the weights that you need. To get the most from your purchase ensure that the set you buy has the lightest and heaviest weights you need to work out.


This is what you need to know adjustable dumbbells. When buying the set, ensure that you purchase the highest quality. This calls for you to buy from a reputable store.

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