PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells are one of the most cost-effective pieces of equipment you can buy for your home gym.

Not only are they great in that you can do a ton of exercises with them, but with an adjustable set, you essentially have a few sets in one, so they take up very any space.

To help save you some time, and help you pick out the best set for you, below is a PowerBlock dumbbell set buyer's guide. Enjoy!

PowerBlock Classic

The most popular of the four versions are the PowerBlock Classic dumbbells. They range in weight from 5 to 45 pounds and are ideal for both beginner, and experienced weight lifters. They're built well, they're sturdy, and you can do a ton of exercises with them. As with the sets below, to adjust the weight you simply pull out the pin and slide it back into your desired weight.

PowerBlock Elite

Next are the PowerBlock Elite adjustable dumbbell set. This version is ideal for the experience lifter who needs a lot of extra weight to work with. Reason being is that they range in weight from 5 to 90 pounds. They'll still work well for the beginner, but overall if you need the extra weight, this is the set for you. As you may have guessed they're the most expensive set of all the PowerBlock dumbbells, but since you'll grow into them in the long run, you'll save a ton of money versus buying the equivalent in individual dumbbells.

Powerblock Personal Trainer

This adjustable dumbbell set offers even more flexibility for the weight lifter in that it adjusts in 2.5 pound increments. So overall you can go from 2.5 pounds up to 50 pounds with this set. They're constructed the same as the other versions, but there is a weighted insert that slides into the handles that you can remove for less weight (by 2.5 pounds) or keep in for more weight (by 2.5 pounds).

PowerBlock SportBlocks

Finally comes the SportBlocks. SportBlocks are the smaller dumbbell set of the four PowerBlock versions. They're adjustable from 3 to 24 pounds in 3 pound increments. They adjust with the same pin mechanism as the other sets. This set would be ideal for someone just getting started with weight training, who does not need a whole lot of weight up front. They also happen to be the most inexpensive set of the four PowerBlock sets.

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