Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer – It's Not Your Commercial Type Equipment

You're not going to jump on the Schwinn 431 Model and mistake it for a commercial elliptical trainer found at your local health spa. However, if you know that then this elliptical trainer could be right for you and your exercise program.

What You Should Know About this Elliptical Trainer

It has bidirectional pedaling meaning you can pedal both backward and forward. Why? Because this allows you to work on specific muscle groups.

More important features are:

• 59 inches in length, 26 inches in width and 68 inches in height.

• It has a 25 pound steel flywheel, which adds to a smoother feeling.

• A computer controlled drive format.

• 19 diverse Workout Programs

• 3 speed adjustable fan.

Take This in Stride but Watch Your Head

When considering purchasing an elliptical trainer does the machine stride length matter? Because if you are too tall or too short you could face a problem. The 431 Model comes with an 18 “stride which is something to consider when buying. So if your height is in the 5 feet to 6 feet range you will be okay. higher or lower stride length depending on your case. Also, make sure that you have sufficient ceiling clearance for your elliptical trainer. add to your height and also add seven more inches. The resultant number needs to be your ceiling height clearance for locating your elliptical trainer.

Benefits of a 431 Trainer Workout

The Trainer has 19 Workout Programs including your calorie goal, 3 setting for heart rate control, a personal fitness test and 10 type profile settings. You get feedback display for your pulse and calorie information. The Bio Connect computer will allow the users to input material and track the results for each workout. It only makes sense to know how your efforts are working for you and this feature makes it easy for you.

Warranties for Your Comfort

Everyone wants to know that if they are going to make a money and time investment there is some safety feature in the event of a product breakdown. This Model offers a 15 year warranty on the frame, 1 year on the electronics, 2 years on parts and 90 days on labor. Great but …

Have Other Owners Had Any Problems?

You always want to know what prior owners of the Schwinn 431 think right? The results have been high ratings for this product on such sites as Some lower rates involved compound problems or noises developing afterward with use. When this type of problem occurred some users located the problem and it only required minor mechanical adjustment. The machine was determined to be high quality and owners would recommend it to a friend.