The treadmill has been the perfect gym equipment for any one at any age. The exercises that you can do on a treadmill are quite natural to us. Exercises like walking, jogging and running. These are exercises that you can do even without a machine but why get a treadmill? For one, it allows you access to these exercises even if the weather conditions are not favorable. Two, the use of a treadmill limits the impact as you would do it normally on a flat floor. Three, it allows you more time at home like watching the kids or catching up on your favorite series.

The key to getting the perfect treadmill would be referring to your routine. Some basic treadmills are created for light usage like walking and light jogging. If you are a runner, it would be best to get a machine that has a good motor and has a longer running belt. You may also want to consider other people who would be using the machine at home. Get a treadmill around 2000 USD to 2500USD if you have two runners at home. Commercial versions of equipment found in the gym are available. Make sure you check on those. These are often built for endurance and would be great in giving you a more elevate for of workout compare to simply running on the streets.

A Commercial treadmill with great features would be appropriate for intermediate runners. This would often have adjustable inclines to mimic running up a hill. This would also have integrated programs that allow you to warm-up, gradually increases speed, run uphill and even cool down. This is great if you are a runner and you live in apartment setting. This allows you to work out during the winter. Particularly designed running tracks are made to reduce impact. This is not only good for your muscles, joints and bones but also good for your neighbors neighbors as this would reduce the noise. As you run, the impact would be up to about 3 times your normal body weight. Look for a treadmill that would be able to support this. Get a treadmill that would support 250 to 300 lbs. Apart from these features, common high-tech features would include a pedometer, calorie counter, weight sensors and heart sensors are normally a standard.

Check your future fitness goals. This would be vital in choosing the perfect treadmill. As you increase the intensity of your running, Will your treadmill be able to work with you? Will it have the endurance to take more than you normal exercise activity? The perfect treadmill should be able to take you up to two or three levels higher. Get treadmill with a good warranty. The more the years of warranty they could give you the more durable their products are. Some treadmills would have a motor and parts warranty. Ask around and keep on looking, sometimes adding a few extra dollars would not hurt.

Other added features would be built-in fans, cup holders and music players. Check if there is an emergency stop feature. The have emergency stop buttons or a clip you can attach to your belt while you work out that would trigger the machine to stop if you slip or trip. You can get treadmills with sensors on the handles or sensors you can attach to your chest to monitor your heart rate.

To know your options, do research online, visit the local gym and try out their models, check the local specialty stores and try out their products. But, most of all, make sure you get professional advice. Consult a trainer. Ask your doctor. Read reviews and rating. The best treadmill is the one that suits your condition and your workout routine. You would know what is right for you when you ask them.