Over the years, Sole Treadmills has been committed to delivering nothing but the highest-quality exercise equipment for people of all walks of life. They have been the trusted brand of choice not only for high-end gyms and hotels, but also for average homeowners with an avid interest in physical fitness. Of course, their expertise extends well beyond the realm of treadmills, as their ever-expanding product line of exercise bikes and ellipticals are any indication.

The Sole brand had recently revitalized one of its bestsellers, with the 2011 redesign of its hit Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer. It is widely hailed as one of the top-performing machines in its price range, with a wealth of features that would make any gym buff pounding with excitation.

As a fitness machine, the Sole E35 is clearly the kind built for heavy use. It boasts a solid frame with a 20-inch stride length. This gives the machine specs ideal for even the tallest and heaviest individuals. It provides a balanced upper and lower body workout with its cushioned grips and inward-sloped pedals. After these features, it boasts a quiet drive mechanism that lets you work out while you're watching television or chatting it up with a friend.

The Sole E35 also boasts robust construction that can stand up to even the most intestinal workouts. Its special features include a high gear ratio, a heavy-duty 25-pound flywheel, smooth pivot joints, and a flawless track-and-wheel base. These allow for a perfect storm of functionality that takes advantage of your body's full range of motion. The electronic console and backlit LCD display allow you to customize your workout at the touch of a button, letting you choose between 16 different resistance levels. For those who like to spice things up, there is also the option to adjust the machine's incline up to 30 degrees. This gives you the opportunity to pit your strength against gravity as well.

Unlike other elliptical models, the Sole E35 comes equipped with its own telemetric chest strap monitor. This allows for more reliable heart rate readings to help you gauge the vigilance of your workout. Other bonuses include a built-in fan and a speaker system for your iPod or MP3 player.

First-time owners of the Sole E35 need not be intimidated by its size. Thanks to clear-cut instructions and a no-nonsense design, assembly will take little more than 2 hours. Even then, Sole Treadmills provides an optional Turnkey Service which allows trusted employees to move and assemble your unit for you. The Sole E35 is one fitness machine you will certainly turn to again and again. There's no need to worry about your workouts being too boring or your frame being too large for this hefty machine.