Treadmills have always been an efficient way to exercise. When you think of buying treadmills Sole F80 is the first name that should come to your mind. Sole is the most trustworthy name in treadmill industry. It has established itself as the leader in treadmill business. It uses the latest technology to track the output.

You can check the Sole F80 reviews if you want to know the capability of this wonderful machine. This machine is rock-solid, flexible, user friendly and constructed to last a lifetime plus it has simple features so that anyone can use it easily. Sole's treadmill is mostly known for commercial use but most of the people do not know that their home treadmill equipments are as good as the commercial ones.

Sole F80 offers a versatile alternative for the home workout experience. This treadmill is ideal for beginners as well as for professional athletes. In this treadmill several workout programs have been present and they also included customization option. Now, any exerciser can tailor the exercise program based on its requirements.

It also consists of a large display to monitor the progress. The display buttons are large and easy to read. There are readouts for heart rate calories burnt, distance, time, incline and speed. There is also a heart monitor so that an exerciser can get into the specific heart training zone that you are after. Some people may be afraid that treadmills are costly as home workout equipment. But Sole F80 is quite affordable. Over time the investment will pay off as this treadmill will last a lifetime.

This treadmill is a folding treadmill and it is perfect for people with small spaces or who like the option to fold it away. Sole F80 currently cost around $ 1500 and is the best in its price range. It looks great, it's full of features, has outstanding quality and it can take up to 335 lbs without any problem.

An innovative feature in Sole F80 is the speed and the incline controls located on the armrests. You will not have to move your hands to change incline and speed. The inclines of this machine is up to 15% and the range of speed is.01 to 11 MPH.

This is an awesome exercise machine. There are other treadmills but nothing comes close to the comfort of Sole F80. This wonderful treadmill equipment helps an exerciser in every possible way to achieve the desired result.