During the cold winter months people become lazy and spend far too much time watching television and generally being lazy around the house due to the dark evenings and extreme cold outside.

If you go to the gymnasium regularly then the following will not apply to you, but if you are like the majority of the population then you need to think about making some changes this winter to your fitness.

Another common problem which applies all year around is the lack of time most of us have available, with family commitments and demanding jobs it is difficult to stick to an exercise schedule. This gets worse in winter as the bad weather prevails us getting outdoors and even doing a small amount of exercise like playing with the kids or going for a walk.

One of the solutions is to find some space or an empty room to set up a training area that can be used on a daily basis. If you are lucky enough to have a room available then you can install some larger training equipment and create a mini home gym. These days you can buy equipment typically found in a gym for reasonable prices and this will often offset the cost of a standard gym membership anyway.

If space is a problem then you will have to look at the selection of smaller fitness products on the market. There are many available and I am sure you will have seen them on television infomercials. Some products are simple weights while others are more advanced. Most of these smaller products can be stored away fairly easily and hardly take up any space.

The use of weight training equipment will not keep you in shape or make you super fit. you will also need to do some basic fitness exercises such as push ups, squats and sit ups. Most of these simple exercises only take a few minutes per day.

Improved fitness and health needs to be combined with a review of your diet. During colder months people tend to eat more junk food, professionals speculate this is due to more depressed moods during that time, with darker evenings and colder temperatures comfort food becomes a temptation.

In order to be successful I suggest planning your meals for the week on the weekend and working hard to avoid all the quick and easy junk foods. Also draw up a training and exercise schedule that fits in with your available time and make it reasonable so that you have a good chance of sticking to it.

The steps involved to keep slowly healthy this winter are not overly complicated but they require a small amount of effort and perseverance. Make the difference this winter and you will feel much better for it.