Strength bands have been increasing in popularity in the last two decades. At the start, they were considered a joke. But now it's all changed and some trainers consider these bands to be superior to the free weights. If you'd like to find out which equipment is really superior to the other, read on.

What strength bands and free weights do:

– They provide the essential resistance required for building muscles (Free weights rely on gravity and strength bands readily on elastic for resistance)

– Allow movement in various directions which allows you to target different muscle groups

– They enable you to do it at your own pace

– Both allow you to increase or decrease the resistance based on your fitness level

Almost all fitness equipments that can help you build muscle must accomplish those things in order to be considered effective. Now let's go into detail and identify the pros and cons of both …

Strength bands – As you already know, these bands are made of elastic and rely on elastic for resistance. They are also known as resistance bands.

Pros of these bands:

– They are light-weight

– They are cheap and portable

– Unlimited range of movements. You can over 100s of exercises using these bands

– Elastic resistance is very effective and builds muscle even faster

– You can maintain flexibility while working out with these bands

– Suitable for upper as well as lower body

Cons of using strength bands:

– They can snap extremely fast

– You will not be able to tell if you are overstretching the bands

– A band that snaps while you are working out can cause you some serious injury

– If you are looking to be a professional body builder, relying on strength bands alone will not help you

Free weights – Free weights readily on gravity to provide the resistance necessary. Almost every single muscle builder on the planet will have used these weights. It's common in every gym …

Pros of free weights:

– Heavier than the band

– It's a little more expensive than the bands

– Allows a wide range of movements helping you target various muscle groups

– Great for upper body workouts but not effective for lower body

– They last longer and will not snap

Cons of these weights:

– If you lose control while doing a particular exercise, you might injure yourself. But the injury is not so dangerous

– Inefficient for lower body workouts

– You tend to lose flexibility as you make use of these weights


From my personal research, I've found strength bands to be more effective to the average body builder. But if you are a professional, you might need to use both the bands as well as the free weights.