Strength bands make an amazing workout for people of all fitness levels. These bands are a perfect alternative to free weights and all that fancy gym equipment.

In this article, I'm going to share with you some of the benefits that you can expect if you use strength bands in your workouts. I'll explain to you the exact reasons as to why they are effective. And then you can decide for yourself it these strength bands are the right tool for you.

Strength bands are made out latex tubes and get their resistance from elastic. There are actually two different types in these bands. There's the closed loop type and an open looped type. The open looped type allows you to attach handles to either end and have another partner work with you. You can also add multiple bands to the handle and increase your resistance as well.

The resistance of these bands can be determined by their thickness and weight. Each band is color coded. Lighter colors have less resistance whereas darker colors like black have high resistance levels. You can attach multiple bands and get a really amazing workout. The tension provided will make it difficult for you to perform even some of the basic exercises that you can easily do with the free weights.

Strength bands allow you to perform just about any exercise. They are versatile and you just have to use your imagination when it comes to working different parts of your body. The free weights usually do not have so much variation. These bands allow you to do hundreds of exercises at various resistance levels. When it comes to increasing the resistance level, you just have to add another band or change the band to a heavier one.

The other awesome benefit of these bands is that they are portable. Unlike free weights which you can not carry around easily, you can put these bands inside a bag and take them anywhere you want. They are not bulky like home gyms. Therefore, you can have your home gym with you wherever you go if you use these bands.

These bands are perfectly compatible for people with any fitness level. It does not matter if you're an old person, teenager or a middle aged person. You'll get a full body workout if you just adjust the resistance level according to your fitness level. Even body builders who did not take these bands seriously consider them as something important in their workouts.

Unlike the free weights which only allow you to build up muscle mass, these bands actually help you burn fat faster. The nature of these bands allows you to do fat burning exercises with progressive resistance.

Until now, progressive resistance was only possible if you were building muscles. But that's not the case with these bands … You can actually perform fat burning exercises and increase your resistance levels as you go. Therefore if you are trying to lose weight, these bands become the perfect tool.