While treadmills are functionally simple machines, they are known to be extraordinarily tedious to assemble. For that reason, many people choose to pay for professional treadmill assembly services. While it is certainly possible to put your treadmill together by yourself, consider some of these reasons why professional assembly is a better idea.


After shelling out so much money for their new treadmill, most people are not thrilled at the prospect of paying even more. However, they're usually far less pleased with the idea of ​​having to put the bulky thing together after they get it home. Having someone else assemble the treadmill for you can save you hours, possibly even days, of frustration and wasted energy. You can also request for it to be set up in a particular room of your home. All of this, while you sit back and relax.


Modern fitness equipment requires all types of special tools to assemble. While you would think that your treadmill would come with these tools, that's often not the case. Most people do not have such specialized tools just lying around the house, nor do they want to buy some just to use once. Choosing in-house assembly services allows you to avoid this situation.

Physical Capability

Treadmill parts may be heavy and clunky, making them impossible some people to lift and move, let alone hold into place while driving screws. Attempting to lift heavy parts can even result in personal injury or property damage. There are also some people for what it is medically unwisely to lift heavy objects. With professional assembly, there are usually multiple able-bodied people who will put it together with ease.


Treadmills today have a lot of computer circuits, wires and other electronic components which can be easily damaged. Some people are adept at handling things like that, but many are not. If you do not feel comfortable enough with your handiness skill to risk it, it's best to call in a treadmill assembly expert. They have the experience necessary to handle delicate projects like this.


Many people know all too well the kinds of things that can happen when large household objects are put together incorrectly. Missing fasteners, loose screws, part placement mistakes and bad electrical connections are all common culprits in such disasters. When a treadmill is improperly assembled, it can actually be a serious safety hazard. It's quite easy for you to be thrown off of the machine if something malfunctions. Hiring a service to assemble your treadmill automatically guarantees that everything will be done right with your personal safety in mind.

It's Like A Warranty

Treadmills with various cutting-edge features are wildly popular these days as they allow the user better control over individual aspects of their fitness. However, they are also wildly expensive. The last thing you want is to risk ruining your expensive new equipment before you even get to use it. A reputable treadmill assembly company will ensure that your machine is put together with care.

No Waiting

If you're dreading the assembly of your treadmill too much to even take it from the box, it's not going to be much help with your fitness goals. Paying to have someone else do it gets you on your treadmill sooner, which means faster results.