To the untrained eye TRX suspension straps may look like a limited form of training. However, in the right hands (or ankles, arms ……) they become an all over body workout! The TRX works via gravity assisted movements and gravity resistive moves – with the only weights involved that's of your body. There are hundreds of different exercises which can be performed using the straps, ranging from those suitable for beginners through to the most elite of athlete.

Below are just a few of the many benefits TRX suspension training can offer:

a) TRX suspension training can take place virtually anywhere, is extremely portable and requires only limited space.

You do not need a fancy gym or fitness center to train with TRX. All that is required is a beam or other suitable prop for attaching the suspension traps to. That makes TRX ideal for outdoor training, and given it's lightweight and size it is an easy piece of equipment to take on your travels – giving you no excuse for your training to suffer! It is also very fast to set-up in any location.

b) TRX suspension training is an effective total body workout.

There are numerous suspension exercises and workouts which target all the body parts to varying degrees of intensity. Many of the exercises stimulate multi-muscle groups at different levels, making quick but effective workouts possible.

c) TRX is suitable for people of all age, sex or fitness level.

TRX suspension training is for everyone and anyone. From people in their 80's to teens, the difficulty, intensity and weight exerted can be tailor around the user through the thousands of exercises.

d) The equipment is reliably inexpensive.

To recreate the range of movements and muscles working using traditional gym equipment would be very costly. The suspension straps can be used to work every muscle group meaning they are an all-in-one fitness solution. Each TRX comes with a DVD demonstrating some of the very best exercises, along with numerous extras.

e) Combine cardio and strength training into one workout / exercise.

Given the nature of TRX suspension training it can be utilized to combine strength training and cardio in the same exercise. This has benefits in regards to time saving, and means that even a short workout can have a larger impact.

f) Increase Sports Performance.

TRX can be used to generate and build superb muscular balance, mobility, joint stability, and core strength – which will most likely help you perform better in all sports and physical activities.

If you have not tried TRX suspension training yet, maybe it's time you do!