If you are going to the gym regularly and doing squats then weightlifting shoes are a must. Just like you buy running shoes for running and basketball shoes for playing basketball, you need to get a pair of squat shoes for squatting. All you have to do is squat once in the shoes and you will immediately notice the difference.

There are two types of squat shoes available: powerlifting style and weightlifting style. The powerlifting style of shoes has a flatter sole and weightlifting shoes have a lift in the heel that makes it easier to get your knees forward. The type of squat that you do and your flexibility should determine the type of shoe you get. If you do ATG Olympic squats, then you need the weightlifting shoes. If you do wide-distance powerlifting squats, a better bet is the powerlifting shoes. However, you should try out both regardless of which type of squat you do to determine which is best for you.

The main benefit is having squat shoes is the lack of compression in the shoe. To have optimal force transfer between the floor and your body, you need to have as solid as a shoe as possible. Squatting in running shoes means that the compressible parts of the shoe will be absorbing some of the force. The lack of compression combined with the straps that all squat shoes come with that that your foot will be supported better. Your foot will stay stuck in the shoe and you will not have to worry about your foot causing mechanical inefficiency while you are squatting.

One thing you will not see is the injuries you are avoiding by wearing the shoes, but you can be assured that you are preventing some injuries. Injuries are preverted because the shoes make it easier for you to squat and they provide consistency between reps so you will not have to make any adjustments. These things will make squatting safer for you in the long run.

With these benefits, you will see the numbers you can do in the squat increase. With the heel making it easier to squat and the solid nature of the shoes, you will no doubt see performance gains from wearing the shoes. If you want to have a better squatter and be stronger, then you must use weightlifting shoes while squatting.

Squat shoes are not cheap, but they are a great investment. They range anywhere from $ 50 to $ 200. When you pay more, you are buying the latest shoes with the latest developments in shoe technology, but as always, the older shoes will work. Make the investment and you will soon reap the benefits of improved squatting and improved performance.