With better health care available and being more knowledgeable about nutrition, people are living well into their eighties and nineties. To remain fit and healthy is one of their top priority. Exercise should become a daily routine. Home exercise machines such as the elliptical trainer with its low impact workout, is gaining in popularity. Less strain, less effort and less time needed for more calories burned is its selling point. In this fast paced world where time is always somehow not adequate to complete all your many tasks every single day, anything that saves time is welcome. So what constitutes the best elliptical trainer?

The best benefit of an elliptical machine is its low impact workouts, which translates to much reduced pressure on your joints. This is especially important for those in the older age groups who are less able to withstand high impact movements, and more easily sooner to injuries. Thus they can exercise safely with an elliptical trainer. Even those recovering from injuries can still do the low impact workouts.

Another important feature is that the workouts exercise the upper as well as lower body muscles. You get to exercise both your arms and leg muscles at the same time, a truly whole body workout. Using your arms to push and pull the handlebars, tones the biceps and triceps, and get them into great shape.

Most elliptical machines come with preset programs and with heart rate monitor control too. These type of workout machines are user-friendly. You can easily adjust the workouts to your level of endurance, check your calories burned, check your heart rate and give your heart a great cardiovascular workout. Arm and leg muscles get toned and the heart gets a workout, with the attractive side benefit of losing weight. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned health fitness freak or an old grandpa, you can easily find a suitable program as there are different levels in difficulty ranging from easy to intense.

Some models come with adjustable incline options with different angles of incline targeting different muscle groups. The steeper the incline, the more intense the workout, just like jogging up a hill. You get to burn a higher percentage of calories.

Do take into consideration your weight and height when buying your best elliptical machine. An important feature to consider is the stride length. You need to have the proper correct stride length in order to run properly. Ellipticals that provide the option of adjustable stride length would be best as walking and running have different stride lengths. On top of that, different family members have different heights and therefore work with different stride lengths. Users nearer to 6 'tall would be more comfortable with a stride length of 18 “above.

Equally important are the foot pedals. The newer models come with adjustable foot pedals. Even the position of the toe and heel angle can be adjusted as well. This makes a more comfortable running motion catered to individual requirements.

Too light a machine tends to be flimsy, may vibrates and shakes during workouts, and is usually not durable. They do not have a quiet, smooth and fluid operation. More expensive elliptical trainers have larger flywheels for smooth running, with no squeaking noise and no jerky movements.

Just set up an elliptical at home and you have access to a good, low impact workout everyday or whenever you are free. You save time on traveling to the local gym. Varies the workout programs for a more interesting elliptical training. You do not even have to miss your favorite TV show, just exercise in front of the TV, or sometimes listen to your favorite music if you buy one with iPod docks and console speakers, truly entertainment and exercise at one go.

Invest in a good quality elliptical trainer as you are investing in your good health.