One of the best home gym's out there which makes the most efficient use out of space is the LifelineUSA XT Jungle Gym. It allows total body training utilizing mulit-plane movements. Another bonus you get is the bang for your buck as it costs around the $ 80 mark.

With the Jungle Gym you can easily develop more powerful pectorals, triceps and biceps with a variety of exercises capable on this home gym such as pull ups, push ups, rows, cleans and flys all using your own body weight maximizing the effort needed to do these exercises. Also strengthen leg muscles with overhead and pistol squats, lunges and curls as well as toning and defining abs with pike ups, bear crawls and holds. With the versatility of the gym you can do a countless number of exercises while targeting more specific muscle groups improving flexibility, core strength and muscular power.

The thing which makes the LifelineUSA XT so impressive is that it weighs an impressive 1 pound and can be used in very small tight spaces. So when I think of a suitable, efficient home gym for a very tight squeeze I immediately think of this. However if you are able to spare a little more room the Weider Ultimate Body Works is a worthy pick.

The dimensions of the Weider Ultimate Body Works are 62 x 19 x 8 inches and it weights in at around 70 pounds. Its designed for a total body workout strengthening upper body and lower body through a variety of workouts. The gym also features the compact Space Saver design meaning it becomes very efficient in small places. That ticks the efficiency and space box. However the real cherry on the top is the price of $ 150. And when you consider what you are getting that's a sweet deal.

The reason I think these gyms are the best for tight spaces because not only are they small enough the fit in them, but they are also very efficient in what they can do mean you can get a total body workout as you would with a massive machine costing $ 5000. Also a thing which makes these gyms so good is that they use your own body weight and incorporated that into the machine. This way is saves room of having to stack big heavy weights, and also using your own body weight can improve flexibility, core strength and help to get a muscular physique quicker.