Everyone is very familiar with a treadmill. This machine advances the common forms of exercises like walking, jogging and running. It is widely use in a lot of different exercise routines. It can be used for warm ups and cooling down and is known to be effective in weight loss as well. Being often incorporated to our daily workout routines, a treadmill is a good investment as part of your home gym equipment. Here are some details you would have to consider if you are planning on getting one for your own home.

A treadmill can cost up to 3000 USD, but you can get a good treadmill with great features at 1000 USD. Determine on what you are planning on using the treadmill for. In doing this you can gauge the amount of intensity that will be applied against the machine so it is best to consider one that would be built to last. For example, a beginner can start with walking and jogging for about 5 times a week. You need not purchase a high end machine to be able to provide you the work out you need. Determine the weight capacity of the machine. Determine the strength of the motor. Take into account that other members in the family can use this too and determine the level of intensity they would require. Treadmills can be used by the elderly and are even suitable for kids.

Treadmills today have been ergonomically designed to be more effective machines. Check the features. You can find treadmills with a built-in heart rate monitor, calorie counter. Some treadmills are able to determine your weight and would be able to monitor your heart using sensors on the handles or monitor that you can attach to your chest. You can also consider getting one with built in programs that automatically increases your speed gradually and cools you down. Some machine would also have incline adjustments. Some fancier machines would have cup holders, built-in fans and can even play music.

Consider your safety. Check the stability and the frame. There are treadmills with adjustable incline or specially designed running pads to reduce the impact of running as the stress that your body absorbs can be up to 3 times your body weight. Consider getting treadmills with emergency brakes in cases of fatigue. There are auto-stop functions that would activate in case you slip or fall. Consider its durability. Make sure that the treadmill would last as you progress with your workout routines. You can get good machines by adding a few hundred dollars more. You make jogging today but you might want to start running in a month or so. So make sure your treadmill will be able to progress to the next level as you so. So make sure to get a warranty.

Consider your space. Some treadmills are compact and do not take much space. Some can be folded up and be roled away for easy storage. Finally, before taking it home, take it for a test run! Make sure you test your equipment. This would allow you to gauge if the design works for you. If you are tall, you would need to get a longer running belt.

Most importantly, before considering what to get, make sure you have raised this concern to your physician. There can provide you professional advice on what really suits you and from there you would have better knowledge in determining which healthy decisions would be great for you.