The first thing to really think about before you commit yourself to getting a home treadmill is this: Do you enjoy walking or jogging? If you do not, then a treadmill is not for you because they can be expensive and it would be a shame to leave it unused in a corner! If you love walking then you will enjoy using a treadmill. There are so many options out there that you really need to do your research before committing yourself to a purchase. A good starting place is the internet because you can compare a variety of price ranges. You will want to narrow down your choice by price and type. Should it be manual or motorized? What features do want to have? You can get a lot of these answers through your online search. You may however want to take a further step and visit your local sports shop to see if they're in your chosen models in stock. This is your chance to see whether you really like a particular model; whether it feels right for you or whether like how it looks. You can also compare the shop prices with the online prices.

If you want a good quality treadmill then it's going to cost you a fair amount of money. As they say, you get what you pay for. Buying a treadmill will require an investment that you can not easily ignore. You will see from your research that the prices can vary from £ 80 to £ 4000 plus. You can get a cheap budget treadmill for under £ 100 but it will probably be a manual treadmill. These may be reliably cheap but they do have drawbacks. If you are really looking for a dependable treadmill for home use, expect paying just under £ 1000. There are often sales and other bargains that may save you money. It all rest on how much you are willing to expend.

How good your treadmill is depends on the horse power (HP) rating of its motor. A good motor is essential if you will be using the treadmill on a daily basis and expect it to perform efficiently every time. Check the specifications of the motor. In particular look for the “continuous duty rating”. That tells you the strength of the motor. It should be between 1.5 and 2.5 HP “continuous duty”. Also try to get a good warranty deal. The more expensive treadmills tend to give you longer warranties. You may even find some lifetime warranties.

If you can visit a shop do so and try out what they have in stock. Make sure that you have your usual training shoes and dress comfortably. Because this purchase can be expensive, you want to get it right and feel comfortable with the equipment. This way you can get the 'feel' of the treadmill and see if a particular model fits well with what you are looking for. Check out the action which should be smooth and not jerky. The hand rails should be strong and supportive and the grip should be comfortable. You should be able to run freely without any impediment of your movements.

Running on a treadmill can become monotonous without the treadmill that can be programmed to introduce some variation in the speed and incline or gradient of the run. Choose a programmable treadmill or one that is pre-programmed. These programs allow you run on the flat, run uphill or a combination of both. They can vary the pace as well as the gradient, making the workout more interesting.

So, take the plunge, do your research, try out a few models in your budget range and run yourself to fitness.