Do you know what a recumbent bike is, or what the health benefits of one are? These bikes are not the same thing that you would picture when you think of a normal bicycle. A recumbent bike is a piece of equipment for exercise that allows the user to recline more while in the seat. The design of the bike allows for better health effects than a normal stationary bike, and it is rapidly becoming popular for this very reason. It features very innovative weight distribution for maximum comfort while exercising. People love the fact that it is so comfortable and easy on the neck and back, making it harder to suffer strain when working out.

There are actually two different kinds of recumbent bike. There is the stationary bike that is seen most often, and then there is a bike for use on the road, just like a normal bicycle. Road bikes are fantastic for relaxing outside and enjoying the scenery. It is almost like lying down while biking. The stationary exercise bike is absolutely perfect for a vicious, strain free workout in the comfort of your own home. Your local gym should also feature at least one or two recumbent bikes, as a gym membership is much cheaper than purchasing a new stationary bike.

Here are a few models that have worked well for many people:

Bachetta Giro 20: This model is a multi-purpose recumbent. You can use it on any terrain, but it really shines when compared to other models when you take it onto rough roads. The suspension is top of the line and can support up to two hundred and fifty pounds of weight. The frame is made up of chromium and molybdenum alloys for a smooth, sturdy ride.

Schwinn 230: Schwinn has proved itself to be a top manufacturer of swift and sturdy road bikes, and they carry the same reputation in stationary exercise bikes. The 230 provides the most comfort you can have while still calling it “working out.” There is a built-in heart rate monitor and a whopping 12 workout settings and programs. The dual-purpose grips provide the ultimate comfort and style and will not leave you with blistered hands like some models. Maximum weight is 300 lb, allowing even the stoutest trainers to get on board with the exercise.

Pacific Cycles Recumbent: This recumbent has everything you could hope for. The upper body parts like the chest, shoulders, and biceps receive a workout too for an all around training routine. Pedaling, braking, and steering require no thought; by the second time you hop on the bike it will feel entirely natural. This bike is perfectly suited for athletes who need a heavy training solution. Ironically, it is also very well suited for people who have some sort of disability as well, making it a very useful all-around trainer.

There are plenty of other models of recumbent bike out there, so do your homework and really shop around for the best fit for you. Two things to keep in mind are your body size and your budget.