Ideally used as an addition to your regular exercise or workout routine, toning belts work by using electronic pulses to stimulate the body creating contracts deep within the muscles. These pulses stimulate the nerves to contract and relax the muscles so mimicking the body's natural muscle movement. If you are determined to get fit, trim and lose weight then an ab toner may be the ideal solution for you.

Usually the toning equipment is in the form of a belt which you wrap around your stomach. The belt has gel pads which contact the skin and the electrical signals are transmitted through these into your muscles.

When you first use an ab toning belt it will feel strange. On a low setting the electronic stimulations provide a tingling sensation. To get the most out of the equipment you need to have it set high enough to really feel the muscles contracting and relaxing just as they would during regular exercise.

Most of the belts have various settings and you should progress through to higher frequencies slowly, just as you would with any workout by regular repetition. Try using it for 15 minutes a day 4 or 5 times a week to see results. Do not forget you can use it at work too as you will not build up a sweat like a normal exercise program.

Unlike fits up, crunchies and other stomach exercises, ab toners are low impact and often battery operated so they can be worn under everyday clothes. This means they are great for physio or for fitting in around your daily routine. Even on high settings ab toners you should be able to go about your normal routine.

Manufacturers such as Slendertone claim great results in short periods of time which can be as low as 6 weeks of regular use. Benefits include: Improved stomach tone, increased strength and trimmer figure.

There are a great number of different machines on the market so it is a good idea to read testimonials and reviews on various sites and of course, look for a supplier or manufacturer that produces a range within your budget.

Ab toners are not a replacement for regular exercise and dieting but they make a great accompaniment to your regular fitness regime.

Due to the low impact nature most people, young old or injured can use a toning belt. You should be careful however and either avoid use or seek further advice if you are pregnant, have a pace maker or other heart issues.