Gym Bunny

There's nothing quite like the buzz of pounding the treadmill to some 80's motivational music. Having other people around you encourages you to go that little bit faster and longer. Come on, admit it, you would love to be in a remake of Flashdance or Fame and secretly you think you look pretty hot in your Reeboks and lycra. We applaud your enthusiasm, but would like to point out that sweatbands have not made a comeback. Yet.

Such gyms in London are Virgin Active & Gymbox

Virgin Active: No of clubs in UK : 24 (none in Wales) including two “City Clubs” in Leeds and Manchester (no pools at these). Joining fee : £ 100 in London, £ 50 outside London, although there is often a special offer on – currently you can join for £ 20. Monthly membership : Varies: average off-peak ranges from £ 35 to £ 46 a month, peak from £ 41.95 to £ 64 a month. Outdoor tennis? Only at Acton, west London.

Pumping Iron

You're not interested in aerobic exercise. Muscle is what you came for. Chances are you're already pretty ripped but you know you can take it just that little bit further. Again, full marks for enthusiasm. There are other food types besides protein shakes though. Dare you to eat a chip. Go on, you crazy kid.

Such gyms in London are Dowe Dynamics, Muscleworks & Body Works.

Token Effort

You have monthly membership but if you work out how much it's costing you per gym visit, you might have a small cardic arrest. Still, you refuse to cancel because you keep telling yourself that you will start going more. Next month. Once you get to the gym you actually quite enjoy it; it just takes monumental effort to get through the doors in the first place. Cheer up slackers, the majority of people are like you. At least you're in good company.

Such gyms in London are: Any that does a pay as you go option – is payasUgym. Save yourself that guilty and a small fortune to boot.


The thought of all those muscle-bound men and lycra clad ladies grunting and rippling strikes fear into your very core. You've much more exercise in the comfort of your own home or jog solo round the park. You are convinced that practicing in the vicinity of strangers would ericit great mirth from anyone who clapped eyes on you. You are sure you are far too flabby to be seen in public. Well, as we've pointed out, the majority of people who go to the gym are not legally committed, which means they probably do not have buns of steel or triceps the size of your head. Stop worrying. Chances are they're just as wobbly as you are.

Such gyms in London are: Ease yourself in gently and try one that has a health spa as well, such as LivingWell or the Landmark Spa. Both do pay as you go options.