You see those crazy infomercials showing guys and girls with sexy abs using simple ab machine workouts and you probably ask yourself if it is possible to look like them. Although they make it look easy the truth is they are leaving an important piece out.

Why Machines Will Not Get You A Six Pack

Although infomercials would have you believe that you can get a six pack by doing some simple, and sometimes strange looking exercises the truth is it takes more than just these exercises to get ripped abs. In order to get great abdominals you can not show off the muscle without first reducing body fat in the area.

Perhaps you have been told that you can reduce abdominal fat by doing crunches but this is not possible. Ab workouts alone will not reduce fat in the abdomen. Burning fat in this area is dependent on other factors.

How To Burn Fat In Your Abdominal Area

If you want to see great abs you need to go back to basics.

First you need to burn more calories than what you are consuming. A calorie deficiency is one important factor in burning fat.

A second way to burn fat is by doing cardio exercise the right way. Although you may think that running for long periods of time will get you looking thinner a lot this is not the case. If you want to burn fat faster do interval training. Short bursts of cardio will have you burning fat much faster. Rather than doing cardio for one hour your body will have better results by doing intervals for a total of 15 to 20 minutes. Follow your intervals with steady cardio for another 15 minutes.

The third process of burning fat involves doing strength training. Contrary to what you have heard, strength training is not only good for building muscle. Strength training is also good for burning fat.

When you combine these three factors your abs will begin to show.

The Right Exercises To Get Awesome Abdominals

If you want your abs to look their best need to strengthen the entire core region and not only the abdominals.

Avoid doing only crunches or forward flexing exercises. For best results you need to perform exercises that will strengthen the obliques and lower back as these are also a part of the core.

The ideal exercises you want to do are side planks, planks and leg raises. If you want to include ab machine workouts the best ones would include stable balls and pull bars which are good for hanging leg raises. Both of these exercises are good at contracting the ab muscles.